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Status: Audit and Accounting (絶望した!こんな仕事が絶望した!!!)

Accountancy: the pathway for lazy jobseekers and insatiable workaholics.

Lazy jobseekers- Just flip any career classifieds and at least 60% of the jobs available are accounting/administration-related. Plus, interviews are relatively easy to score. Just show your prospective employer that you have at least a finger to operate a calculator.

Insatiable workaholics: For the bunch who mistake home for office and, sadly, office for home.


Seriously, I’m getting quite sick of the long hours and deadlines and the administrative shit.

Although my client is really nice by commercial standards, and I get to work with nice people…

the work is as delightful as a rotting piece of rat carcass covered with flies.

And seeing how haggard my senior has become in 7 months and my client’s accountant turning more bald by the day, I begin to doubt I could stay on that long. 3 years… 絶望したぁぁぁぁー!!!

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