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My new year resolution is … …

-to complete all missions in FF7 Crisis Core before proceeding to the story mode (currently in Shinra Mansion with Cloud)

-not to neglect my inner fuujoushi

-be a better person inside and out (´∀`)


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Why must the holidays end so sooon??!!!囧rz
I don’t want to go to work…I want to be a hikkikomori… Aah,what a cursed blessing it is to be employed.
Thanks to my cousin, she helped me recover my inner ‘fuujoushi’.
Now my MOE meter has returned to normal levels.(´∀`)
うっほ!The following manga was inspired by Chihaya san’s Chupa Chups Sephiroth~vvv

My doggie Zacks has arrived at Niebelheim and he’s fought Sephiroth. It’s the final chapter. I can’t believe my Crisis Core gameplay’s going to end very soon… (T_T)
I’m absolutely unmotivated to continue…


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Kim Min Jong: Cute or Cool? (´∀`) *キュン*

あぁ~鼻血が出す。I didn’t realise that the dark shirt underneath is transluscent…I can see that the he really has a good body.

According to my assistant sempai, Kim Min Jong plays an adorable bra designer(I think) in this love comedy. The following is the OST from “Do you love me?” where he plays a surgeon in this tragic love story.(the surgeon dies for the girlfriend he dumped) メガネもえ

Yes, and these are sung by him.(≧ワ≦)素敵♪

So which Kim Min Jong do you prefer? He’s such a versatile actor and singer that I can understand why he’s still the king “万能(マンネン)エンタテーナー”in Korea. 

I can’t bear his eyes… it’s a good thing he always wears sunglasses. His gaze is the cause for his leading ladies to NG several times. Ay, I’ve never seen a Korean male star who’s not slitty-eyed until Kim Min Jong.  (´Д`)


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Korea’s Best Kept Secret: Kim Min Jong (尊敬)


When it comes to all things Korean, I could only think of Bae Yong Jun, Samsung and kimchi. Oh yes, and the ubiquitous TV dramas. I confess the only Korean dramas I’ve ever watched were ’18 year-old Bride’ and ‘Fight on!Geon Suk’.

I got to know of Kim Min Jong from my assistant sempai during one of our lunch conversations. We were talking about how work cultures in North Asia (kr & jp) were more ‘challenging’ to the mind, body and spirit. I soon learnt that she had studied the Korean language before. So I casually asked which Korean celebrity she liked.

Kim Min Jong.

Kim Min Jong? Who’s that??

Kim Min Jong is big,huge,colossal in Korea and both men and women in Korea love him. Yes, MEN absolutely adore him and they are not gays, mind you. They admire his character, loyalty and strong sense of commitment to people in need, especially friends who are in financial trouble. I hadn’t listened to his music nor have I watched his dramas before. But hearing my sempai’s narrative of his life and acts, he struck me as a person with a beautiful spirit and a lot of talent to boot.

And when my sempai handed a recorded audio sample of his concert, I was awestruck by his strong, flawless vocals. Most stars I’ve watched on TV can’t carry out a live performance. Either they go off-key or they mime. Ah fark. I really want to hit them baby one more time.

As far as I can remember, the last person who could carry out a live performance perfectly was the legendary Micheal Jackson. 

There was no Asian equivalent until Kim Min Jong. Just watch the video again and notice that he pulled the microphone away and also spoke into it. It will have to take an immense amount of practice to coordinate with the sound technician if he were to mime. This is the REAL stuff man!

This assistant sempai is amazing too. I was flabbergasted when she showed the unofficial fansite she set up with a few other Kim Min Jong fans. The star himself got wind of the fansite and wanted to meet them. My assistant sempai flew to Korea to meet him in person and was invited to a movie premiere of his film. She even mailed, for free, Kim Min Jong’s albums to fans in other countries because none of his CDs were sold there.

 This afternoon, she held up a CD cover with Kim Min Jong’s very yummy picture on it. I thought she printed it for me because I told her I liked that picture from her gallery.
I told her,”You don’t have to go through the trouble to print the picture for me.” 

She stared at me and then flipped the CD cover over.

There’s a CD in it!!!

I started to bleed from the nose.


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