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40,000 hit kiriban: A present (0w0)

40 000 hits present
Isn’t this mini Cloud adorable? XD
He looks so cute with the rose on his shoulder that I could just eat him. *drool*
This pretty little picture is from dear chihaya san whom I always terrorise with my incomprehensible Japanese (No time to study Japanese mah). Perhaps it’s time to head down to Kinokuniya to browse Japanese language textbooks for free?
It really brightened my day at the office when I saw this scrumptious surprise in my oebbs site. It gave me enough energy to stay back till 8 at Singapore Die-Itchy Pte Ltd.

PS: Die-Itchy Pte Ltd is the 2nd major Japanese company I’ve audited where everyone has to change to slippers before entering the premises. Every hour, an irritating jingle will sound throughout the building. A variation of the jingle will remind everyone of lunchtime and knock off time. The distractive power of the happy jingle really got on my nerves. It’s perky quality is so artificial in a dull office setting. I’d rather hear a brass alarm ring.
In these 2 days, I was beginning to have 2nd thoughts working for a Japanese company like Die-Itchy. The Account department is always the last lot to leave the company and the Finance manager usually switches off the lights and locks the doors because she works pretty late. The company’s obsessed with cost control via multi-tasking. Well at least they did not make the staff clean up the office … I was quite surprised that despite the conditions, the Accounts staff are very friendly and helpful.

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Status: Now playing (Last day of TOIL)

Dreadful. Just bloody dreadful. Tomorrow it’s the start of another long engagement with, of all things, HDB. Now I’m going full throttle being an otaku. Instead of visiting the Anime Fair at Suntec to ogle at a handful of cosplayers and shake my head in disappointment at the merchandise (not after seeing paradise in Tokyo), I’m shutting myself in my room oekakibbsing, reading manga and fondling my PSP for the rest of the day.

It’s high time a game like 「プリニー:俺が主人公いいんすか?」(’Prinny-Ore ga Shujinkou Iinsu Ka?’) arrived for PSP. Of course it can be put on NDS platform too… but please don’t tempt me to shell out a few more hundred bucks. I’m saving to buy a PSP-3000 once it’s out in the ‘other’ market. The battery in my phat PSP seems unable to retain power for more than 3 days. Anyway … …


The gameplay is very nostalgic and the graphics are very beautifully rendered with depth. It reminded me of those 2D sidescroll arcade games in the 90’s like Capcom’s ‘Ghouls and Ghosts’. There’s 1000 Prinnies to expend (ie to get killed) for the whole game before game over. It can get quite tough because one touch from the enemy, the Prinny explodes (ie dies). It’s fun nevertheless especially when it squeals ‘Yarareta!’ before it dies.

Yesterday, I was trawling the public oebbs site for some nice pictures to ogle at when I saw a pic of a red haired samurai. It’s from a music video called 「絶交門」(Zekkoumon) by a (gay?) joke band from Sendai called 仙台貨物(Sendai Kamotsu). Curiosity either kills the cat or rewards it with fish. Are you ready?

*Please note the emphasis on ‘Koumon, koumon’. In kanji, it can look like 肛門 which means anus.
The vocalist Chiba was supposed to be the twin brother of another vocalist called Yomi from J-Rock band, Nightmare. Chiba’s makeup and the diaper on his head makes it difficult to verify visually. But he’s still kawaii.
Nightmare is behind the OP and ED of Deathnote anime which was aired in 2006. This is ‘Lost in Blue’ where we can see how Yomi looks like…

Actually, Sendai Kamotsu is Nightmare, and Nightmare is Sendai Kamotsu. Has your brain died already? XD
I wish Gackt would have the guts to do the same.
Thank you Sendai, for Date Masamune, Monkey Majik and now, Sendai Kamotsu.

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Thank you!!! 40,000 hits (四万キリバン)

皆さん本当にありがとうございました。m(_ _)m

Thank you for dropping by and all the comments you leave are greatly appreciated.
I hope you will continue coming to check out this under-managed, highly disorganised blog site which contains some questionable content.(>w<)


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I love myself…a lot. (俺はナルシシスト)

I think I can understand why I have a clean history of being single (can’t say the same for the contents in my mind…so filthy).
Ooh, and so proud to have never been in a boy-girl relationship.
I can’t get enough of myself. I love spending every minute, every second with me.
So much so I don’t like to share with anyone. Maybe that’s why I don’t even bother preening to look good for others as long as I like what I see in the mirror.

The thought of being in a typical so-called ‘romantic’ relationship with another man is enough to make my armpit hairs stand. I came to this revelation when a bloke I met on the street today told me he ‘had feelings for me’. After he had his hand on my butt. F*ck. If I had a d*ck, I’d ram it hard up his ass for touching what’s mine.
Now I understand why guys go crazy when they see another guy with their girl. I guess I have to thank this bloke for making me realise what I want in life.
And plus, I met this really lovely lady while waiting at the pedestrian crossing. It was drizzling and I was trying to dodge the bloke’s hand. She smiled and offered to cover me with her umbrella. And I fell in love with her (not the Sapphic kind). It’s a small gesture but very big in kindness. I totally forgot about the bloke.

The lesson I learnt today from these 2 persons is the difference between love and lust. Nowadays, people mistake lust for love (cannot say the same the other way round, thank goodness). The shit we see on TV and at the movies… that’s lust. What the bloke did was obviously due to a certain part in his physical being although he seems to think it’s lurrve. He wanted to get something out of befriending me.

I never expected kindness in the CBD area on a cold rainy day. Not pushing one into a puddle is kindness enough. But the lady who smiled and shared her umbrella with me, what she did was really love. The selfless love for a person, to give and to share with a complete stranger. I didn’t even know her name. But she made me want to be a better person and I never felt more happy at that moment. And the best thing is, it leaves such a nice warm feeling inside which lasts for many days (unlike sex which only lasts for 5 mins). Isn’t it phenomenal how a small thing could be so ecstatically big to another person?
That is the kind of love I want in my life. Because it’s given freely, it’s priceless.

*Probably because I spend so much time freely with myself and I don’t want anything out of myself (or others), I’ve become an incurable narcissist. I love you, me.

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Status: Goodbye XP. Hello Vista.

Today, my office laptop is sent to the IT dept for the Vista migration exercise.

And so ends the long and lovely relationship with XP.

And the beginning of a nerve-wracking , nail-biting, hair-pulling life with a mega CPU power consuming, tighter controls less usability, WIP status piece of shitty operating system.

The proof? I was scheduled to turn in the laptop to the IT dept for the migration exercise at 9am in the morning. I arrived at 8.30 am and there were 3 blokes who are already using the Vista OS, awaiting for assistance. One bloke can’t access Outlook, another one can’t connect with VPN and the third one was languishing over some failed application… The IT team had no choice but to postpone my slot to the evening.

Good bye, XP. Thank you for the good times we’ve had.

PS:I particularly like the emoticon-ish aspect of ‘XP’. It looks like someone squeezing his eyes closed while sticking out his tongue. And I can never forget Ying san’s BL witticism of Windows X (Cao) P(i).

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Status: Core training…and writing jokes(俺、監査役が似合わぬ)

If you flip a mouse, what vegetable does it turn into?

A potato. (番薯)

If you flip a mouse into a bowl of water, what do you get?

Potato soup.(番薯汤)

If you trick a mouse with a bomb?

Potato chips.(炸薯片)

If a horse pees on a mouse?

Potato aka spud.(马铃薯)

It’s amazing what the cerebral matter inside my skull could produce after only 4 hours of sleep. It’s gonna be 2 weeks of dull lessons on how to dodge review points, terrorise accountants … in short, do mindless activities that serve a negligible amount of good to mankind and hardly any good to the natural environment (the trees).

So there I was, with my buddy, Miss 1wRong sitting right smack in the front table of the class, participating actively so that the instructor could move on to the next topic. Oh my god… My university lecturers would have been so proud of me if they’ve seen me say what ‘PCAOB’ stands for. Initially I thought it was ‘Peanut Counting And Observation Board’. That’s what we do; we count other people’s peanuts and watch them make peanuts. I’ll never forget 1wRong’s face when ‘Public Chartered Accountants Oversight Board’ came out of my mouth.

And as I stared at my notebook (filled with my doodlings), the crippling joke seeped out of my brain, trickled out of my lips and into 1wRong’s ear. Then another one , and another one. The mouse potato jokes just kept coming.

But nothing can beat my cousin who’s a senior in the firm. We met him on our way to Lau Pa Sat for lunch and there were a lot of armed military police securing the area. Perhaps for fear of Lehman Bros investors conducting terrorist actitivities.

Me, 1wRong: Hey, senior, why are you surrounded by police? What crime have you committed this time huh?

Cousin: Oh, they are here to escort me back to office.

The worst thing was, he said it in a matter-of-factly way without hesitation …

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