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Rants and complaints-

Status:Resigned but still doing OT(残業)

It’s nearly 11 pm soon.

I’m still at Dieco Healthcare.


I attempted to participate as a ROM in Tkmc san’s paintchat session this evening but had to leave just to focus on the crap in front of me.

The only thing that keeps me sane is that I’ve ‘graduated’ from Delete Touch and Tomatoes diet program as a senior.

Another blessing to count is that I’m merely a working senior for Dieco Healthcare.

There’s plenty of Milo and coffee in the pantry.

Plus, looking back, I’ve enjoyed those wonderful times when TOIL still existed.

So it still isn’t so bad (as compared to the current intake of assistants).

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Status: Resigned (総辞職に参加します)

The resignation letter was typed, printed, folded and inserted neatly into the envelope.

All ready to be placed gently onto the human resources manager’s desk.

It has been a little bit more than 2 years of late nights and meaningless dungpicking in Delete Touch and Tomatoes LLP.

The beginning of rolling dung hills has led to the end.

Here are the general factors:

i) Abolishment of TOIL policy by the leaders of the industry. Obviously they have been deluded that all humans can subsist on air like them. No one (except the said leaders and anyone like them) is willing to work overtime when the time is not compensated.

ii) Decrease in pay increment. The leaders cut our pay but still retain the high charge out costs to the client. In our budgets, the time cost rate is retained when the actual cost (salary) is but a miniscule fraction to the total. Leaders thinned the budget in hourly terms to reflect lower costs. Now, why don’t I help them cut their costs by directly reducing the headcount?

iii) Inadequate resources for excess in jobs. Previously our leaders shifted the fresh batch of young dungpickers to other departments like Tex and Y’Are Ass, resulting in an inverted dungpicker’s pyramid, with excessive dung supervisors at the top and a handful of dung coolies to shovel the shit at the base.

On personal factors, I was completely disgusted by the load of fresh steaming jobs dumped on me. I didn’t get the old dung back. And to top off the chocolate mountain, they landed a Sing&Tell on me. At the last blooming minute.

Secondly, I see no point in wasting my time on a job I don’t like and don’t give a rat’s ass about. Do I see a future in audit? Hmm yes, I see emaciated bodies, clumps of torn black hair and dark smoke from the chimneys of an Auschwitz concentration camp.

Thirdly, I suck at it because it looks like a load of BS to me and I am utterly reluctant to do anything that looks like a load of BS. Tell me, will it save the ice caps from melting or relieve a child from hunger if there are more audits conducted? Hell f**king no.

These are push factors. And the pull factor?

Bumming and living a parasitic existence as an unemployed.


Oh by the way, Happy belated Deepavali.

I was working overtime with the indian client on the eve of their holiday.



Online life

Remember my soft target, Chiryuu san?

It seems things are getting harder than what I’ve bargained for.

One thing’s for sure, I’m not a cyber-virgin anymore./////

Oh yea, and they say for my Bazi element, I’ll be getting a bit of peach blossom luck.

No one told me the peach blossom could be either gender.

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Status: More dung!(コンチキショー仕事が辞めたい)

The ResourceMutilatingTerrorists have issued updated portfolios to us.
Oh wow, more dung with December year ends that come in pellets.
And yes, foreign, alien excreta from god knows where.

Total crap list is now 10. 

And I’m expecting a familiar giant load called SeriousMentalBreakdown at the end of the year when the auditor in charge tenders in November.
The poor chap had no idea what the company was about and is now drowning in 85+ pages of PSPM.
And yeah, the abolishment of TOIL sweetens the aroma.

I should start looking for a job now.
The problem is, the pros of audit is mobility and opportunities to interact with different people from all strata of the organisation, which I like.
Is there a job with similar characteristics?
Oh yeah! The glam position of Pantry lady.
This position allows one the chance to interact and exchange information with anyone who steps into the pantry for some refreshment.
Even the CEO needs his coffee fix too, no?
The cons of the job is no different from that of an auditor.
No one really gives a damn about your opinion and in the worst case, see you as a vendingventing machine for them to channel their negative energies out in the form of insults.
The General Cleaner position also affords the applicant the same opportunities but is hygienically challenging.
In addition, one has to face the very thing which everyone is writing resignation letters for: Dung.

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Status: Here Comes the Dung

An email arrived in my inbox just now.

It’s from the ResourceMutilatingTeam executive.

I’m given 4 engagements with Dec year ends and 1 with June year end.


And the ResourceMassacreingTeam executive expects me to come up with the staff requisition form and shit by 18th Sept.

I feel nauseated.

The worst was all 4 of these colossal shitballs are new to me.

The only one which I am a tad familiar with was the gaming company Creeptology(post).

I’m in flight mode now. No use fighting the rolling shit mountain.

Oh yeah, there’s no more TOIL policy.




( ;゜Д゜) ●●.=

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I’m going to be a Bridesmaid!

I met up with Miss YY today at the ‘hippest’ hangout in Singapore called Northpoint (in suburban Yishun).

I’ve known this babe since Primary 4 and she’s still the charmingly adorable fun beeyatchee babe. Well, that was one of the adjectives she wanted us to use to describe her since high school.

Her boyfriend decided to tie the knot by June next year.

She’s getting MARRIED!!!!! Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!I’m absolutely overjoyed for her!!!

And she’s appointing me to be the bridal bangla to carry her train (no, not the thing we commute with).

I’m really, really honored to be her bridesmaid and she’s the 1st bride whom I’ll be steering the train (no, it’s got nothing to do with driving) for.

She did ask me a few times back then to be her ceremonial coolie but I was still surprised when she told me today that officially, I’m going to be lugging the length of cloth behind her on her church wedding.


This is the 4th wedding I’ll be putting into my schedule.

Somehow, I began to get the dreadful left-on-the-shelf feeling which plagues all singles. It pricks the ego and titillates the thoughtless desire to just grab any dude on the street that comes our way. Now I understand how a guy friend was feeling when he told me he’s worried he hasn’t found the right one yet when most of his friends have tied the knot.

Problem is, I know what qualities I want in my partner and I don’t know if there could ever be another person like that.

 The choice of getting married to any dude or remaining a horny virgin till death …

It’s really the Devil or the deep, blue sea.

Online life


Tombstone by (Kabe)Ojisan, Mer(Squall)lion and Kuja by cycle san, Zidane by Nobon san

I went to Sagara san’s paint chat today after getting appointed a bridal bangla and noticed A san was there.

Previously, I’d sent her a youtube link featuring a cutscene of WOL Firion which is exclusive to the US-Euro release of DFF. In the same message, I thanked her for helping me regain my confidence back in paintchat after the pen tablet became pretty hard to control from a hardware driver failure.

I thought she would be as excited over the revelation that WOL Firion are a couple on the run, but  the response was lukewarm, terse and polite.


I’m confused.

I thought, usually, people would at least reply and share their views on this.

That’s what Hsk san normally does in her mailform correspondence.

I really felt things were getting awkward and it was unbearable. I really wanted to leave the chatroom because I don’t understand 80% of what they were discussing and it is hard to participate in the discussion. But I stayed on, hoping that A san would draw something for me to ogle at.

 A san left the chatroom shortly after midnight without drawing anything.

I’m not sure what is going on and it doesn’t smell right… (;A;)

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A call from Indianapolis~

It’s a Saturday morning and I was in office sifting through the timesheets the ResignationsManagementGang has stuffed my pigeon hole with. It’d make a nice little pigeon’s (nesting) hole with those timesheets shredded into paper litter. 
Getting myself into HellDamnBig has its pros and cons.
Pros: The client’s at HDB Hub so I get to have my daily KOI bubble tea fix. The GL systems will terminate at a certain time before 9pm. My resume will look pretty nice with HellDamnBig in it.

Fixed Assets on Film: Data storage from the primitive age.

Fixed Assets on Film: Data storage from the primitive age.

Cons: My waistline is increasing  thanks to my daily KOI bubble tea fix. Internet access is virtually nil (Can anyone believe it?) unless we tap the WIFI at the nearest Mc D. The engagement lasts till end of May but I doubt we could even make it given the collossal organisational structure of the group. My resume will, therefore, look pretty ugly with HellDamnBig in it (if I’m applying for a non-private job).

Back to the timesheets…Great, the RidiculouslyMalignantGroup wants me to charge an hour of my Annual Leave for signing unassigned late. I went to check my TOIL balance and I saw ‘-61 hours’. What the f*ck?! Where did the hundreds of hours go to? ResignMoreGood is spurring me to quit. I was swearing away after seeing that my TOIL hours balance has become negative, until my handyphone rang.

Me: ‘Hello~?   
Caller: ‘Hey~ How are you, babe?’
(Singapore time:10.44 am, estimated US time: 9.44 pm)

It’s a client. No! It’s a telemarketeer. No!
It’s Radeeca!!!
My wonderful vegan buddy! Food is one subject we got all nostalgic about. Particularly those delicious vegetarian spots we went to like Delivege, Mahal Poti and oh… her favourite place to satisfy her MSG addiction, the vegetarian stall at the Bridge just next to our office.

I never expected a call from Radeeca. Not when it’s the audit peak period globally so it’s a huge surprise for me! And a lovely surprise too after TwT, another A11 turned senior, left for Korea just last Tuesday.(;w;)

Partners of Delete, Touch and Tomatoes. (from left: TwT, Radeeca and Arzen)

Partners of Delete, Touch and Tomatoes. (from left: TwT, Radeeca & Arzen)

We got all bitchy about Delete Touch and Tomatoes and the job crunch worldwide. It seems Radeeca was more concerned about whether I’ve found someone to ‘do everything’ with because the first question she asked was whether I’ve finally ‘done everything’. It’s nice to have a friend worry about my status as a virgin (in body). I’m very sure I’d have to ask her for some tips on doing it when I do find someone since she’s already done some ‘elementary practical work’ with her other half, Mr PhD.
It’s highly likely she and Mr PhD will progress to the advanced level once her plan to join him in San Diego materialises in the midst of culling headcounts.
Hey Radeeca, babe~Are you reading this?

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Status:Senior from hell.(もし毎日続いて、過労死かも)

I think I’m going to die young from stress, heart palpitations, a perforated stomach (from gastric) and a strained bladder. My stomach is already cramping itself and my intestines have probably atrophied from lack of exercise.
These 2 weeks at SoMentallyBattered was pure hell. Thanks to a senior from a certain group who replaced 2 humane ones from another certain group in the firm. Even the poor junior assistant was getting, I quote, ‘depressed’ and ‘very tired’. When I was in her position last year, the ‘d’ word never crossed my mind. But now, I can think of many words beginning with ‘d’ like ‘die’, ‘dread’, ‘debilitating’, ‘demoralising’ and ‘deloitte’.
Fuck it.
Unfortunately ‘duck’ is a bird so ‘d’ does not apply much as I’d like to for an onomatopoeiac flavour.
I got dumped virtually all the tough sections such as inventory, receivables et al. I thought the bloody ‘limited liability partnership’ reformed the work duties so seniors have to test the substantially riskier balances themselves??? Ooh, let’s make the seniors do it next year…when I get promoted to one!
Fuck it.
The only thing I appreciate the senior for torturing us in this manner is that I get to learn how to wade in the shit while getting criticised for not doing the butterfly stroke in the shitpool. Okay, to be fair, I’m learning how to audit (god, I’m starting to detest that word, it’s more filthy than ‘ass-fucking’) inventory and debt balances. I’m starting to lose faith in this damn LLP after the TOIL policy was revised. Being unassigned means the TOIL will be used up until it becomes negative. That’s where the salary gets cut, to ‘compensate’ the LLP for not giving the employees shit jobs to get high blood pressure from.
Fuck it.
The only consolation is, I’m still employed.

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