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Finally, the Long-awaited Package Arrived…

It has finally arrived! The highly-anticipated FriWOL anthology which Sardine san promised as a reward for my half-baked labours (Labour? What labour?) has finally found its way into my HDB postbox.

I was intrigued by the contents of the package. It felt like there was more stuff than a book in the envelope. So I just stuck my paw in and pulled something out.

Voila! It’s … It’s a handtowel with Nara’s controversial mascot emblazoned on it. Followed by phone accessories and an awesome memo pad. The most precious of all would be the weighty FriWOL anthology, complete with an ‘obi’ and a glossy cover. It looks good enough for display in Kinokuniya.
The stories inside are beyond entertaining. It’s hilarious! Well, makes up for the lack of hardcore -beeep- which I usually enjoy www

My heartfelt thanks to Sardine san and the contributors for their amazing works and efforts. I feel quite bad for wasting pages with my crappy work though… ごめんなさいorz

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