I’m sick.

I caught the flu bug from the office last week and I’ve been blowing my swollen nose ever since.

Here’s how it spread:

Willy, an old-timer(he’s in his early thirties but he is the longest surviving staff in Ganasaikang & Co.) is notorious for not seeing the doctor whenever he has a cold. Even when he coughed so severly that we began to suspect he’s suffering from tuberculosis. He keeps pushing the bar, trying to beat the virus before the doctor has the chance to get at it. Willy just let the flu bug fester in his body.

Now Willy sits right at the front of the office with an intern. The very first row facing the door. The interns take the second row while 2 permanent staff occupy the third row. I sit at the fourth row with my manager. The last two rows behind me are taken up by interns and temporary staff.

1st day: Willy coughs with gusto as usual.

2nd day: The intern next to him and the interns sitting in the 2nd row applied for medical leave. The first and second rows are vacant except for the germ factory, Willy.

3rd day: The permanent staff started to cough and sneeze. Mr “TheMafia” suffers from a runny nose while Mdm YaHoo complains of headaches.

4th day: My manager’s sinusitis worsens. The bin is piled with used tissue paper.

5th day: I started to sneeze frequently. My nose became runny. The bin is overflowing with used tissue paper.

I’ve caught the flu bug :blocked nose, cough, green phlegm and all.  

I get so exhausted easily that I don’t even have the mood to oekaki!!!(-_-)

Can’t grip the pen mouse very well and for a long period of time because my arms ache easily and feel like jelly.

Really, one does not need sophisticated weapons like bombs or anthrax to terrorise and disrupt the economy and lives. A simple mobile germ factory is enough to cause productivity to plummet and to put the whole society on hold.


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