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Status:AGM-Auditors Groovy Meeting

This was the 1st and last AGM I’ve attended in my prematurely aged life with Delete Touch Tomatoes.

I couldn’t care less about going to the party district in my office wear on the eve of Halloween.

I’m sure I look hideous enough with the battered company laptop and papers stuffed in my bag and looking zombified after a long, stormy and nauseating ride from Dieco Healthcare to Clarke Quay.

Lion’s Tail and gang had arrived and I joined them at a table piled with enough alcohol to make a Russian happy. There’s red and white wine, vodka allsorts and beer to drown in. The food was high in calories, saturated in oil and delicious. The menu ranged from mushroom puff, prawn fritters, corn nuggets (fortified with MSG), bowtie pasta, fried fish in thai sauce, bratwurst in cranberry (?) sauce, et cetera. After scarfing down the food, I felt a tad thirsty and it made me reach out for 2 glasses of red wine, 1 lime vodka, 1 orange vodka, 1 glass of white wine… which made me a tad tipsy.

After the boring lucky draw event, the floor was open to all to get into the groove. Lion’s tail and me requested for ‘Dragonstadt Din Tei’, which the DJ only understood after I wrote ‘Chicken Little’ on the napkin. The song was dedicated to Jean Dac who is a splitting image of the nerdy little chick.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Abstinence makes the body groove harder.

I really missed those nights of frenzied dancing and letting the music take over. The last time I clubbed was 2 years ago (;w;)


I wanted to dance so bad I dragged Lion’s tail to the floor with me. And when the crowd got bigger, we were pushed to the back, against the bar top. We ended up sitting on the bartop. Next thing I knew, I was shaking my ass on the  bar top and pulling Lion’s tail up along with me. I was so high I accidentally knocked my spectacles into the teeming mass of bodies below me. Goodbye visual clarity, hello hard buttshaking.

When we finally descended from the bar top and felt the ground under our feet, the thumping music kept us shaking and screaming like a bunch of crazed fans in a concert. We were high, we were free, we were absolutely drunk with booze and music.

We grooved till the wee hours of the night. My aching thighs and back are reminders of the excessive nocturnal workout we had. I was really amused when Lion’s tail told me she felt like she just got to know me that night. I guess I look too nerdy for anyone to believe that I used to club regularly years before. I left after talking to a seriously drunk KyaKyen who kept denying he was drunk. Being as blind as a mole (after losing my spectacles into the human abyss), Lion’s tail was sweet enough to lead me to the taxi stand. The queue was monstrous so I took a nightrider bus home. Thank god.

After groping around for railings and other tactile aids, I reached home at 3am, reeking of alcohol.

It was a night to remember.

After all, it’s my first time dancing on a bar top. \(^o^)/


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Status:Resigned but still doing OT(残業)

It’s nearly 11 pm soon.

I’m still at Dieco Healthcare.


I attempted to participate as a ROM in Tkmc san’s paintchat session this evening but had to leave just to focus on the crap in front of me.

The only thing that keeps me sane is that I’ve ‘graduated’ from Delete Touch and Tomatoes diet program as a senior.

Another blessing to count is that I’m merely a working senior for Dieco Healthcare.

There’s plenty of Milo and coffee in the pantry.

Plus, looking back, I’ve enjoyed those wonderful times when TOIL still existed.

So it still isn’t so bad (as compared to the current intake of assistants).

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Status: Resigned (総辞職に参加します)

The resignation letter was typed, printed, folded and inserted neatly into the envelope.

All ready to be placed gently onto the human resources manager’s desk.

It has been a little bit more than 2 years of late nights and meaningless dungpicking in Delete Touch and Tomatoes LLP.

The beginning of rolling dung hills has led to the end.

Here are the general factors:

i) Abolishment of TOIL policy by the leaders of the industry. Obviously they have been deluded that all humans can subsist on air like them. No one (except the said leaders and anyone like them) is willing to work overtime when the time is not compensated.

ii) Decrease in pay increment. The leaders cut our pay but still retain the high charge out costs to the client. In our budgets, the time cost rate is retained when the actual cost (salary) is but a miniscule fraction to the total. Leaders thinned the budget in hourly terms to reflect lower costs. Now, why don’t I help them cut their costs by directly reducing the headcount?

iii) Inadequate resources for excess in jobs. Previously our leaders shifted the fresh batch of young dungpickers to other departments like Tex and Y’Are Ass, resulting in an inverted dungpicker’s pyramid, with excessive dung supervisors at the top and a handful of dung coolies to shovel the shit at the base.

On personal factors, I was completely disgusted by the load of fresh steaming jobs dumped on me. I didn’t get the old dung back. And to top off the chocolate mountain, they landed a Sing&Tell on me. At the last blooming minute.

Secondly, I see no point in wasting my time on a job I don’t like and don’t give a rat’s ass about. Do I see a future in audit? Hmm yes, I see emaciated bodies, clumps of torn black hair and dark smoke from the chimneys of an Auschwitz concentration camp.

Thirdly, I suck at it because it looks like a load of BS to me and I am utterly reluctant to do anything that looks like a load of BS. Tell me, will it save the ice caps from melting or relieve a child from hunger if there are more audits conducted? Hell f**king no.

These are push factors. And the pull factor?

Bumming and living a parasitic existence as an unemployed.


Oh by the way, Happy belated Deepavali.

I was working overtime with the indian client on the eve of their holiday.



Online life

Remember my soft target, Chiryuu san?

It seems things are getting harder than what I’ve bargained for.

One thing’s for sure, I’m not a cyber-virgin anymore./////

Oh yea, and they say for my Bazi element, I’ll be getting a bit of peach blossom luck.

No one told me the peach blossom could be either gender.

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Welcome to Erohime class! (現実もエロに逃げられない)

Ero – connotes sexual perversion in the Japanese language.
Example: Erojiji means chee ko pek or dirty old man, ‘jiji’ meaning old man or uncle.

I was stuck with the said adjective online for a period of time after a number of mature paintchat encounters…

Thus, to me, ero is a word that will never exist in the world of reality until today… …

So here’s some background information.
I’ve been learning Japanese for a year now at a private language school.
Due to the demanding nature of my job, I could only enrol for the Sunday classes.
It’s called the ‘Orihime’ class with about 14 students from all walks of life, from a university undergraduate, teachers, office workers to engineers.

Our Japanese sensei is a very vocal and gregarious woman and her outgoing personality made the classroom highly enjoyable to sit in.
I must say she has a knack for tsukomi given class clowns like Weechin san and Jeffrey san (both late twenties).

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, like any other Sundays in the language centre.
Our sensei wanted us to suggest certain actitvities which are a nuisance to the public.
So I told her ”電車でイチャイチャするのが禁止すればいいだと思います” (Making out in the train should be prohibited)
Sensei was surprised we were uptight about public displays of affection and she said she would love to try it out once she gets hitched.
Then Jeffrey made some comment which made sensei stare at him and say:

Later, we were told to construct sentences using ‘nan quantity ka'(何か).

Jeffrey san and Weechin san were constructing a conversational sentence relating to recalling the number of annoying women (ムカつく女) each of them has met.
However, looking at the perverse way both of them were laughing, the whole class thought they were discussing on how many women they have … …
Soon the class became extremely rowdy and excited as everyone started interrogating ero-combi Jeffery san and Weechin san.

Our sensei sighed loudly :”嫌だ。どうしようー織姫クラスがエロになる…” (What am I to do? My Orihime class is turning sleazy.)
Jeffrey san: “いいじゃない?エロ姫クラスになる!” (Then our class should be called Erohime!)
Arzen:”エロジジ。” (Dirty old man)
Sensei:”ジェフリーさんはまだ若いから、じゃ、エロ兄さん。” (Jeffrey’s not that old yet. Let’s call him Dirty young man)



Online life

I’ve got a soft target, Chiryuu san, whose works are highly volatile and nosebleed inducing, and she is keen to explore the alternative adult territory (e.g. shibari, horse play).

It started after she approved my Mypic request and when I entered her Teblog paintchat without any clue the owner was actually her.
Until I saw the pair of Frio Tidus centaurs at the Teblog paintchat announcement.
It was the same pair of centaurs in Chiryuu san’s pixiv portfolio.


My response to Chiryuu san's Frio the stallion and carrot.ハァハァ

It was fun watching her draw Frio the stallion treated to carrot and tomatoes.
I was inspired to draw a Steed of Light in my Teblog, freshly whipped for breeding. haahaa
I didn’t expect Chiryuu san to leave Frio the stallion and a carrot in the comment box.
From there, it became an ongoing contest of pornographic illustration.
She was so good I nearly gave up and wanted to draw a basket of vegetables instead.



And the series continues … … (?)

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