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Say "フォー!"

Hard Gay FOoooo!!!

This is Razor Ramon Sumitani~Osakan and Hard Gay pelvic thruster. Omigod. Just look at those yummy biceps, firm legs and the tight butt! I want to be gay too!

If the world has more queer people like him [‘queer’ as in weird, non-conformist not homo], it would be a fun and happy place to live in. I came across HardGay Razor Ramon in a fanart from an excellent Japanese fan gallery.

Miriallia Haww [photojournalist when she wasn’t Archangel’s bridge crew personnel] as Hard Gay and Dearka Elthman having a headache.

Isn’t it amazing how everything from anime to TV can come together and I see alot of innovative fusions in Japanese fans. No wonder this country is at the forefront in consumer technology[Dead GM dead]. Say, say, say.

Speaking of technology, MSN was very f**ked up today. I couldn’t reply to anyone although I could send files over. When 1wRong came to chat, I could only communicate with her by changing my MSN nickname into messages. Cheebey. I so wanted to talk to her about tomorrow’s lunch arrangements and today’s Gundam Seed Destiny episode[phase 31].

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Good As You formula: 1+1=0 {cockpit null}

Today is the most unproductive [academically].
I forgot my login password which I had changed the night before and was locked out of the network. At CIT seeking help, the personnel somehow proved to me technology does not necessarily make processes efficient. Time is wasted on keying in particulars and later waiting for the retarded printer to churn out the slip. I don’t get it. This is a one-person queue, why is there a need for a queue slip? It seems to me CIT has adopted the Malaysian immigresen way of getting things done. Cheebey.
In the cold and desolate library, I met Ali and we began gossiping about a fellow Smugger. Due to the risk of getting sued for malicious slander I am not going to reveal the particulars of this Smugger. The point I want to make is, I appreciate this Smugger’s existence. This person opened my eyes into their world and really,made me realise that everyone is the same (nothing like kinky Japanese YAOI hahaha where the guy plays hard-to-get. cheebey.).
You and I, we are looking for the same thing: Happiness. We have the same human desire which is to love and be loved in return. Of course we like the hardcore action that may come with it. *cock!*
You know, he reminds me of a character I read from a book’s synopsis. This guy wanted to enhance social interaction and create bridges between people. So what did he do? He made himself a controversy, a deliciously juicy piece of gossip for the people around him to talk about. The more they talked about him, the closer they got.
I observed this Smugger’s behaviour and my cousin who’s an accountancy graduate also exhibited the same traits and mannerisms. The difference is my cousin is probably still in denial about who he really is and what he wants. Worse, his family’s the traditional Chinese sort and the word 同性 is taboo or treated as a joke. I wish for him that he will be able to find his other half. He is such a good soul. If he was born a she, he’d be a man’s wife by now.

After scarfing down entry after blog entry instead of JJ’s readings, I met Miss wRong and we decided to head to Specialists centre for our haircut… … only to find the salon dodgy and utterly empty save for an old lady staring at the window. With our head of hair intact, we went to shop around for overdue presents and walked walked walked. I really enjoyed her company even though lugging my laptop and other barang was such a drag and pain in the neck. She’s one of the few people who could stand my cock-and-bull shit. Sigh, tomorrow’s Saturday and I’ve got to make my way back to school to get stuff printed because the damn unimax bookshop’s closing till July.Cheebey.

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I like to say Cheebey.

I wish I could hear Kira’s seiyuu say CHIIIBAIIiii…!!! Yeah, he is the voice actor of the guy in red, Yukimura Sanada in 戦国BASARA.

My dear friend Miss Ringo noticed my excessive usage of the foul word. While we were walking to the SP building for Mina Nakagawa’s electone concert, she expressed her opinion on my new choice of swear words.


Miss Ringo: WT! Can you stop saying that word? It’s so rude! What happened to you?

Me: I can’t help it! I guess it’s thanks to FIM and those horrible 100 over ppt slides I faced while studying last minute.

Miss Ringo: Yea? Must be Zhihon’s influence right? He and his Cheebai…

Me:.. and Lanjiao. So which would you prefer me say? Fuck or Cheebey?

Miss Ringo: The F-word… Wait… …. Neither!!!


And that was our foul conversation.
Mina Nakagawa was so kawaii and although the concert was meant for kids, she gave an enjoyable and awesome performance. She could manipulate the pedals with high heels! In her repetoire, she performed a Disney medley, Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter and the best…. Numa numa YEAH!
I must thank Miss Ringo for all the free invites to these wonderful electone concerts [minus kids]. I can’t seem to find any website on Miss Nakagawa. Dr Tosh, who passed on early this year used to have a personal website with diary and all but now it’s closed. At least there’s Yoshihiro Andoh and given his celebrity status, an official website.

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Chee, Bye.It’s my favourite swear word.

Cheebye-(noun) means a cunt in the Hokkien dialect.
Highly offensive and possible english equivalent would be stinking cunt or cockpit(hahaha).

This particular swear word has found it’s way into my lips since the start of the study week and has gotten more airtime during and after the exams. One of the causes I can attribute this switch to local vulgarity is Financial Institutions and Markets (FIM) course. Cheebye.
Since the start of my mugger’s life, I’ve never done last-minute work when it comes to exams. Not like having to cram the whole course in a span of 2 days. I’ve never approached a paper with the attittude of a gambler, inventing numbers for answers.
I never believed I would commit such heinous crimes of the academic world until Cheebye FIM came along to prove me wrong.

So here I submit to you a song, dedicated to those who had to plow through FIM’s 100+ slide Powerpoints and wonder what the hell is going on. Cheebye is modified by me to cheebey for personal use. Another reason is ‘bey’ is an acronym for Bond Equivalent Yield, which was CT’s first assignment topic. Cheebye.

*tune of Twinkle Little Star*
Cheebey cheebey so cheebey
Why is CT so cheebey
Gimme grades that’s not so high
Make me feel I wanna die
Cheebey cheebey chao cheebey
Kan nee lau bu and lau bey

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4 Homework

4 Things / People that / who make me smile:
-When I see my friends, they make me smile inside out
-The morning sun and the night sky…don’t you get the feeling you are one with the world?
-Funny things people do or say [smirk]
-Good food. That’s why my maid loves to cook for me everyday.

4 ways to win my heart:
-Good food. That’s why I love my maid for cooking for me everyday.
-Appreciate what I do. I love it when the girls tell me how they wish the boys I draw can come to life .
-Make me laugh. I’m sold!
-Being truthful.
4 Things i believe in:
-Passion in the things you do. Learnt it the hard way for 3 years.
-There is a higher power out there…
-Money is nice but without happiness,health nor hope,what the hell’s money for?
-Men are necessary but not a necessity. [I’m not feminist but the witticism’s too hard to resist]
4 Things i’m afraid of:
-Panic attacks and fear of going out
-Losing my ability to draw.
-Leaky pad
-Mugger accountants
4 things i do everyday:
-Eat :my maid’s cooking
-Sleep: at least 6 hours excluding naptime
-Watch: anime and more anime
-Shit: bull with the mouth and poop with the ass
4 people who should also do this:

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Exams and Kit Kat:きっと勝つじゃね~

This morning I had a 3 3/4 hour strategy exam. Study time: 30 hours in total. The rest of the time was expended on renovating this blog. Nice eh~
I doubt an A is possible and I just hope a miracle will happen once more.
Sitting still for such a long period, I decided to stroll downtown to relieve the itch for window-shopping and at Cold Storage supermarket, I noticed something pink and kawaii. KIT and see!
Now Kit Kat Singapore is banking on Japan-crazed kids in their new marketing strategy. Wait, wasn’t the Japan craze half a decade ago? Shouldn’t they go 허삼 or something?

Then I went closer to take a better look at the characters.

ドッキーン DOKI!

The guy character’s eyes short circuited my brain for a moment. So 萌え… My heart was aflutter. Ahh, the emotive impact of design. I want to be able to create something just as electrifying and make boyfriends redundant. If you don’t believe me, go to a supermarket and look at the lifesize cardboard cutouts. And hmmm, Sakura flavour?I think I’ll stick to my pink Pocky sticks.

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A cockpit is not found in planes only…

Here’s what sex education is like in Japan. That could explain the falling birth rates.

Don’t ask me where I found this video.

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