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Arzen 坏了.(My 1st BL game in KL…and I missed the S’pore Flood!)

This blog has become quite dusty. Cough cough.

Aha! I returned to Singapore the day after Xmas. This trip to KL has been quite a learning experience.
I learned to play…

And my last. (I hope…)

It’s called “俺の下であがけ” , made by Alice Blue a decade ago.
Featuring voice actors Midorikawa and Morikawa. (according to my cousin, they have a huge discography and portfolio of ahem ahem sound projects)

The objective in this game is to help the main character, 黒崎壱哉, the chairman of Kurosaki Finance, to cause his 3 male targets to incur a huge debt that they cannot repay in time. Once the deadline’s over, the male targets will have to give themselves to him as collateral. The fun part is the main character has cards that engineer various unfortunate events in order to cause their debt to balloon at various levels.

For my cousin’s pleasure…
Kaimono level 4 (Special Card)
The victim is swindled into buying a worthless object. At level 4, it’s an abstract piece of ugly crap. At level 3, it is a magical urn with an abstract carving of an ugly pig. At levels 1 & 2, it’s english books and blankets.

Kaimono level 3 (Kaimono card)I love the part when the voice actor Midorikawa goes ぺらぺら (perapera: Japanese vers. of blah blah?!)as 壱哉 in disguise at levels 3 and 4.

There’s a whole lot of other weird and funny stuff in the game like the strange hallucinations/ dreams the main character gets after consuming a psychedelic mushroom, きのこ.

What other weird crap did I learn…hmm…

The word 鬼畜. I thought it meant an ‘animal ghost’ but the real meaning’s much worse. Well, I can’t give a specific explanation although my cousin showed me the picture of 壱哉 having done very bad things to his male target as an example…


We also learnt where ‘Yaranai ka’ and ‘ii otoko’ comes from.

This famous meme (yes, it has become an icon!) was ripped from the pages of ‘くそみそテクニック'(kusomiso technique) by 山川純一, affectionately known as Yamajun.

How famous? Netizens in Japan, China and Taiwan love to use the ‘ii otoko’ facial expression for parody.




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This Blog will be rotting for a while…

I’ve not posted an entry here for possibly a century and yes, it’s full of dust.

I’ll be off to Kuala Lumpur to nurse my broken heart.(over my terrible grades that is)

Damn. The Italian course killed me, done me in like the mafia.
IT & Law was so-so.
Econ Development of Asia was a charm that possibly could neutralise the deadly effect of Italiano.
Computer as an Analysis tool… it was within my expectations. After all my prof was the founder of this course in SMU.
Intro to physical science still pending but heck.

Ahh… I’ve spent some days devouring Oscar Wilde’s amazing work, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. It’s such a deliciously evil and moral book I wish he’d lived longer to write more. It’ll be wonderful if it is made into a movie.

Another evil book I read was ” In the Miso Soup” by Ryu Murakami. This is really good shit for anyone who’d like to learn how kinky the Japanese can get or for anyone who enjoys a bit of bloody noir. The Japanese ban on pornographic imports really is redundant given its vibrant sex industry as told by this novel.

Next up… “The Monk-A romance” by Matthew Lewis. It’s not a romance as we know it. Oh no… This dramatic Gothic piece works the same as “The Picture of Dorian Gray”- We watch the protagonist’s descent into degradation that ends with death.

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