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Life at Go-N-Saikang: Week 7 -Independence smells funny

YES!!! All 3 audit cases have been completed!
Balance sheet and cash-flow statement: BALANCED
Reviews from the boss: CLEARED
Draft for typing: CHECKED
Of course, statements are signed and declared true and fair.
One hectic, drowsy month has passed and I can finally strike a line across the names of Ebolar, Epodemic and AMA on my jobsheet.(names are altered for fear of getting my ass sued)
When I look back on those sleepy,saikang days,digging thru those stacks of dusty papers and getting nagged by my manager for being slow, I was a real audit fetus. Everything is much easier now especially after all the collation jobs my manager’s been piling on me. The phobia of cash-flow statements has been overcome and journal adjustments don’t make me want to pee in my pants anymore.
Next case: Cry Stare Videos.

Saya -Drawn at a webmaster's pbbs
Now for the unhappier bit this week.
My dad made me cry and made me very pissed while he was driving me to the MRT station.
It all began with my brother who was at risk of expulsion from his Poly because of his atrocious grades for certain modules and low class attendance. My dad started complaining to me about it and told me as a sister I should go nag him. I got pissed.
So I replied that it isn’t my responsibility to do the nagging since my brother is old enough to make his own choices whether good or bad and nagging him would only waste my precious saliva since he won’t listen to it anyway.
Then dad said it would be a waste of money if my brother doesn’t complete his studies. Ooh. Now I got very pissed.

I always wanted to go overseas for my studies ever since I was in primary school. It is not just the novelty of learning a different way, learning new things and living in a different environment but it is a litmus test on whether I can live on my own and interact with a diverse group of people(oh and communicate without singlish,lah).

He knows it. He bloody knew what I wanted and have been working hard for for 10 years of my life.
He promised me he will send me overseas once I finished junior college when I was dying to get into Trinity college in Melbourne. That didn’t happen.
And when I wanted to try Melbourne University after my A levels, the panic attack shit left me with no choice but to stay here.
And now that I’m at my last term of study in Singapore Management University, he grumbled that he is stuck with a kid who doesn’t want to study and one who wants to study too much.
Now I’m ultra f**king pissed.

So I said I’ve always wanted to study art so that I can exploit that latent skill. And here comes the bombshell…

Dad: What do you think you can do with art, huh? Do you even have the capacity? Tell me how much money can it earn you? How much money will it earn you?
Me: I want to do it because I don’t want to die with regrets.
Dad: Look at my auditor’s daughter! She graduated from University of Malaysia and now she’s working in a bank! Huh! Stop chasing all this dreams la. You don’t worry, I will continue to take care of you until I die.
Me: *sullen silence*

Tears just burst out of my eyes like a swollen pipe. My lower lip was trembling when I stifled the sobs and turned my head away from my dad to hide the streaming tears. I wasn’t embarassed to show the outside world I’m crying but I don’t want my dad to see my face.
Or maybe I don’t want to look at his face.

If he wanted a banker for a daughter, he should have a go at making a baby sister for me.
This is pure psychological trauma because it goes against my ill-formed identity. Who do I want to be and who does others want me to be? I think this is a question we should ask ourselves so if such matters arise with regards to clashing expectations, at least one is able to rationalize the incongruency of identities. Schizophrenic outbursts are unglam and not welcome.

Now I know there is nothing awaiting after graduation. Only work.

I’m so disappointed. And I feel I’ve been made a fool since the day I graduated from Secondary school. My dad is old so how long can he support me? Another lie to fool kids.
I guess the only person who can protect this goal is myself. I shouldn’t have relied on my dad nor anyone to carry this goal. It’s like handing your baby over to a stranger to carry or drop. Instead of falling to pieces, I suddenly have this strong motivation to work really hard for the money and to live by myself.

I’m the sort of person who would burn not just the bridge but the blueprints to building one. The desire to cut the apron strings completely is so strong, I envision myself sometimes leaving the country one day without leaving any indication of where I would be so no one will come after me.
Yes, I’m still f**king sore over this matter. Really damn pissed because when I am typing this entry, my chest is clenched with wholesome injurious anger.

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PSP: Insight into A Consumer’s Decision-making Process

Playstation Portable (PSP)
Sony has done once more what had made it into the massive techno-conglomerate it is today. By squeezing entertainment and functions into a compact gadget, it has made entertainment- games, movies, pictures, music and even internet- portable.Initially I didn’t have a need for any of these gadgets. It’s only after I started GaNaSaikang that I realised I need something to keep me alive while on the dreary MRT. I need music not the cacophony of sighs and bratty wails. I’d look longingly at the geek playing his PSP in front of me or wondering what the passenger is listening to on his mp3 player.

Thus, I’ve decided to burn a hole in my pocket by splurging on a handy entertainment device. But there’s a mind to be made up. I couldn’t choose from an iPod, an Nintendo DS (NDS) and a PSP. After trying out my cousin’s PSP and trawling the web for more information on these 3 gadgets, I figured perhaps the best choice would rest on the PSP.

The screen is wider than iPod’s for manga reading.
The memory it carries is dependent on my whim and I can choose whatever preloaded content I want from a collection of memory sticks. (if I can afford it).
Lastly, although it does not have an interactive screen like NDS, at least I don’t have to blow furiously or scream at the handheld while playing a game in public.
God forbid, impale the handheld with its stylus.

With the decision on what to buy out of the way, there’s another important one to be made: Where to buy.

Price comparisons, alot of walking, talking and more trawling on the internet plus number crunching, I’ve finally decided on getting a value pack at some dinghy game shop instead of online or at Sony. Here’s how I came to the conclusion.

Sony:Value pack at $477 Giga pack at $571
in addition, if the customer buys one English game($69) he will get to choose 2 Japanese games fro free

Takashimaya: Value pack at $425 plus a free game worth $69

the dinghy shop,Game1: Value pack at $326

What sets Value apart from Giga is the memory size of the Memory Stick and a USB wire. This thing provides storage for music, videos, images and game saves. A 1GB stick is priced at around $89. Online, a 2GB stick is priced at $130.

Now the math…

At Sony, assuming I were a rational consumer and would buy the Value pack and an Eng game to get the other 2 Japanese games for free,
I would be saying bye bye to $546 of my savings. For Giga, I would say bye bye to $640.

At Takashimaya, for a Value pack and a game, I’ll be saying bye bye to $425.

At Game1, for a Value pack w/o a game, it’ll be $326.

At eBay, the least dodgy seller sells a Giga pack w/o game at $489

Assume I want at least 1GB of memory and 3 games so it seems Sony is the best place to buy.
But weeks of GNSaikang has trained me to crunch some numbers.

1GB Memory stick=$89 USB wire=$15 Game=$69

At Sony, it’ll cost me $640
At Takashimaya, it will cost me $425+ $89+$15+$69×2=$667
At 1Game, it’ll be $326+$15+$89+$69×3=$637
At eBay, it’ll be $489+$69×3=$696
Conclusion: PSP Value pack should be purchased at 1Game

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Go aNd Saikang: Week 6 -Balancing Act Deadlines

I want a holiday~

Oh my god… The deadline for the companies to sign and submit the annual reports is at the end of July. Penalty for late submission is a fine.
I’ve got less than a week to make the shits…i mean sheets, balance and the cash, flow.
Oh really, these bloody companies deserve to get fined for throwing randomized figures for me to lose hair over.
I’ve begun doing overtime since this Wednesday after my manager nagged me in front of everyone (as a cherry on top, my period arrived on that afternoon too).
Now, I’m slavng away just to avoid such an embarrassing situation from occurring again.
In the midst of all the stinking crap I have to deal with, I must say I’m quite exhilarated to find myself able to balance the audited companies’ sheets and making their cash flow smoothly.
Prof. Gan can now die peacefully without ever regretting teaching me.

4 more weeks… …

By the way, I’m loving Chinatown more each day.
The food is so good and now that I know where to find the best tasting and cheap meals, I won’t have to be ashamed of not knowing where to bring foreign visitors around.
Just today, a colleague led us to Maxwell food centre and I had the most delicious roast pork and dumpling noodle in my life!
The noodles are so smooth and chewy and the meat is oh-so-flavorful. And this is washed down with Horlicks soyabean milk.
I’m drooling all over my keyboard just by recalling the day’s gastronomic sights and smells.

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Different languages;Similar problems

I’m really getting hooked onto oekakibbs… so much that I don’t sleep enough and subsequently had to catch a few winks in the office toilet. Saikang sux. But today was pretty good because our manager treated us to pizza and cake for her birthday…Fatten us before fastening the Saikang yoke once more.(
Back to today’s story, as the title says it, it is about interacting with strangers from other parts of the world. OK, in this case, specifically Japan.

I saw a webmaster’s ultra cute illustration while hanging out at the public oekakibbs site and decided to visit his/her homepage. There are about 3 oekaki sites owned by this webmaster and each has a different theme. This person seems to be a fan of Final Fantasy and some other RPG games. And the illustrations, I must say, are good. Especially when he/she paints the characters realistically. I decided to draw a Cloud in the webmaster’s free oekaki site and gush on how great his/her illustrations are. Click on the pic and read our exchange. It’s quite funny that although we speak different languages, we are both frustrated on not being able to fully convey our thoughts and feelings with our limited fluency.


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The camera loves me…*blinded*

Blood+Saya: drawn in a public oekakibbs site
I don’t mean it in a vain way. I’ve been getting shot since Friday.
Friday: the NTU interns are finally free from the yoke of Ganasaikang and the brought cameras to take photos for memories’ sake or as visual evidence of the working conditions in this white collar sweat shop to show their friends. Sigh…5 more weeks before I leave the karang guni shack.
Saturday: After the SAAT meeting, I joined Linda to a farewell buffet for Charles, who is valedictorian of SOA and is bound for KPMG in the UK. After stuffing ourselves with sashimi, fried stuff, duck herbal soup, salmon in cream sauce and alot of durian puffs, we gathered to take a group photo…probably the last one with the seniors in it.
In the evening, I met up with Ringo and her electone friends for a Jazz concert performed by Yadai Sato and guest performer Teo Boon Chye. It was a blast at Double O. I’ve never heard the saxophone sound so good before. Teo made it sound almost like a sultry black singer. And Yadai Sato the electone player has very swift fingers and a rather small,slim frame fit for a BL role. haa haa.
So with some luck, we got to take a group picture with Sato san. It seems he’s pretty used to taking pictures with his fans cos he put his arms around our shoulders and squeezed.*so that 5 of us can fit into the frame?*

*Poor Ringo, a sausage grew out of the apple’s foot. She fell in the bathroom and hurt her big toe, which subsequently swelled to a size of a sausage. Well, she could cook it and eat it as a snack when she’s hungry. *

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Go N Saikang: Week 5 Oekaki fever

Hagi from Blood+.

Blood is dripping out of my nostrils.

ハァハァ ハジ.

Saya’s chevalier(French: knight) with slight masochistic tendencies.

I painted him at a public oekakibbs site because the maximum 600 x 600 dimensions is too tempting to resist.

My site’s maximum limit is 400 x 400 only.

Too much GaNaSaikang probably made me want to indulge in oekaki more excessively. I couldn’t help but paint 2 pictures that night and was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out. Nothing to brag about because the other pictures contributed by the Japanese bbs-ers are far more superior. Some were so realistic that I swore it was an uploaded photo.

It’s nice to get responses from people you do not see and who are living in another timezone. It’s like you have thrown a bottle with a message in it into the ocean and someone from the other side of the world picked it up. Wow, and one of the responses was from Syuumu san who lives in the US. Her art is superb and mainly on rock. The best part is, she’s also a fan of Devil May Cry. Sweeeet-.

I wish I don’t have to work but spend everyday painting at my leisure even if it is through traditional means. So sickened at the sight of numbers…

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On Medicine :Never follow a Man’s recommendation

Yesterday, my bowels were so feisty that I could launch myself to space like a rocketship if all my farts were concentrated and released into one spectacular giant fart. It felt as if my intestines were knotted inside and my colon is perpetually in flatulent mode. I didn’t eat any beans for the whole week nor any other items from the “intestinal suicide” food group. Groaning and parping, I decided to give my dad’s recommendation a try.

He claimed that this chinese herbal medicine called ‘Liu Wei Di Huang Wan’ (Six Flavor Ground Yellow Pills) could bring my digestive system to balance and reduce dizziness. Each dosage is 30 pills and taken twice a day.

After swallowing 15 at a time with some warm water, I stayed up overnight to study an illustration magazine called Sumoru eS and finish some oustanding anime.
I woke up at about 7 plus am and I felt quite hot. I thought: Stupid weather. Freak, can’t believe I sweated in my sleep. Tossing the blanket aside and turning, I wondered why the temperature is so humid at dawn when it’s supposed to be cold. Then… … I felt something other than sweaty and irritated.

I felt horny. Masculine-If-I-had-a-penis-I-would-XXX-you horny. (”゜ワ゜”)

Omigod. Did I swallow one of my dad’s potent medicines by mistake? No way. I remembered distinctly the bottle that was meant for me. I broke the seal myself and I had read the label carefully before taking the pills. In the end, I overslept, had to sit in the toilet for ages for the fecal matter to drop, shower and missed Gundam Seed Destiny.

It didn’t exactly stop there. While washing my underthings and looking at the mirror without my glasses, I thought: Whoa… If I’m a guy I’d definitely -beeep- you right here. Maybe my soul should be split to two so in the next life, it can reincarnate as a couple and we can -beeeeeeeep-.

Heel, girl,heeel!!!

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