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Absent without Notice

Just be glad I remembered the password to my WordPress account.

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. It’s been ages since I’ve even seen wordpress. *snigger*
I’m sorry I’ve abandoned this blog temporarily to sort out my life (and to have a smashing good time in Japan).
One entry is not enough to record all the amazing (to downright uninteresting) experiences I had in these 7, yes, SEVEN months. I shall hereby document the events of my life that took place from 23rd March to 9th June 2010 in a manner described as ”succinct”.

23rd March to 07 May 2010 – Sent out 17 job applications of which 5+1 was shortlisted for interviews. 3 interviews were successful. (+1 was for a position with a recruitment company)
From the results of the above, I conclude 3 things:
(1) Accounting is never in my blood and the finance managers, who are the interviewers, can smell it.
(2) Although Accounting jobs SEEM plentiful and available, the same cannot be said for the working environment and salaries.
(3) One can score an interview perfectly if one is genuine. (Make it genuine even if you know you’re gonna make a seat reservation in Hell) CON-vince yourself before you CON the interviewer.
(4) If you don’t believe in an unseen higher power, be a believer now. You wouldn’t believe me anyway until desperation starts clawing at your behind.
(5) I suck at numbers and my memory is failing me.

10 May 2010 – First day at work in Paradiso di servizio civile.
11 May to present – Random rocks of responsibilities and a seething pile of backlog files waiting to be processed. This is aggravated by training courses which are dreadfully interesting and dreadful meetings. Kind and patient colleagues help soothe the pain and keep the place happy. Wished you were here.
-Agonized over comicstudio to submit a 4 page manga in exchange for a freebie from Japan. Currently agonizing over SAI to submit an illustration in exchange for redemption due to poor quality of above-mentioned manga.
-Amused by 5 year old brother who tried to stop his fart by covering his behind with his hand.

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