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Status:MIC= Made In Chikusho (マネジャーの質問は面倒臭いだ)

I’m not dead yet. まだ活きてるよ♪ \(^ヮ^)/

The last few weeks were progressively stressful and sanguine (bloody). We were rushing to finish up whatever work that could be done so the manager (MIC) could have a review on the file. The test of unpresented cheques were unfinished because it’s up to the bank when they want to send the statement to my client. The test for purchase cutoff was half done (the portion after year end) because the accountant was too busy entertaining our torrent of questions that she had no time to post the numbers into the ledger. Yea!

And then my fellow colleague who has been with me since interim, my morning taxi companion, is booked to do another job somewhere last week, leaving me the only junior assistant in the field.
Not bad since ,in terms of the pantry supplies,I  will have one less person to compete with.

I realised it is BAD when the manager returned us the file and an ‘oh-my-god-what-the-hell-is-this-sh*t?!’ pile of review notes. The AS/2 file came in too and there’s a larger dungheap of review notes in there waiting to be shovelled, no, spooned.

And there we were, 2 senior assistants and one junior assistant, groaning and moaning miserably as we began answering questions that shouldn’t be asked in the 1st place. The accountants also sighed exasperatedly. The company who’s accounts I was assigned to work on is called Moderate Relaxing Entertainment (MRE). The retail arm is called Takai Jewellery (Takai) which sells stuff that’s not really very takai and my fellow junior assistant really had a lot of sleepless nights testing its sales.

The MRE accountant is called Polleen Tay and she’s a real nice lady. She not only makes whatever we want appear before our eyes, she also worked her magic on the other departments to give us the answers we needed. She sometimes gives me chocolates from her secret stash too (TワT)幸せ~☆

I knew even someone as lovely as she could be pushed to the limit.

Me: Polleen, lemme ask you a dumb question,hee hee~ is the bank statement in yet? (^_^)

Polleen: Not yet. I’ve already called them to say that the auditors are harassing me for the bank statement. Don’t worry dear, I’m going to bomb the bank if the statement still does not arrive by tomorrow.

Me: … … Eh? (゜□゜∥)

The accountant of Takai, Win, is even better.

Win: I’ve got so many things to handle and why does your manager ask this sort of silly questions? I can give you the answer, after I’ve jumped off the MRT platform.

And it spreads…

Senior: I’m so stressed. Wait for me Win, I want to jump off the MRT platform too!

(-_-)   … … So there.

And the same day when we got that lovely present from the manager, my left nostril started to water. Then I started to sneeze uncontrollably. And then my right nostril started to drip too. After lunchtime, the snot turned green… and then yellow and my throat started to hurt and itch.

The next day, I had to go to the doctor’s. I’m not a big fan of company doctors because they seem to have caught the corporate contagion. The ones I’ve seen always seem to think we only want MCs and look at me like I’m the biggest liar on earth. But this one at the Ogilvy branch is different. She reminds me of a paeditrician.優しい(^w^)

Doctor: What happened to you?

Me: I started sneezing yesterday. My snot has turned yellow and my throat hurts really bad since then.

Doctor:Let’s have a look at your throat. Come on, open and say ‘Aaaah’. *peers into my mouth*    Oh dear, your tonsils are very swollen. Look here, it’s all red and big.

Aah… what a present… with love from the MIC.


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