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Status:Senior from hell.(もし毎日続いて、過労死かも)

I think I’m going to die young from stress, heart palpitations, a perforated stomach (from gastric) and a strained bladder. My stomach is already cramping itself and my intestines have probably atrophied from lack of exercise.
These 2 weeks at SoMentallyBattered was pure hell. Thanks to a senior from a certain group who replaced 2 humane ones from another certain group in the firm. Even the poor junior assistant was getting, I quote, ‘depressed’ and ‘very tired’. When I was in her position last year, the ‘d’ word never crossed my mind. But now, I can think of many words beginning with ‘d’ like ‘die’, ‘dread’, ‘debilitating’, ‘demoralising’ and ‘deloitte’.
Fuck it.
Unfortunately ‘duck’ is a bird so ‘d’ does not apply much as I’d like to for an onomatopoeiac flavour.
I got dumped virtually all the tough sections such as inventory, receivables et al. I thought the bloody ‘limited liability partnership’ reformed the work duties so seniors have to test the substantially riskier balances themselves??? Ooh, let’s make the seniors do it next year…when I get promoted to one!
Fuck it.
The only thing I appreciate the senior for torturing us in this manner is that I get to learn how to wade in the shit while getting criticised for not doing the butterfly stroke in the shitpool. Okay, to be fair, I’m learning how to audit (god, I’m starting to detest that word, it’s more filthy than ‘ass-fucking’) inventory and debt balances. I’m starting to lose faith in this damn LLP after the TOIL policy was revised. Being unassigned means the TOIL will be used up until it becomes negative. That’s where the salary gets cut, to ‘compensate’ the LLP for not giving the employees shit jobs to get high blood pressure from.
Fuck it.
The only consolation is, I’m still employed.

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