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Mononoke Pharmacy

*Here’s something I did for ちはや san*

Welcome to Mononoke Pharmacy ~ This is Mr Kusuri Uri.

And this is Mr Hyper.

…Mr Kusuri Uri and Mr Hyper are the owners of the little pharmacy…

…But it seems the relationship is not so balanced after all…

ペンペンペンペンペン!!!Uhoh vvv

I watched this anime last year when it was aired in Japan.

Although it does not get as much fan exposure as Blood+ or Code Geass etc (more Moe characters I suppose), it is still worth a watch. After all, if the beautiful Japonaise graphics and thrilling stories don’t attract you, at least take comfort in Sakurai’s lovely voice of the main character, Kusuri Uri san.

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Status: Never in my life at work…(馬鹿後輩が出た!)

信じられない。後輩が仕事中にMS Paintツールでお絵かきしました。(--∥|)

I’m back in DieCo again this week for the finals together with two male junior assistants. One is Fisherman, whom I’ve christened ‘Crab Catcher’ during the interim, and another newbie called Yuan.

As expected of my position, I get more eye-blinding, mind-numbing crap to do such as checking and updating the year-end numbers before analysing the variances. As for the junior assistants, they were assigned to do some controls testing.
I felt stressed because firstly, I was so accustomed to a month of being unassigned and lots of self-entertainment. Secondly, I’m swimming helplessly in a sea of meaningless (at least to me) numbers despite knowing I had to finish everything before the accountant leaves next week for a vacation.
So there, spurred by the fear of not being able to meet the deadline, I forced myself to concentrate and throw whatever balls into the accountant’s court.
Everyone looked completely engrossed at work, peering into their laptop screens and typing quietly.
Particularly Fisherman, who’s sitting opposite Yuan and me, looked very focused on what he’s doing. It was almost evening when…

Fisherman: ‘Hey guys, I’ve got something to show you.’


Me: ‘Err… What the hell is that…? Don’t tell me you were…’

Fisherman:’Ha ha ha ha! I drew this. I have nothing to do anyway. Hey, when I was in primary school I was champion in a drawing competition before OK.’

Me:’…And you drew with that stupid red button on our laptop… I thought you were concentrating on work or watching porn.’

Fisherman:’Eeeeh!!! What porn! See, see, I drew your pendant and the buttons on your sleeves. I tried to shade Yuan’s shirt too.’

Me:’Seriously, I didn’t even know Yuan has a mole on his lip…. Fisherman, never in my life did I expect this kind of thing. If you were watching porn I wouldn’t be so shocked. But this…!!???!!! If the senior knew this, she’ll just die from shock and severe blood loss.’

I think my karma’s catching up with me. I apologise to my teachers whose lessons I spent doodling on their class materials. Now I know how it feels to be in their shoes, somewhat.
And here’s a portrait of Fisherman, whom I drew using the little red button on my Lenovo laptop while waiting for my client to respond.

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