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From nico nico douga:何系でもない(´Д`)

DMC bros


Here’s something my cousin shared with me… … (´∀`)  
【ニコニコ動画】何系でもないラスケーCM Original commercial for Rusk-K

【ニコニコ動画】【カラー】何系でもないDevilMayCry【僕を見ry】 (´Д`) HOT!!! I watched it 6 times in one night.

【ニコニコ動画】【完成】何系でもないFF7【手書き】 Sephiroth is so Cool~



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Otaku encounter…(Otaku janai to omou kedo)

Whenever my cousin comes to Singapore, things happen.

We eat the best food (mostly Japanese) and do the regular otaku/fuujoshi activities like loitering in Kinokuniya and salivating over manga (801 or kuso genre generally). While on the streets, we try to ‘strike the lottery’, code for getting an eyeful of ‘not-ugly guys’/ ikemen/ kakko-ii~ otoko. Seriously, there is a severe deficiency of physical aesthetics in the Singapore male gene pool. The arm that wraps around the shoulders of pretty women is connected to pretty ugly men. (T_T) I’m not shallow, I’m just an art critic. (すけべ・ジジ more likely!はぁはぁ(´Д`*))
The law of probability works against us most of the time. We’re always ‘one number short’ and had to make do with marvelling at the pretty women or ‘not-ugly guys’ as ‘consolation prize’. Our judging criteria is based on our brothers’ looks. Ah~ I wish I were a guy…
But, I struck it BIG at Liang Court when a tall Japanese with Oguri’s wavy hair walked past us near Meidi Ya. He really looked like a model (based on his good physique and tall stature) and is overflowing with self-confidence. However, he is JAPANESE. Not Singaporean. Japan 1 : Spore 0

Back to our bookstore encounter… …
I always thought otakus will keep to themselves just like us but apparently…

I was wrong.

In case you’re wondering why Snow White, it all started in a QQ chatroom when I was telling my cousin’s friends about the recent case where an otaku ran amok, stabbing 7 people to death in Akihabara (damn!).

苍月盛典 23:16:30
7人? (7 people?)
阿珍(Arzen) 23:16:59
白雪公主?(Snow White?)
SEYO 23:17:29
 寡人完全不知道你们在说什么了 (I’ve no idea what the hell you guys are talking about )

I had forgotten that 7 people were stabbed to death at that time. I thought 苍月盛典 was being an idiot as usual so I played along with her… … (゚ω゚`) 

PS: 33 days to Japan trip !!! (^ヮ^)/ Can’t wait to check out the Akihabara crowd~ despite the risk of being the 1st gaijin to get stabbed by copycat Snow Whites.

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好きなBLの「受け」君、お前の苦痛を感じた。(Constipation is a pain in the ass)

This is probably the 3rd time in my life I’ve ever had such a hard time doing the most natural physical activity known to all living organisms on this earth.

It all began after I took some milk of magnesia and diarrhoea pills to quell my intestinal fallout.

Day one: no shit.

Day two: Ate more fruits. Still no shit.

Day three: Went to yoga class. Drank some papaya soyamilk shake. No shit.

Day four: Went for 2 yoga classes. Drank some more papaya soyamilk shake. No luck.

Day five: Did various yogic positions which can nudge some peristaltic movement in my unresponsive digestive system. No shit.

Day six: All hell broke loose. 

My anus is so sore I could hardly sit on the chair. The worst part about the whole fecal situation was when it just stayed between my insides and the outside world. Every small movement is stretching my poor sphincter to its limits. Perspiring profusely and groaning, having a BL book in my hand is not really helping (perhaps to gnaw on it to stop myself from screaming).

I was totally spent after the hard piece of excreta, the size of a hand grenade, landed into bowl with a loud ‘plop’. My butt is so sore I doubt I would ever know the pleasure of defecating…

好きなBLの「受け」君、お前の苦痛 (快感?じゃねYO!) を感じた。

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