BLood+:Solomon x Hagi

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Solomon X Hagi.ハジがソロにむちゃくちゃにしちゃった~(#´A`#)(03/03/08)

Dark Hagi and Prince charming.黒ハジとソロ王子~(#´w`#)(11/11/07)

U-ho!10,000 hits Kiriban.ハジが濡れた~(#´Д`#)(02/9/07)
Hagi(Kitty)scratches Solomon *にゃん* (26/8/07)

Episode43(SolomonXHagi) *はぁはぁ* (19/8/07)

Solomon bites Van(鬼畜メガネ) *はぁはぁ* (4/8/07)
Solomon bites Hagi’s bandage *はぁはぁ* (4/8/07)
U-ho!7,777 hits Kiriban.ソロを舐める~(#´Д`#)(30/7/07)

Destiny castle PBBS:Hagi and Solomon (29/7/07)

Solomon gets bitten on the thumb *はぁはぁ* (28/7/07)

After studying Aijin Incubus manga (16/7/07)

Solomon x Hagi

After studying Ogasawara Uki’s works (9/7/07)

Solomon: seme, Hagi: uke (15/6/07)

37 responses to “BLood+:Solomon x Hagi

  1. Anon

    The Van and Solomon picture, it’s absolutely gorgeous. You do amazing work.

  2. Rose

    God ! Such a beautiful couple…
    Even if I’d rather see Solomon with Saya, it’s true that Hagi and Solomon are a hot couple. Maybe the hottest ? :p

  3. sasha

    wuau!!!!! it a beautiful couple…they are a hot couple jejeje congratulations

  4. diva

    saya and hagi are my favourite couple but solomon and hagi are a hot couple jejeje

  5. juliet

    hi i´m juliet i´m from argentina (i don´t speak english , can somebody help me?)well… i like hagi because he is my perfect chevalier i love him … and solomon is nice too but
    i don´t like slomon because he is diva´s chevalier but hagi and solomon couple it´s hot jeje but i prefer saya and hagi couple… espero que les guste mi reply bueno… chau!!!! (bye)
    aguante yo loco!!!!

  6. lust

    don’t you think this’s a little too gay?

  7. Diva_Axy_Vampire_Saya

    Solomon and Saya are my favourite couple….
    but….Haji and Solomon look sooo weird…….
    they look tooooo…….gay………..

  8. hibana

    Wow, that’s some beautiful artwork. I absolutely love Solomon x Haji! 😀

  9. mily


  10. ^^ Thank you for your comments!
    I hope there will be more doujins for Blood+! Hagi X Solomon Banzai!

  11. Gabba's comments

    nooo!!! wath? omg please hagi tall me
    . u are gay???

    fuuck.. no… </3
    hagi is only for meee!
    ok? ^^


  12. Michu

    Omg so gay…
    Haji is so hot.
    Solomon is hot too.
    But together?.. o.O Iugh..

    I’m from Argentina too ^-^

  13. nanaloveshajisolomon

    wow!! yaoi!! haji and solomon?! O.O
    haha!! awww..but i really love saya and haji together!! 😀

  14. Anonimo

    Tu igual eres gay

  15. YOO!!!

    ehhhhhhhhh malisimas las fotosss osea no los pueden hacer asi XD por lo menos decime ke estan con saya pero haji i mi solomon XD noooooooooooooooooooooooooo >.<!!!!!!!!!

  16. FartFart

    The drawing is nice, but it’s very disturbing looking at something so sexy turn gay! No offense!

  17. Pinki

    eztan creativaz lass pictures, pero si el wapizimo y mega lindo Haji estuviera con Saya, ó mi hermoziizimo y lindizimo Solomon con Saya, pero nooo!!
    o mejor aun; Haji con Pinki, o, Solomon con Pinki

    no le deben hacer eso a ninguno de esos hermozizimoz y wapizimos amimes, ja. crash!!!

    Solomon y Pinki por siempree….
    Haji y Pinki por siempre…..

  18. yufrenny uzcategui

    solomon te amo no me dejes por ese
    xoxo:la diva

  19. Vanapira

    men they look pretty good 2gether!!

  20. harugi

    noooo puede ser hagi es mio o de saya no es de solomon y tampoco es gay como se atreven a in sultar al bombon de hagi…
    aishiteru hagi

  21. sayita

    ke les pasa solomon no es gay los gays son ustedes estupidos putos los odio solomon te amooooooooooo

  22. karina

    solomon no es gey no tampoko haji ustedes son los geys estupidos

  23. FAN de H x S

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *0* Dios mio!!
    Nunca pense encontrar a una personatan loca como yo ke le gustase esta pareja!
    Te adoro! GRACIAS por dibujarlos!

    Atentamente una fiel fan ^^

  24. Blood+SolomonxHagiyaoilover

    These pictures are hot!

    I love Solomon and Hagi yaoi!

    I can never find enough Solomon and Hagi yaoi in fanart or fan fictions!

    So please Mr. Arzen if you would please can you make\draw some more of these lovely Solomon and Hagi fanart?

    I can’t pay you for because money is tight for me right now…I’m so sorry

    But I would be extremely and foverever grateful to you so if you could and did so!

    Forgive me for bother Mr. Arzen sir.

    I’m sorry.

    God bless you Mr. Arzen.

    I hope God blesses you throughout your life.

    Have a nice morning.

    Sincerely True


    • Hi Blood+SolomonxHagiyaoilover,
      Apologies for the late reply. (^^;)
      Thank you for your comment and it is really great to know there are still Blood+ fans like you out there.
      If I have the time, I would gladly accept your request. We can discuss on the scenario and I’m more than happy to draw it out for you!

      Take care!
      Yours sincerely,

      PS:I’m not a guy by the way. www

      • Blood+SolomonxHagiyaoilover

        I’m so sorry Miss Arzen!

        I wasn’t aware that you weren’t a guy!

        It’s just that the name Arzen kind of mislead me a bit…

        It sounded kind of like a guy’s name to me

        I’m so sorry!

        I mean no offense to you Miss Arzen!

        It was mystupid mistake!

        Anyhow I love Blood+ Solomon and Hagi!

        I can never find enough of Solomon and Hagi in any type of Blood+ yaoi in fanart or fan fiction no matter how I look or try!

        Blood+ seriously lacks any type of decent yaoi!

        I’ve seen you’re xxx comic strip of where Solomon basiclly rapes Hagi!

        I gotta say I loved that!

        I hope perphaps you could do a sequel to that one day.

        Anyhow if you want details on what I would just email me.

        It may take me awhile to get back to you but I will respond to any message you send me.

        May God bless you Miss Arzen.

        I hope you have a very nice plesent and wonderfully blessed rest of you’re evening.





      • Hi Mary,
        I guess I took it for granted that any person who draws yaoi is 99.99% a girl hence I didn’t bother to indicate my gender in my profile. Haha.So sorry about the confusion. (^^;)
        I totally agree with you that it is very difficult to acquire good yaoi doujins of Blood+, particularly for Solomon and Hagi as a couple.
        Thank you for coming to see my flimsy fanart and leaving comments. It makes me really happy!
        If you don’t mind, I’ll email you soon on the type of scenarios www
        Have a good day and take care!


  25. Mary Silveira


  26. Blood+SolomonxHagiyaoilover

    Miss Arzen,

    It’s damn near impossible to find any Blood+ yaoi or doujins on the web or anywhere else!

    With me being a major fan of Solomon and Hagi yaoi that is a major disappointment!

    Also Miss Arzen your Blood+ artwork is far from flimsy to me.

    I love all your Blood+ fanart, so please don’t insult yourself!

    Almost any type of Blood+ yaoi is very rare and hard to find almost anywhere.

    Whether the Blood+ yaoi or doujins be good or bad I still love any Blood+ yaoi or doujins I can find!

    Please don’t think I’m trying to insult you by saying that Miss Arzen.

    I’m not trying to say nor am I in any way implying your Blood+ yaoi is bad at all!

    Your Blood+ fanart is some of the best I’ve ever seen!

    I actually think all your Blood+ artwork yaoi and non yaoi is really quite good.

    To someone like me you have some real raw have talent.

    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on your name Miss Arzen.

    It my fault for assuming Arzen was a guys name.

    Silly me!

    If you could please Miss Arzen I have a request please and birthday comming up very soon.

    My birthday is Friday August 5th 2011.

    Miss Arzen do remember in the middle of Blood+ episode 40 Dreams That Chevaliers Dream Solomon was talking about his past about how he used to be a medical doctor during WW1 before he met Diva and became here chevalier?

    Well my request kind of has something to do with Solomon in that manner.

    If you could please Miss Arzen I would love to see Solomon in semi-nude in some sexy green medical scrubs raping Hagi whose wearing a flimsy green hospital gown that barely covers his legenthy body.

    I’m so sorry!

    I can’t believe I just requested that!

    I’m sorry but I sort have a fetish for doctors and seeing Hagi raped by Solomon.

    Don’t me ask why, I just do.

    If your willing to take my request Miss Arzen please reply once recived this message.

    Thank you ma’am.





    • Dear Mary,

      Happy belated birthday!
      I am so sorry for the late reply. (3 months!). Things were getting pretty busy these few months for me that I don:t have the energy to pick up the pen to scrawl. >=<;

      YES, I'd love to draw that scenario for you but if you could give me time to draw it properly for you. Will try to get it out before Christmas ^^

      I like the pre-WWII idea of yours very much. I admit I did scratch up a short smutty one in my notebook many years ago where Solomon was a innocent doctor getting -censored- by Hagi. (blush)


      • Dena Roland

        awesome art its wonderful and its the best that I have seen in a long time.

        bye,love and peace ❤

  27. Miss Arzen,

    Thank you for the belated birthday note. I thought you might’ve been busy and didn’t really think you’d take or even consider my request.

    I don’t draw mainly because I couldn’t draw swaut if my depended on it but I do write Blood+ fan fiction yaoi sometimes on fa sometimes I may not know how it feels to busy drawing. But I do know it feels to busy have no time for writing. and when you suddenly get a great idea for writing the wrost case ever of writer’s block magiclly appears knocking at your door and devoring any muse you might have.

    Good God you had picture like that?!

    You do realize if I could I pay damn good money see something like that?!
    If I had any money at all I could spare I’d gladly paya lot good money see that type of picture.XD

    But sadly enough after rent food bills two monthly bus passes a small payment to my Mom for a loan back in March is paid me and my boyfriend Rockey are broke mid to the end of the month.

    I’m lucky that since Rockey does sign lanuage lessons for a friendat 3 bucks a pop and sometimes does work for that friend on the weekends that we can afford basic things like toilet paper eggs bread and milk from the store.

    Anyhow if you could get my request done by Christmas or even Christmas I’d be very grateful to you.

    I’m sorry I can’t pay cause believe I’d like to pay but we’re (Rockey and me) broke each month.

    If you’d like the more inimate details concerning my request please contact me.

    If I don’t reply right away then I’m proabably busy so please don’t worry.

    Have a nice night Miss Arzen.

    May God bless you too ma’am.




  28. geecee

    Hi 🙂 So happy to find your Solomon x Hagi fanarts 😀 I am very new to Blood+, and unfortunately my interest is Hagi, preferably as uke (he’s too adorable! XD). It is so damn hard to find fanarts of this couple. Yours are precious, thanks so much for the beautiful and sexy pictures!

  29. Dena Roland

    Sorry…. but I think its a little gay I’m trying not to be mean but still the art is wonderful i’m an artist to so I can relate they are a real hot couple but I think that saya and hagi are the best couple I am a huge fan of blood and I also wanted to say keep up the good work lol 🙂
    Bye,love and peace- ❤

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