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Erohime Class Graduation (卒業式はカラオケde)



After a year of watching the trials and tribulations of  Itou san x Ogawa san x Lee san x Anand san x Kim san , we finally graduated from Pre-advanced  Japanese. I’ll never forget the scene when Ogawa san had a romantic lunch date with Lee san; and Anand san’s uke voice. Kawaii lai de.

Many thanks to our dear sensei Kikuchi san and fun-loving classmates. Thank you for the tears and toned abdominals from laughing too hard. 

You guys made my Sundays worthwhile. (^p^)

For our last lesson, sensei made us present a short story composed of pictures.

She probably regretted doing so because it revealed the dark side of the class for the first time.

Virtually every group presented a morbid, if not creepy, ending for the stories they told.

One ending was, the boy called Kenji was run over by a car and his sister waited for his return only to receive a call late one night… from her brother.

For my part, I acted as a creepy obasan who kills the kid runner, Tsubasa, after he delivered a packet of white powder to her. The next scene was the creepy obasan was chopping some meat and humming to herself happily,「翼君のお陰で、今晩美味しい肉を食べられるわv」

Another ending tells of the psychotic step mother who stabs her adopted son to death. This is the most painful show to watch because we nearly split our sides from laughing too hard as WeeGin san started cutting paper like a psycho and running around trying to stab his co-actress. The funniest part was after the murder, WeeGin told the class he’s gonna share the meat with the neighbours.

The consequence of having such bloody stories told was during dinner time when sukiyaki was served, we started calling the strips of meat Kenji kun and Tsubasa kun. Mmmm…

After class ended, we headed to NYDC for a cuppa and our sensei launched us into a deep discussion on the dating culture of Singapore and Japan.

Thanks to our ero-jiji who showed us 1 point English.

My classmate gives good ‘ed (ucation) www

Apparently it is common to have pre-marital sex in Japan and similar to its American and British counterparts, remaining a virgin at the age of 30 is a badge of shame. Oh, don’t get me started on the definition of virginity.

According to sensei, it is no surprise if the couple are physically intimate after a week of dating.

Imagine her surprise when she realised all 4 of us, aged 19-30 years, are still physically virgins.

Especially the guys, the ero-jijis of the class, have never been involved in a physical relationship before. Or so they claimed.

The only relationship I ever had was brain sex which lasted 3 nights through Skype.

The funniest was when our 32 year old classmate shyly told sensei he never made out with his girl friend whom he’d been dating for a year now.

Our sensei just couldn’t believe it. She kept repeating her question and expressing doubt www 

You guys are soooooo good! Come on, come on Toshi. Come on!


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