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Gruesome Gory Things -Open the Body

My dad’s finally back for good after having a probe inserted into his heart cavity via a tortuous way from his pelvis and 3 stents implanted in his cardiac arteries. Don’t ask me why the medical profession choose such a gut-wrenching method to insert a probe.

Now for the real gory part. (And it’s only a book review.)

At the start of the new school term and with better library privileges (extended borrowing, increased number of books for borrowing), I casually grabbed a collection of short stories by Yukio Mishima after photocopying 122 pages of the pretty pricey Italian textbook.
The book (not the pricey Italian textbook) is titled ‘Death in Midsummer and other stories’. Good, I need something morbid to keep me awake on the train.

The thing about Japanese literature is, it is not as rich and colourful as its European counterparts. For example, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by the French writer Alexandre Dumas and ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by the British gay writer Oscar Wilde (who eventually was exiled to France…Ooh Lala!). These are brimming with sumptuous details and colourful variety of lands, characters, wit and adventure.
What Japanese literature is to Western literature, to me, can be likened to what a light vegetable consomme is to a cheese smothered beef lasagne dripping with butter oil.

Tasteless? Bland?
I used to think so until I read one of Mishima’s short story titled ‘Patriotism’.

In brief synopsis, it tells in detail of a military lieutenant general and his wife committing suicide for the sake of nationalistic pride and duty. The lieutenant general couldn’t bear to fight his friends nor join them in their mutiny and thus decided to commit ritual suicide, seppuku. His wife, out of devotion, readily joins him in death. Mishima describes their undulating passions and ardent love for each other so beautifully, it made the bloody suicide scene even more horrific with the stark contrast.
With microscopic details, Mishima unhurriedly describes how the lieutenant general cuts open his stomach, the blinding pain that was beyond anyone’s empathetic capacity and how the entrails spill out from the lieutenant general’s point of view. It was as if Mishima is forcing the reader to savour every excruciating moment as the lieutenant general tries to rip his stomach open with his sword.

I was completely nauseated as I read on in the train. I was probably grimacing away throughout the trip. I wanted to put the book down but I couldn’t because I had to witness his death which will release him from his agony. What made it even more horrific was the fact his wife had to witness the whole ritual alone before ending her own life with a dagger through her throat. Ironically, it is the reader who witnesses the bloody ritual with her.

I never experienced such violence portrayed in any media before that could affect me emotionally and physically. Violent movies like Silence of the Lambs or comics only succeeded in making me give a ‘Eee…’ befitting social norm. Mishima made my stomach turn with the dizzyingly gory details and he paced it slow and even so that the words can seep into every pore of the reader’s being.

This is one thick piece of steak, rare and steeped in warm blood.

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Singapore General Hospital Tour

After my ” mamma mia” lesson, I headed to the (in)famous Singapore General Hospital where my dad is warded.

I recalled Miss 1wRong mention about a shuttle bus and bless her- I saw the arrow pointing to a bus stop and joined the snaking queue for the little orange coach.
I was a little excited because it’s my first visit to the national hospital all by myself and I don’t know what to expect. Would it have buildings that look totally fit for ghostly residence with moss and peeling paint? Or barracks of sickness ala Malaysia hospitals where patients in wrinkled pyjamas hobble aimlessly along the slate-grey corridors?
I must say, it’s more like a campus resort with little orange coaches crawling in circles among the greenery and pastel-colored concrete.

I was worried about the facilities in the subsidised wards where my dad is staying when the lift doors opened. The still air is feebly cooled by an aircon hidden somewhere, probably from the lift. As I walked along the corridor to the ward, the air temperature is no cooler than the scorching temperature outside. And my dad always sleeps with aircon at home.

Instead of an old man lying on the bed with heavy lidded eyes, I found a gorrila sitting cross-legged on the bed. He looks like he’s on a holiday! (*n*)

I finally knew why he’s fine with the subsidised wards after I saw fig-colored,acne-sized bruises dotting his abdomen and arms. Those are the scars from real fucked-up medical services in Malaysia. Although he was put into a single ward in the private Malaysian hospital, those imbeciles got trainees to extract his blood and poke him with needles, as much as 5 times a day!

Dad’s happy with the food, not complaining about anything except that the ceiling fans are bloody useless. The only thing to be concerned of is the surgical probe and the results of it which will determine whether he has to do a heart bypass or a stent op. Hope he gets the latter one.

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Ahh Dazed School Life:The Father Returns

Dad’s back and he looks quite haggard after the 3 hour trip back from Kuala Lumpur by car.
His stay at the hospital was a pain because he gets injected and poked at by inexperienced nurses like a lab rat.
One of the nurses was an 18-year old Chinese and as she poked the needle in, she told my Dad: “No worries, I only did this once before.”
Dad was not a happy rat when he heard that.
Now we’re on tenterhooks when Dad complained of chest tightness. Shoot. And I’m not a doctor. But I can try First Aid if something happens.

I finally got reimbursed the fees I paid to SMU and pocket expenses. (I thought he’d suffer a relapse when he sees the bill.) Now I can cradle a PSP in my hands… Oooooooo!!!

School’s begun and in this last term, I’m taking Computer as an Analysis Tool (Excel 101), IT & the Law (how to advocate for bitorrent), Italian (Mamamia), Economic Development of Asia (sketch poverty lines) and Introduction to Physical Science (sigh, I thought it’s gonna be a course related to the Kama Sutra).

So far the courses have been rather enjoyable. The CAT prof is a geek who encourages open source/free software downloads. The IT & the Law prof is pregnant. The Italian prof is Benito Mussolini in heels who insists on rolling our R’s like a savage bloodthirsty Indian.

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-End of GoNSaikang-

Anyone remember McVities Digestive Biscuits? This British brand is now owned by the Japanese. Check out the products. Yum.

I managed to clear everything sans trivial responsibilities like typing checks and begging the dumb clients to come and sign the financial statements.
All completed financial reports are duplicated and inserted into large envelopes, ready whenever the dumb clients decide to come.

It feels weird that all the craziness 10 weeks ago has come to an end. Now, the only thing to make my acne pop once more is the internship report. As usual, I don’t know how to begin writing it without turning it into a bestselling autobiography chronicling the horrors of dusty paper piles, humiliating scoldings and naggy typists.

Well, I’ll miss the mouthwatering and reasonably-priced food most. The succulent pork picatar and cheesy mashed potato, smooth noodles and fishballs with juicy mincemeat center, tangy Thai tofu with rice smothered in curry… The droolsome list could go on and on.
One of the things I picked up from this internship would definitely be expanding my epicurean tastes and waistline.

Also, I’m quite thankful the ultimate boss, Goh Ngiap Suan is a very patient and easily negotiable person.Mr Goh is a typically softspoken gentle old man who sometimes stutters nervously (which my colleague and I find endearing, haha).
And when he offered a handshake, I didn’t grip it with the usual pressure cos I’m afraid I might break his wrist and he won’t be able to sign his ten thousand dollar name on the financial statements. Eeks.
He seems to welcome the idea of me working part-time…hmmm I’ll consider the $6.50/hr offer.
And I got my paycheck but it doesn’t mean I’ll be getting a PSP soon. Gotta pay SMU first. Damn.

* I can’t believe I took the time to browse SMU’s annual report! (The sky’s going to fall!) All the big 4 donated more than $100,000-$500,000. Wonder where the money went to…

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Life at GoNSaikang: Final Week Shock

My dad had a heart attack in Kuala Lumpur last night.
He’s currently hospitalised but will be discharged tomorrow.
I only knew about it after my maid told me the reason why he hasn’t returned yet.

My blood froze when she said the reason may upset me. But after knowing that my dad was laughing when he made the call, well, I’m quite relieved.

This close brush with death really made me realise what I desire to do in life before I die. I guess all who know me could sorta put her finger down and say: ah…Art la.
Yea. I’ll be a bloody pissed ghost seething with regret if I’ve died without ever stepping into an arts school in a foreign land and coming out of it as an artfart.
So if my life happens go out like a candleflame , I’d hope whatever things I’ve drawn will be exhibited. (hmm… that’ll be tough cos some of them are rated X)

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Life at Go-N-Saikang: Week 9 …We have a visitor

Omigod omigod OH MY GOD!!!

Only one week left!!!

And I still have 7 cases to complete. Damn. One per day?

Also, I’m the last intern to remain at Ganasaikang.
So lonely… …snore…

(゜A゜∥) Haa haa, what do you get when you have one half of BLOOD+?
B(oys)L(ove) +.

This week, my cousin from Kuala Lumpur came in search of Nintendo DualScreen (NDS) games. Yes, she bought herself an NDS console and I say, it’s quite fun to play with especially when you have to blow at a small hole to propel Yoshi into the sky.
(it’d be helpful if I have another pair of eyes growing on my forehead so I can guide Yoshi away from its flying enemies.)

For 2 days, I’m more of her food guide than shopping guide. We ate at Waraku (Marina), Curry Roman stall in Liang court and Tampopo. All Japanese restaurants.
Tampopo was especially memorable when we had an ice cream and cake in the “porky” restaurant. The matcha icecream was so smooth and brimming with the fragrance of green tea and milk. As for the cotton cake, it really is as fluffy and soft as cotton while the cool fresh vanilla cream inside just melts away on your tongue.
We had a great time chatting when the bill came.

Total: SGD $ 68.57

Me: Hahaha yea, I like that shiawa… Eh?
Cousin: What, let me see… Eh?

—stunned silence—

Me: Errm… Some mistake with the decimal place?
Cousin: OUENDAaan~~~!!! (応援団) click for game homepage

I thank god I did not have a huge meal otherwise I’d have puked onto the bill, hoping my stomach juices will dissolve it.
The dumb waiter gave us the wrong bill.
If you want a heart attack, go to Tampopo. If the fatty pork fails to kill you, there’s always the waiter to finish the job.

*I think I’ll get my PSP after Mr Ganasaikang hands me my cheque.


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Life at GaNaSaikang: Week 8 Keep Tryin’

Keep Tryin’ ~Ultrablue~

I bet this is one of Miss Ringo’s favourite anthem.
Ever since day one when we first became chums in SMU, we’ve been lamenting over our wrong choices or lack of it to pursue our dreams.
We’ve done pretty good bitching on dumb theories, shitty work and crap modules. (Try Financial Institutions and Markets)
Now that we’ve got one term left, I don’t know what’s next after graduation other than getting what we’ve all been waiting for.


Life at SMU is nice but boring. Perhaps the community is too small and interests are limited. I can’t imagine having gone through it without the friends I have who enjoy a little bitch session now and then. Some profs are real nice and easy to talk to. Take JJWilliams for example, he’s one heck of a dude who’s done it all, seen it all and could really split your sides with his life’s anecdotes and stories. I love this one which he sometimes uses during discussions:

“Talk is cheap. How cheap? It’s FREE!”

All this while we’ve done alot of talking. I’m a little tired of it. ~(>_I don’t know the specific date to when I’ll start pursuing my dreams but hey, it’s definitely much closer than it was 4 years ago.
Although some people may think it’s a useless hobby. Still have to give one’s best in whatever one’s doing.

I try to give my best even at ganasaikanging which I have no prior experience nor a lot of interest in. (Oh god! Someone save me from the naggy typist!)
I must say by giving my best (since my appraisal’s on the line), I am on par or even better than Willy.
Godsakes he isn’t even sure whether deposit should be included in the “Purchase of fixed assets”item in the Cashflow. His answer was “Um… …Ya! Should include deposit.”
Sorry, wrong answer. That’ll be double-counting.

Yep, I’ll keep trying otherwise there’s no meaning in the things I do.

*Hikki!!! Her music’s so inspiring and I can never get enough of it! Can’t help but paint a pic. Wonder what Ringo thinks if she sees this.

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