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Internet at last but…

… I get disconnections.

A pain in the ass but better than going cold turkey.

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Moving House-No Internet No Life

We’re going to move into a rental flat by the end of June. There’s no ready internet access in my new room and I feel like dying already…(インターネット中毒)

Dissidia Paintchat theme: Armor and Bikini

Dissidia Paintchat theme: Armor and Bikini

The worst thing is not knowing what goes on in The opportunity (social) cost of missing out a DFF paintchat is high, for me at least. Paintchat is a great place to meet gregarious and fun Pixiv members who share the same moral standards as me (Morals?What morals?). Kudos to Ying san for introducing me to the site. Now I’m hooked. Wish I could pchat with her at least once.

I pchatted with Leona last night. Omigoood, her seme WOL was hugging my Frio… when my PC hung.Damn! When I logged on once more she had left and the picture was no longer there. うぼぁー!

Work in Progress: My yome, Warrior of Light (愛してるぅ!!!)

Work in Progress: My yome, Warrior of Light (愛してるぅ!!!)

Now I’m thinking of signing up for a wireless package which comes with a USB modem. I could use it in office too but strictly for personal use only. Not sure if it could support my appetite for free movies though…


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The King has Died. Long Live the King.

Micheal Jackson (29 Aug  1958 – 25 June 2009) died from cardiac arrest today in Los Angeles.

His music and performance was part of my early childhood and I could even recall playing the arcade game adapted from ‘Smooth Criminal’ with my cousin in Genting in our elementary school days.

He is legendary in his music and dance. He is revolutionary in shaping the music industry and the once prejudiced American society. Hordes of overwhelmed fans swooning in his concerts and carried away by health workers was the norm. This is the King of Pop and there won’t be anyone like him. Ever.

May he rest in peace. But his music will live on forever.

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PSP: Reunion with Dissidia

Apologies for not updating my blog in a ‘timely manner’ . This audit business is really restricting my vocabulary. うぼぁあー
The peak is finally over.
これは自由だ。残業の日々もう終わった。Freedom!!! Otaku life, here I come!!! \(^o^)/
And all things which I’ve neglected for almost half a year have finally come to my attention.
My beloved PSP. The KL trip helped me to reconcile with my dearly beloved handheld console. Ying san is always the inspiration. This time, she’s got me hooked onto Dissidia, probably the hottest PSP game Square Enix has to offer after Crisis Core (which by the way, is perpetually suspended in the Shinra Mansion chapter. I can’t bear to watch Zack’s inevitable demise.Noooooo!!!!!)
Ying san got me started by thrashing my characters in online battles, collecting artifacts and to level up quickly using Magic Pot to transfer her 9,999 Brave points accumulated from battering my Warrior of Light. With 9,999 Brave points, it’s a one hit kill for a level 100 character. This technique is much used with ExDeath sensei (level 100) in Quick Battle mode. As he walks dreadfully slow despite his unique teleportation ability, defeating him is possible, even for a level 1 character.
Since then, I’m fondling my PSP every day, getting my Cosmos team to level up to 100 with ExDeath sensei’s help and completing every character’s story mode.
Now my current muse is Warrior of Light. (Haahaa) He’s a potential tsundere and one of the most popular Dissidia characters to be drawn by the Pixiv community. Frioniel took the top place (thanks to his everlasting virginity and unbeatable tsundereness from FF2 history) and Ying san is totally ga-ga over him.童貞はいいじゃないか?ただだし。And initially I thought I was going to go ga-ga over Cloud and Sephiroth from FF7. Although Sephiroth’s Another Form still mesmerizes me.
I’m getting a little active in Pixiv now, mostly to participate in oekakichat held on weekends. Looks like oekakibbs is going to be left in the cold for quite some time until the Dissidia fever dies down for me…
And thanks to Pixiv, I’m reacquainting myself with SAI tool which I’ve not touched since the prehistoric ages. It’s a pretty friendly tool to use in terms of touch sensitivity compared to Photoshop although functions are comparably limited. But I still can’t figure outwhere the text tool is because the software is all in Chinese. あぁーうぼぁー

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