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Welcome to Erohime class! (現実もエロに逃げられない)

Ero – connotes sexual perversion in the Japanese language.
Example: Erojiji means chee ko pek or dirty old man, ‘jiji’ meaning old man or uncle.

I was stuck with the said adjective online for a period of time after a number of mature paintchat encounters…

Thus, to me, ero is a word that will never exist in the world of reality until today… …

So here’s some background information.
I’ve been learning Japanese for a year now at a private language school.
Due to the demanding nature of my job, I could only enrol for the Sunday classes.
It’s called the ‘Orihime’ class with about 14 students from all walks of life, from a university undergraduate, teachers, office workers to engineers.

Our Japanese sensei is a very vocal and gregarious woman and her outgoing personality made the classroom highly enjoyable to sit in.
I must say she has a knack for tsukomi given class clowns like Weechin san and Jeffrey san (both late twenties).

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, like any other Sundays in the language centre.
Our sensei wanted us to suggest certain actitvities which are a nuisance to the public.
So I told her ”電車でイチャイチャするのが禁止すればいいだと思います” (Making out in the train should be prohibited)
Sensei was surprised we were uptight about public displays of affection and she said she would love to try it out once she gets hitched.
Then Jeffrey made some comment which made sensei stare at him and say:

Later, we were told to construct sentences using ‘nan quantity ka'(何か).

Jeffrey san and Weechin san were constructing a conversational sentence relating to recalling the number of annoying women (ムカつく女) each of them has met.
However, looking at the perverse way both of them were laughing, the whole class thought they were discussing on how many women they have … …
Soon the class became extremely rowdy and excited as everyone started interrogating ero-combi Jeffery san and Weechin san.

Our sensei sighed loudly :”嫌だ。どうしようー織姫クラスがエロになる…” (What am I to do? My Orihime class is turning sleazy.)
Jeffrey san: “いいじゃない?エロ姫クラスになる!” (Then our class should be called Erohime!)
Arzen:”エロジジ。” (Dirty old man)
Sensei:”ジェフリーさんはまだ若いから、じゃ、エロ兄さん。” (Jeffrey’s not that old yet. Let’s call him Dirty young man)



Online life

I’ve got a soft target, Chiryuu san, whose works are highly volatile and nosebleed inducing, and she is keen to explore the alternative adult territory (e.g. shibari, horse play).

It started after she approved my Mypic request and when I entered her Teblog paintchat without any clue the owner was actually her.
Until I saw the pair of Frio Tidus centaurs at the Teblog paintchat announcement.
It was the same pair of centaurs in Chiryuu san’s pixiv portfolio.


My response to Chiryuu san's Frio the stallion and carrot.ハァハァ

It was fun watching her draw Frio the stallion treated to carrot and tomatoes.
I was inspired to draw a Steed of Light in my Teblog, freshly whipped for breeding. haahaa
I didn’t expect Chiryuu san to leave Frio the stallion and a carrot in the comment box.
From there, it became an ongoing contest of pornographic illustration.
She was so good I nearly gave up and wanted to draw a basket of vegetables instead.



And the series continues … … (?)

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Squeezing and Stalking (SMSと手書きブロ)

The following is an excerpt of an sms conversation I had with Miss 1wRong last night:

Miss IwRong:  I want! I wanna squeeze! Is it white and soft?

Arzen:  No, it’s big and hard.


I know, it sounds R-18 if we’re gonna think that the thing she wanna squeeze is something we’re not born with. www

It’s only a pimple.

A nice gargantuan pustule of clotted sebum from my ‘auntie’ which visited me last night… urrrgghhhhhhh….

I need blood… Feeling faint….and I’m meeting a schoolmate from the Japanese Language school to exchange and discuss about Yaoi.

I think Ying san might have to drag my limp, bloodless body home.

Online life

After giving up on using SAI in my old computer, I decided to register a tegaki blog.

Simply for the following reasons:

  • The canvas size is large enough for sketching manga as compared to oebbs which is limited to 800×800
  • To stalk A san
  • User friendliness

I happily drew Frioneil haahaa just to test the functionally limited paint tools. 1 hour after I completed the picture, I checked back to my tegaki panel and noticed someone had left a comment on the picture.

I thought it was Tamakichi san because I sent a tegaki friend request.

I didn’t send one to A san because I didn’t  want A san to think I’m a stalker (although it’s what I’ve been doing it all along). Especialy after the previous incident when things got really awkward in the chatroom. She reassured me that she was just tired that night…(;w;)

 When I saw the owner of the comment, I thought I must be hallucinating.

It’s A saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wrote that Frio is yummy and that she’s being the stalker.

Me being stalked by A san?! HaahaahaahaaAAAA!!!!!!

Omigod omigod omigod (^///p///^) Haa haa haaa!!!!!

Couldn’t really sleep that night…. wwwwwwwwwww haa haa

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I’m going to be a Bridesmaid!

I met up with Miss YY today at the ‘hippest’ hangout in Singapore called Northpoint (in suburban Yishun).

I’ve known this babe since Primary 4 and she’s still the charmingly adorable fun beeyatchee babe. Well, that was one of the adjectives she wanted us to use to describe her since high school.

Her boyfriend decided to tie the knot by June next year.

She’s getting MARRIED!!!!! Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!I’m absolutely overjoyed for her!!!

And she’s appointing me to be the bridal bangla to carry her train (no, not the thing we commute with).

I’m really, really honored to be her bridesmaid and she’s the 1st bride whom I’ll be steering the train (no, it’s got nothing to do with driving) for.

She did ask me a few times back then to be her ceremonial coolie but I was still surprised when she told me today that officially, I’m going to be lugging the length of cloth behind her on her church wedding.


This is the 4th wedding I’ll be putting into my schedule.

Somehow, I began to get the dreadful left-on-the-shelf feeling which plagues all singles. It pricks the ego and titillates the thoughtless desire to just grab any dude on the street that comes our way. Now I understand how a guy friend was feeling when he told me he’s worried he hasn’t found the right one yet when most of his friends have tied the knot.

Problem is, I know what qualities I want in my partner and I don’t know if there could ever be another person like that.

 The choice of getting married to any dude or remaining a horny virgin till death …

It’s really the Devil or the deep, blue sea.

Online life


Tombstone by (Kabe)Ojisan, Mer(Squall)lion and Kuja by cycle san, Zidane by Nobon san

I went to Sagara san’s paint chat today after getting appointed a bridal bangla and noticed A san was there.

Previously, I’d sent her a youtube link featuring a cutscene of WOL Firion which is exclusive to the US-Euro release of DFF. In the same message, I thanked her for helping me regain my confidence back in paintchat after the pen tablet became pretty hard to control from a hardware driver failure.

I thought she would be as excited over the revelation that WOL Firion are a couple on the run, but  the response was lukewarm, terse and polite.


I’m confused.

I thought, usually, people would at least reply and share their views on this.

That’s what Hsk san normally does in her mailform correspondence.

I really felt things were getting awkward and it was unbearable. I really wanted to leave the chatroom because I don’t understand 80% of what they were discussing and it is hard to participate in the discussion. But I stayed on, hoping that A san would draw something for me to ogle at.

 A san left the chatroom shortly after midnight without drawing anything.

I’m not sure what is going on and it doesn’t smell right… (;A;)

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Pixiv Pchat: Takamin Server error

Saturday nights is a time for wild partying and celebrating fun in orgies of excess. But last night was plain disappointing…when takamin’s server crashed. It’s the only Saturday night when I got to sleep before 3am.

I gatecrashed into mik san’s Tidus pchat after seeing some familiar names in the list. I’ve never played FF10 nor sketched Tidus before so I was rather apprehensive when I clicked enter. I worried for nothing when I saw a bunch of Nobaras appear as the system loaded the sketches. Frioniel really is a celebrity, thanks to his virginity and the dark history of FF2…www

I sketched my 1st Tidus as a door gift to mik san. While doing so, I witnessed a marriage proposal by kirara san to RQPJ san (WOL). No one can beat Hoshida san who proposed to everyone at one shot. For me, I prefer not to have a harem of Mypics. It’s hard to manage so many wives and concubines in a polygamy arrangement. Guess I’m only committed to Ann san (Ying san made a very saucy comment after reading the previous entry). When my Tidus passed the rabbit hat to RQPJ san’s WOL, takamin sensei struck again, wiping the whole canvas clean.capture18jula

Next, I decided to try my hand at the chaos version of WOL, the Warrior of Darkness (WOD). I was happily sketching the Deathnote parody (Light:WOL, L:Linne輪廻)when the system hung. I exited the pchat and Ying san told me the pchat was suspended due to a server crash. I didn’t even have a chance to do a screen capture.
I returned to the pchat after Ying san notified me that the system has recovered, hoping to find the WOD. Thank god it was still there and there was another person in the pchat room, kumaru san. I thought it was one of those ‘imitations’ where the ID of the person is still retained in the chatroom but has already exited the chatroom. I got a shock when kumaru san told me to continue drawing. When she used her touchpad to sketch Zacks, Chaos followed… Her Zacks and Sephiroth were aesthetically overwhelming.www
The best was her WOL with his shining ‘crystal’…www Just can’t help making the remark.capture18jul11

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Pixiv Pchat: Double A power (Ann+Arzen)

Warning: If homosexuality and erotic representations offend you, please do not click the picture links below. You’ll regret it. I mean it.

Last night I joined和樽san’s (no idea how to pronounce the kanji)first pchat and found Ann san there…with a very tiny Nobara. I made my little WOL approach her, offering a cucumber. As usual, I was really excited to see her and the smexy Frioniel’s she draws. I drew Zidane getting nibbled by Kuja, as a door gift to 和樽san.


From there, everyone switched to fella mode… I felt lucky to be able to catch Ann san’s rare sketch of Zidane and Kuja. 

I was drooling over her sketch when she did it again. Erasing without warning. I drew a very pissed emoticon in tears and called her a bully. I was surprised she responded with a smexy Nobara, apologising casually. What else to draw except WOL?はぁはぁ(^p^)

Picture: WOLがフリにいじめ (注:キス、ティナフェラ) 

The host never expected things to get so erotic… nor that she would be participating in a sequence(BL)show for the first time. I told the host to throw away all her inhibitions. Ann san commented that I’m直球(ちょくきゅうmeaning frank). The host shed her innocent demeanor and contributed the most smexy stuff in the discussion. The best was when she input the lines into the speech bubbles, it was so erotic, I told her I can’t continue drawing any further. The host declared that she’ll send us her WOL Frio erotic stories via email, in exchange for our illustrations. Ann san was quite reluctant to take on such a huge job so I proposed a collaboration… (///)ドキドキ I wasn’t sure if she’d want to work with me, a non-Japanese. I was overwhelmed when she said she’s very happy to collaborate and that it’s her first time doing so with anyone. やった!!!はぁはぁはあぁ!!! 

Picture: フリが目を隠し (注:キス、目隠しプレー)

Then takamin sensei wiped everything just when Ann san and I were making WOL and Nobara go to the next level. During the break, Ann san started sketching a full nude of Nobara. Not surprisingly, she hid the interesting part with a black block.www

Picture: 先生来た後、休憩時間 (注:全裸)

Ann san started sketching a feverish Nobara… I can’t help but add chaos to the canvas with noseblood and the Hentai of Light. wwwcapture17julc1 It was past midnight and the host joined in the delicious sequence show as Nobara. It was a night of lost innocence.www

Picture: フリWOLとWOLフリPart1 、 フリWOLとWOLフリPart2 (注:キス、全裸、性的表現、カオス)

I guess I’ve to thank Ying san for making her privacy request on that night.

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Pixiv Pchat: Where has my Ero gone?

capture14jul2Somehow, I’m a little more reserved these few nights… No wet and wild frolics on the takamin canvas. No manhandling of tender men. Just a little half nude here and a bit of megane there.


First Butz on pchat and Sephiroth (top)at A-ru san’s pchat on 14 Jul 09.

Maybe it’s linked to my biological cycle. Or maybe because I’ve just started work on DieCo Healthcare with a very prickly client. I have to get snapped at by her before she bestows the documents and information I need.

Anyhow, there’s not alot of paintchats on weekdays especially those hives of WOLxFri goodness, promising a night of buzzing smexy activities and gags.

Except tonight… at Kanoll san’s pchat.


From left: Asanegi san, Arzen, Kanoll san and Chanmai san.

Asanegi san discovered a cool, smashing way to erase WOL, using the blinding beams of light from his crystal. Kanoll san is quite tsundere when she apologised profusely after I gave a meek reply. Her Cloud also molested my Squall. Guess what, she’s only a high school student.(年差プレイだったのか?!) It seems BL transcends age and nationality.

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Pixiv Pchat: Kichiku infection(日常:俺はストーカーか?)

Warning: If homosexuality and erotic representations offend you, please do not click the picture links below. You’ll regret it. I mean it.

Ying san’s yome, Kuroro san hosted a pchat session last evening. Tamakichi san also put up a WOL pchat invitation in the same evening. It’s my biggest dilemma for the month. In the end, I concluded that since I’ve never participated in Kuroro san’s pchat before, I decided to give Tamakichi san’s tempting pchat a miss.残念100%!

Ann san, Ying san, Nobon san, H(entai)oshida san, amo san, even Xilla san were there, sketching delicious pics and having deep discussions on procuring Dissidia doujins. My first pic was a seme Nobara in a suit. Ying san suggested glasses for him and turned him into a Kichiku (Sadism) Nobara.capture12jula

Then the infection began.

Xilla san was sketched a delicious Nobara in apron pic and a sexy WOL pic… Without warning, Xilla san erased the picture before everyone could screencap. It’s very sadistic of Xilla san.

I got Ann san to draw her lovely Frioniel in tears and couldn’t help but get my WOL to join in. Haahaa. Can never get enough of her delicate Nobara drawings.

Picture: Frionel in tears and WOL in glasses (注:鬼畜眼鏡?)

She started sketching a censored nude pic of Another Frio and as usual, I added Nobara into the pic. I was appalled when she increased the censoring black mass over Frio’s groin. My artistic principle is ‘Less is more’. Then she added ‘拡大'(Enlarge) on the black mass.(゚∀゚)

Picture: Nude Another Frio and Nobara (注:裸体)

Then without warning, she erased her pic to nothingness. Before I could screencap the completed picture. Another Kichiku infected.

Picture: Kuroro san’s WOL Frio (注:萌え)

Neither Kuroro san was immune to the spread.

For my exit pic, I decided to experiment with Nobara seme and WOL uke.

Picture: Frio seme WOL uke (注:エロ)

I think I really need to work on my perspective.

Now for news on the more ordinary part of my life. Yesterday, I took the train to Orchard for my weekly Japanese classes. While waiting at the platform, I noticed a pretty good looking guy with a guitar slung over his left shoulder. He looks so delicate and deliciously uke I can’t help staring. I switched my attention back to Dissidia after getting on the train. When I arrived at Orchard and took the escalator towards the Ion exit, I noticed the slim man with the guitar slung over his shoulder ahead of me. Haa haa.

In the evening, after a nice romantic dinner with Miss Ringo at the airport, I took a bus and alighted at the MRT station near my home. As I walked towards the overhead bridge, I saw the same guy with the guitar in front of me! The sheer coincidence and my slow pace made me look like a stalker. I admit that I tried to catch up so I can ogle at his uke-licious face. Haahaa.

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