Status: Here Comes the Dung

An email arrived in my inbox just now.

It’s from the ResourceMutilatingTeam executive.

I’m given 4 engagements with Dec year ends and 1 with June year end.


And the ResourceMassacreingTeam executive expects me to come up with the staff requisition form and shit by 18th Sept.

I feel nauseated.

The worst was all 4 of these colossal shitballs are new to me.

The only one which I am a tad familiar with was the gaming company Creeptology(post).

I’m in flight mode now. No use fighting the rolling shit mountain.

Oh yeah, there’s no more TOIL policy.




( ;゜Д゜) ●●.=

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One response to “Status: Here Comes the Dung

  1. Rong

    daijoubu, i’ll be here alrighty? ^_^

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