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Youtube on Japan: Celebrity AV Predicts own Death, JAL CEO Paid Less than Pilots, Rape Club in Waseda University

Dead AV celebrity Iijima Ai predicted own death 7 years ago
(2001 entertainment program)

(Taiwanese news)

The famous celebrity Iijima Ai was found dead in her apartment in Shibuya on Christmas Eve this year. She was only 36 years old. The cause of death was yet to be known but it’s speculated to be suicide. In 2001, a Taiwanese fortune teller told her that Ai would die in 3 years time and that she can’t bring with her anything, before bursting into tears. Hmm the timing doesn’t add up. But it’s a very sorry thing to see her go. I’m certain she will be very much missed by everyone especially her fans in Japan, Taiwan and China.

JAL CEO paid less than his own pilots.

President and CEO Nishimatsu Haruka of Japan Airlines takes the public bus to work daily and eats the same food as other company staff. He doesn’t even think being paid USD 90,000 a year is a strange thing as the CEO of the top 10 companies in the airline industry. JAL has let go 4,300 staff in the 3-year restructuring exercise to survive the high fuel prices and the slowing economy. Some food for thought on top management ethics.

And now something from the other end…
Rape Club

Introducing the prestigious Waseda University’s most scandalous CCA: Super Free (rape) club. And also ‘Rapeman’. What the hell.

Japan… the country of extremes. That’s why you never fail to attract the gaijins’ attention from all over the world.

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Christmas 2008: BL, Yaoi and anal rape

Tetsuo, Youji and Makoto

From top: Tetsuo, Youji and Makoto

Looking from the way I spent my Christmas eve and Christmas day, if I were a Christian, I’d have just won myself a first-class premier ticket to hell where I can enjoy an eternity of lovely hot brimstone and icy abysmal darkness.


 by Nitro+Chiral. It’s the longest BL game I ever played. (The other BL game was the all-time classic Ore no Shita de Agake). It’s also the 1st serious and gory BL game I’ve ever played. Thank goodness there’s only 6 endings to complete.
The story basically is about the protagonist Youji, who has a female parasite called Mesu living inside his abdomen. This parasite will emit pheromones to attract the male parasite called Osu which also lives inside human males. In this case, it’s Tetsuo the alpha Osu who always saves the day and ahem, does things to Youji. Unfortunately for Youji, the pheromones also have an effect on normal human males and it affected his friend Makoto, turning him from a bright, friendly social butterfly into a psychotic, hungry stalker. And to make things worse, whenever Youji gets aroused, blood and pieces of meat will come out of his ass. Imagine me playing this game while having my period (which came on the day before Christmas eve ). Overall it’s not a bad game. The music is gooood. Really good enough for an OST to be published. The voice actors are not bad, particularly noted is Makoto’s voice actor, 空乃太陽(Sorano Taiyou, I suppose an alias), who could switch from a puppy-like innocence to a cannibalistic beastly psycho.

Yaoi: I should stop reading Naono Bohra’s works. Shucks, I even grabbed ‘Three Wolves Mountain’ when I saw it in Kinokuniya when I’m not really into dog-ear fetish.(But the part where little puppy Jiro learns to xxx the middle-aged Suzuki is sooo tasty)

Naono Bohras yummy supernatural Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge

Naono Bohra's yummy supernatural 'Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge'

Seriously, I’m getting addicted to her Ossan love stories where the old guy gets xxx by the young man. So tasty but very unhealthy, just like junk food. It’s every old person’s fantasy to be wanted by a young thing. My god… am I having a quarter life crisis???







Anal rape: Action 52 for NES (and later Sega Genesis). The worst game ever made in the world. Watch this youtube video by angst-ridden game reviewer, LeisureSuitGaming, if you don’t believe games can be made so badly and yet have the cheek to sell for US$200. Note that virtually every second the f-word and all sorts of coarse language is used. Please understand the trauma the person is going through. Really enjoyed hearing the guy go crazy over the game. His exasperation and frustration is hilarious.

Perhaps the only good thing that comes out of Action 52 is the funky BGM of Cheetahman… which the Japanese turned out a rap version ,with lyrics…

Seriously, I somewhat agree with the game reviewer when he said for people in prisons to choose between butt rape and Action 52, the choice is clear.
 All credit goes to Ying san, who is getting anal raped by Action 52 (NES rom). Seriously.

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Now Playing: Dissidia (Sephiroth 半裸ze)

Little big sephiroth

Thanks go to Ying san for acquiring the much-anticipated PSP offering, Final Fantasy Dissidia (and letting me play Left4Dead and Sonic Unleashed on her Xbox…setting new records in her gamer history such as the fastest mutiny to occur before the hunt for zombies started in Left4Dead).
As a lazy casual gamer (oh, Zacks is still in Shinra Mansion), I’m not really into combat games and never really fancied playing Street Fighter or KOF (Cos I get thrashed and KO in a split second). But being a hapless amateur fangirl of the FF7 series (I’ve never even played FF7 before!), I headed straight for the FF7 Story. Everything went smoothly for Cloud until he got thrashed by Sephiroth with his Supernova.
Ying san played the FF10 story with Tidus (pronounced as Tida-). We call him the Prinny because he goes ‘ッス’ (a US equivalent would probably be ‘dood’ ) in every sentence of his speech.
Tidus: 俺は主人公がいいんっすか?(自爆しろ)
We started imitating Tidus.

Ying ‘Prinnyッス’
Arzen ‘Tidaッス’
Ying ‘That’s incorrect. His name is pronounced as Tida, not Tidas.’
Arzen ‘I know. But when one speaks like a Prinny…’

No matter winning or losing the fight, the player earns PP which allows the player to purchase stuff such as alternate costumes.
Of course we bought the alternate costumes for Cloud, Sephiroth and Tidus (the Prinny). The alternate costume for Sephiroth is really made for all hapless fujoshis. He lost his clothes and he’s top naked with only his pants on and Masamune to hide his chest.www

Now where could his clothes have gone?
Sephiroth loaned his clothes to Sackboy in PS3’s platform game ‘Little Big Planet’. Good thing they’ve announced that this game will be available for PSP.\(^p^)/

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1st Day of Pre-advanced Japanese Language Course(日本語のレッスン第一課)


Night sensei was very friendly and full of energy. Without her, I think the class would have been so awkwardly silent and boring. The class size is liliputian, 8 people excluding the instructor.
The fun part of the lesson is when she showed us a video of a Japanese and a chinese in a scenario. The Chinese was looking at the sign and asked the Japanese how to read the words 「お忘れ物取り扱い所」 meaning Lost and Found. He said “お忘れ物取り…”… I wanted to flip the desk over. Seriously, a Chinese would surely know what it means just by reading the kanji and the best was he could pronounce the words on the sign which have no hiragana. The Japanese who always tries not to look directly at the Chinese replied robotically “ああーあれは「おーわーすーれーモーのーとーりーあーつーかいーじょ」。”(だせぇ。マジで日本人かい?)
Next, Night sensei tried to teach us and make us read the phrases ending with 中(chuu).
She kept repeating ‘chuu chuu chuu’ and the best was the phrase 出張中’shuchouchuu’. I can’t help but say ‘あの…先生、キスはたくさんです♪’
She looked surprised and then doubled over,covering her face and laughing embarrassedly.テラかわゆっすv
Just like Ying san, I probably have ‘sukebe ossan’ tendencies.(>3<)
After the class, I met up with Ying san for dinner and a 30 min stroll around Kinokuniya. Just 5 mins before closing time, I grabbed 2 books of Nakamura Hikaru’s「セイントおにいさん」(Saint Young Men). I’ve been looking out for the manga since I saw fanart of these characters in oebbs. I’m so glad it finally arrived in Singapore www Who would have thought of the 2 major religious figures being the best of chums?

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I’m one year closer to my grave. (^w^)


A present from Ku-mama san! Delivered directly to my oebbs site!くーまましゃん本当にありがとうございました!!!おぉ、とてもうれしいですよ(TwT)


On my official birthday (8th of Dec) which was hours ago , I spent the whole day doing the thing I like… fondling my tablet mouse and drawing ‘delicious’ things. I wasn’t aware it was my official birthday until I saw the clock on my computer desktop. (–;)
On my real birthday (3rd of Dec), Miss 1wRong sent me a recording of her lovely voice singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at exactly midnight. I woke up that morning and it’s the 1st thing I hear before I got out of bed. And that’s when I know I’ve got the world’s loveliest friend with a big heart and an excellent memory. AND, I realised I’ve forgotten my birthday.


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Status: TOIL & Singapore ‘Japan Media Arts Festival’ (なにそれ?もう絶望した!!!)

This is the 2nd Japanese Occupation in Singapore and it’s one of the 1st steps by Aso to invade and take over this little island. What better weapons to use than the deadly kawaii characters and artillery of anime and guerilla game titles ? Rain bombs of Japanese pop culture and sow the seeds of consumerism onto the heads of the citizens. Strike the minds of the children and pockets of the parents with bolts of Pikachu and Gundam lasers. Make these imbeciles beg with lolling tongues for more sexy moe maids with big bouncy G size chests and hunger for those sweet sailor uniforms.

Let’s start with this ‘Japan Media Arts Festival‘ where the inhabitants are bribed with free screenings of old anime in the museum. Withhold the manga heavyweights and give them something softer and cleaner, like Nodame Cantabile. They probably can’t stomach BL and Eroguro.

Yes! Revive the glory of Syonan-To once again and make this little island the beacon of Japanese pop culture and consumerism in South East Asia!

ぜんぶ(k)うそ です。てっへ♪

I just got back from my search for 77 star Pte Ltd, a company whose website claims they provide animation and manga classes certified by Yoyogi Animation Group . I went to 9 Shenton Way and there was nothing. Literally. No people, no furniture, no sign. NOTHING. No wonder the phone number no longer works. Anyway, I’m going to take up a Japanese language class instead, to console myself and further my otaku aspirations. Phew, the sensei told me I could take the pre-advanced class after giving me a little oral test. I have to thank chihaya san, nico nico douga and anime for that.

Anyway, if they’re gonna turn this art desert  of an island into a J-pop otaku paradise, make the ministers here take up Aso’s hobbies: reading manga. Like hell. I think I’ll just stay in the world of niconico douga where the real Japanese culture experience is.

I present to you our fuhrer from nico nico land … Sieg Heil!(`Д')ノ

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