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I was exploring some oebbs links after relieving the itch in my left hand.
One of them is a site that ranks the top 100 (a million?)personality analysis sites.
So I went ahead with the TOP winner of the pack, a personality analysis on one’s sexual character.

Uke-Seme Level Check
What the hell???
An innocent/ingenuous/trusting (according to Collins Eng-Jap Dictionary) active??!!
The following analysis, however, does say something about me which I… have no comments on.

‘…You’re the type whose love relationships can get awkward and bungled up.’ [How can I screw one up when I don’t have one in the 1st place?]
‘…Although you appear to forgive the person and forget the incident, once you’re alone, you tend to think hard about the incident.’ [Kill,kill,kill,kill,kill,kill,kill- King Lear, Shakespeare]
‘…Because you desire happiness/ pleasure, you are a person with motives and a lot of scheming.’ [*evil glint*]
‘…With a refreshing smile and sweet tone of voice, you can capture the heart of your partner. Once caught, he/she cannot escape.’ [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!My Arse!*sweet voice*]

And finally…

Khow Wee Tingさんにもうすぐ出来るのは…妹です!
(The person whom KWT is able to ’do’ soon is… (her)younger sister!)

I’m straight and I’m not into paedophilic incest. The furthest I could probably go is sadomasochism, thank you very much.
Here’s a melting candle to the Top ranked personality analysis site.

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Not that feeling again…F**king Pissed

Say thy prayers…
SHIT!I’m feeling all that angst which I thought should have dissolved with age.
It began when my dad talked about banking jobs in the morning.
I’ve been seething and swimming in a huge range of emotions for the whole day and…
*peers at clock” it’s 1 hour before midnight and I’m still feeling the inflammatory desire to bash something.

On the train my heart was pounding and I thought: Maybe I should just get a heart attack and die right here. No point in living as myself. My worth is merely on how much I can earn.

I’m not going to be a f**king banker! Can he stop his damn fantasy?!! I’m not my brilliant doctor cousin or his brother. I don’t have the drive nor passion to scale the corporate ladder or get a $9000/mth job.

If I’m pissed enough I could just pack my bags, get a plane ticket to Japan, Europe wherever and leave without notice.
I was that pissed off and emotionally wacked.

This reminds me of Louisa from Charles Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’.
She began to dissolve inside as she gave in to her fact-worshipping academic father.
Rich in brains and lived up to his expectations, but poor in the heart.
She gave herself to Mr Bounderby, a middle-class rich old man who dumps her in the end.

Of course I may entertain such destructive thoughts when I get ultra pissed but that is to vent my angst with imagination. (What would be more effective is a punching bag for me to kick and pound into rags.)
There are ‘Louisa’s out there who do screw up their lives.
Recently I met up with my ol’ JC tutor who’s planning a sex ed talk.(Bwahahahaha!!!)
He revealed that there’s a girl in the Gifted programme, all smart and seemingly streetwise…
yet she let herself get laid by a jerk until she got pregnant. Just because she needed love and for affirming her self-worth.
The jerk got on with his life happily while the girl was left an emotional wreck who had problems even in making a passing grade.

*kicks table*


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It’s 2007!


Original characters that don’t look original to welcome the year 2007.

After finishing this picture about a quarter to one, I had a big surprise.
Palmyra san posted a comment and a new year greeting on my oebbs, a few mins shy after midnight!
(^w^) Ureshiii~
I’m so glad tis ‘auld acquaintance’ has not forgotten. And it’s grand to see a message from Palmyra after so long.

I don’t actively celebrate the new year because
1) I don’t like to drown in a sea of people. Gaah! Especially when they pound your feet flat in the mosh pit and everyone’s sweat mingles with everyone’s sweat.
2)Will my presence make a difference in such an event? Yes. The retailers and SMRT can hear an extra ka-ching!
3)Lazyyyyy… … zzzz

I do remember and think of the people and events that have happened though. Reminiscing those little and big things like snorting Pepsi out of my nose when I was in secondary school when YY said something funny and bitchy. Or how lilac always comforted me when I threw tantrums in junior college. Haha, I’m not going to forget 1wRong’s “Stop, stop my back’s going to break!” when I gave her a dinosaur-hug.
I still think friends are made by chance and that makes them so precious and so special.
I admit I’m pretty spoilt and never bothered to send a card nor reply sms.
Ouch. Ok, I deserved that.
These friends are the treasures in my heart because to make a friend out of a stranger is itself a miracle of chance.

So now, what did I do on new year’s eve…
As usual…
I did not go out.
I stayed home to rest after the Chinese herbal detox. (The physician didn’t warn me!!!)
7 times to the toilet will result in anal soreness. (…Retribution for finding the uke’s plight funny)
And 7 times to the toilet is a very exhausting activity to indulge on new year’s eve.

And slept.
Read some scandal-laden book. (The Monk- it’s classic literature man!)
Surfed some internet.
And slept. Again.

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