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電車男ーヲタきたぁぁあぁぁ!!!(゜A゜)Here comes OTAKU!Oh, and Merry Xmas.

電車男 – Train man (direct translation)
I love this Japanese romance drama because one can have a peek at multitudes of shops at Akihabara. The mountains and mountains of toys, animation & game paraphernalia, arcades, cafes are absolutely dazzling.
Well, the latter’s not the main reason why this show is so popular in Japan.
It is a romantic, frog-prince story between an Otaku[anime geek] and an OL and the highlights would be on how his BBS netizen friends helped encourage Train man to impress the OL whom he rescued from a dirty drunk old man on the train.
There are alot of hilarious and tearful parts. The most memorable would be when his netizen friends went to Akihabara to post up notices for the Train man to return to the BBS. The hikikomori actually left his room to go to Akhihabara to put up posters despite his fear.
Sigh~ I don’t mind dating Train man. Come to think of it, I’m an otaku myself! Am I? Am I not?
An otaku= anime/manga/game fanatic geek. The main source of income for the Japanese animation/game entertainment industry.
-Collects pictures, figurines, plastic models and any other paraphernalia associated with the anime/manga/game of interest.
-Enjoys anime/manga/game even if engaged in the activity alone.
-Imperative to attend anime/manga/game/cosplay exposition and events.

The 3rd doesn’t apply to me. So I guess I’m 2/3 otaku?

*I can’t wait for X’mas morning. [Nothing to do with Santa. He’s fiction.]
Gundam Seed Destiny’s OVA will be aired in Japan on that day!!!

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Exam’s Over! =Blogging catch-up=

Finally! I have finally finished screwing up every paper available this term and could get back to my preciousss… Gunpla! Anime! Comics!…and EXERCISE.
Chronologically, I’ll start with WCG which was over before the exams began & yeah, finally the Narutos did show up.
‘Dead or Alive’ fans may be interested to know the champion for this segment is a Japanese and the runner up’s a Singaporean.
Next, is the Animaxation event at the SITEX exposition.
They promised a huge gathering of notaries from the animation industry and cosplayers but all I got was another disappointment. What’s wrong with them???Is there a statute stating that cosplayers shall be limited to 4 within the premises of any major event organised?
Well, at least the talk on 3D animation gave me some insight on what that is really all about. I learnt that you don’t need to be a Picasso to be good at it. And Picasso’s drawings really look like geometric sh*t.

FFWD to today. Miss 1wrong, Miss Ringo and me went to Menotti’s for lunch after dreaming up a sleepy afternoon of scrumptious chocolate desserts only to find the one-for-one offer is limited to the pasta and main course categories. No wonder I dreamt I lost 3 of my teeth last night. We had to extract our sweet tooth for some heavy duty gravy and meats.
After that we explored the new National Library. A whole lot of space and a very widely [thinly] dispersed collection of books. And not to mention interrogative, militaristic security guards who are distinctly loyal to the Bugis branch and will question any hapless visitor on the origins of the book in his hands. You can experience the life of a civilian in a fascist military institution without travelling to Pyongyang. Just head to the Library.

I bought KERORO GUNSOU GUNPLA!!! To pay Miss 1Wrong back with the change. The moment I reached home, my eager fingers could not help but tear the packaging and get down to work.

Kawaii desu ne!!! I can’t wait for the X’mas sales so I can give Sergeant Keroro his platoon.

Cool isn’t it? Keroro Gundam SEED~

[Had to put Freedom’s head somewhere… …]

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