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A Kichiku for You? (not the brown fruit lah)

Kichiku (鬼畜): a brute, a savage, a fiend. (Shogakukan Progressive Jap-Eng Dictionary, 3rd ed)

From the English meanings provided by the dictionary, one can picture a hairy wild man in a leopard skin toga and a club in one hand. However, this Neanderthal image is a far cry from the kichikus in manga and games.

For example, the bad(good?) endings of*cough cough* Ore no Shita de Agake. The standard accessories of a kichiku are leather belts, metal chains,rope and a generous helping of masochism. Advanced kichikus come with vibrators, candle wax and an assortment of torture devices, knives included.

That was my first impression of a kichiku.

So I was pretty surprised to read the reply of the administrator in the “kichiku matsuri site”. “ぎりぎりOK”,which means barely OK. Not that it is any less masochistic. The administrator found it rather erotic(OK, very erotic) and he/she’s probably worried the ISP might close down the site for violating content regulations. (0_0)



No pubic hair, no genitalia being displayed… Should be OK yea? I’m working within the boundaries of content regulation. Otherwise the term spent on IT & the Law would have been a waste of time and grey matter.

The administrator was kind enough to teach me how to pronounce the kanji. Now instead of saying “gui chu” (Mandarin pronounciation), I can finally yell to the world the Japanese word “kichiku”!!!

Kichiku Kichiku Kichiku Kichiku!!!


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This is the new year, the Year of the Pig (or Boar if it sounds less fattening).

As a person born under the year of this tasty animal well known for its sanitary standards, I did the unthinkable on the 1st day a.k.a. 初一



Oh my God!

The Sky is going to


1 year’s worth of dust is shovelled and scraped off the shelves and after wiping only 2 shelves above my bed, the water had turned murky, a thick soup of black dust. Shit. I start to wonder how much I’ve been inhaling for the past 2 years.
The dust must have been so bad neither roaches nor ants bothered to consider my room as inhabitable. I couldn’t find a single pellet of roach shit!
Spring-cleaned Sty
From an authentic dust bowl to an indecently neat sty, I feel pretty good going against the norm and my zodiacal nature.

Or so I thought… …
Warning: The following images may be disturbing to an OCD neat freak. This is not an image portraying a squatter’s den. I repeat, this is not an image of a squatter’s den.
Watch out. One day my mess will kill me...
No, that’s not me up there. That fellow porker’s been wallowing in dust for nearly a decade now. I had it when I was still in secondary school. Used to have nightmares of it trying to crush my head while I’m sleeping.

The Hill
Now you don’t see it, now you do.
The paper mountain…Somewhere under the pile is a forgotten textbook and papers with hideous grades.

I’m sure I can survive the claustrophobic spaces in Japan, especially after years of swimming in my mess and filling my lungs with dust. *honk*

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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR *OINK* & a belated Valentines



Well, I imported the previous posts from Blogger to this one. After the acquisition of Blogspot, I had a very VERY hard time logging into my Blogger account. I had to use the office computer to log in and do the necessary stuff.


I’m soooo tired of hataraki-ing and knowing that I’m going to call off the backpacking trip so that I can pay DBS next month just bloody sucks. (hatarakiri) Ah, hell. I was so engrossed rushing the report with an impending court case that I clean forgot about celebrating Valentine’s Day by painting something nice & yummy on the day itself. The most romantic thing I did was buy myself a bar of chocolate to munch while vouching the additions to fixed assets. |||(-_-)||| 


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