Status: When play becomes work… (T_T)













Painted this in oebbs with laptop touchpad after my tablet mouse died.
 Pata Pata Pata Pon! I’m in love with this strategy-rhythm-theistic game although FF Crisis Core is still no. 1 on my PSP (never mind that I’m still letting Zack hang around at the Shinra Mansion with Cloud groaning from Jenova OD. I don’t want to see Zack die!!!Never!!!)

Yep, the current client I have is a UK based gaming company. Literally, they do all sorts of games. Mobile phone games, RPG, MMORPG, shooting, pinball machines, gambling… anything. Let’s call its Singapore branch Creeptology Pte Ltd.

It first blew me away when my senior and I were left standing atop Mount Sophia, at Old School where the office is. To us, it’s an art fart’s hideaway with greenery and post-colonial school architecture. Smells nothing like the usual industrial/corporate environments we would expect. Even the toilet sinks retain the primary school charm (ie fitted very low so an adult has to bow to the mirror in order to reach the tap).

The next thing that made my heart race was the large LCD TV with Nintendo Wii and Xbox clustering around it. I thought I could have a go at the games if I finish up early.

The last thing that made me gasp was the mind-boggling general ledger.
And the fact that the accountants and most of the documents are kept in Greece and the UK.
And bearing in mind that fieldwork has to be completed by this Friday.

It was 11pm when I finished compiling most of the stuff into a list to be sent to the accountants at the other part of the world. (T_T) Chikusho. No time to even go hunting with my Patapons.

I wish I could Pon Pon Pata Pon (attack) someone. FEVER!!!!!!


PS:10 days to Japan trip!!! And I haven’t bought travel insurance and JR Pass yet. (o_o)


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