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YOG Workforce Appreciation Party@Universal Studios Singapore

As a sign of appreciation and to appease the volunteer workforce who had sacrificed their time and delicate palate during the Games, the organising committee has thrown in another chunk of expenses into the miscellaneous account of the controversial budget. I’m not complaining since I pay my taxes and let the CPF transfer a fifth of my measly income to oblivion. It would be perfect if the party was held on a weekend but I guess it might have been much cheaper to book the amusement park on weekday night.

I met the fellow volunteer LY at the iconic Universal Studios fountain after an eventful 1 hr of waiting for a bus that operates on weekends only. I was really excited and memories of Tokyo Disneyland raised my expectations. In reality, it was more like Genting Highlands on an island. Starving, we settled for American burgers at the nearest feeding ground, Mel’s Diner. The burgers were lip-smackingly good and juicy. After we had our fill, we headed to the streets where we saw people in purple polo shirts and a lone Charlie Chaplin. Where’s Betty Boop or Shrek?! For Chrissakes you could at least give us Merly and Lyo…

The best rides were the ones that made both of us scream our lungs out. The one that tops the decibel meter would have to be the Revenge of the Mummy attraction. It really felt like we were in the set of the movie with its towering mock statues of Anubis and other Egyptian deities and flaming torches. The queue stretched through endless winding passageways and it didn’t seem quite worth a 20 min wait for a 2 min ride. The sudden backward jerks, dips, scorching flames and hair-raising speeds made up for it.

The next one was in Farfaraway where we are treated to a 4D movie experience. We screamed when Donkey sneezed and we felt a wet spray onto our faces. The third one would have to be Jurassic Park’s Pteradactyl flight ride where our legs are left dangling in the air as we are swung around. As the carriage climbed up to the air and ready to swing to the right, we heard the guy who is facing the front swear the F-word. That’s our cue to scream and hold onto dear life. Perhaps its a blessing in disguise to sit facing backwards and not knowing where we are heading…

In 3 hours, we covered almost 80% of the attractions. By the time we got to the entrance, it was clogged by a sea of purple. The volunteers were queueing to receive the goodie bags which contains a towel, memorial CD, brochures, a pin badge, a Universal Studios key chain and a pen. By the time we got our goodie bags, the last train had left and we had no choice but to head to the taxi stand to queue some more. The good thing is there is a snaking line of taxis queueing to get in too.

I have nothing much to complain about since it’s free and I had an enjoyable time with my fellow volunteer. If I’d paid S$75 to get in, my response and choice of words would be totally different. I’m sure you know what I mean.

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(R-21) Chinese Mid Autumn Festival 2010 at Clarke Quay

The Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, 中秋節 in Chinese, is a time where families gather to savour mooncakes and watch their children burn paper lanterns and ants. Well, that was how my childhood was. Making candle wax cakes and a bonfire out of litter was a memorable feature too (^p^)
Thanks to Singapore being such a FINE city, the younger generation make do with multi-colored torches and china-made plastic lanterns. That put the fire out of the Mid-Autumn festivities until now…

Pig blowing a towering Dragon rod?! That thick orange tower surely resembles what I wasn’t born with.
Along the fetid riverbanks of Clarke Quay, we found colossal lanterns depicting the 12 zodiac animals. Ying san and I were quite bewildered. It felt as if we had stumbled into the twisted forests of Happy Tree Friends. Instead of blood and gore, this is all about adult matters.
Let’s take Monkey for instance, why is there a long, curling appendage sticking out at the front?

Oh, and thanks for directing everybody’s gaze to the characters crotches. It sure helps to train us to look at more important things in (making) life. Everyone knows what a ‘cock’ is. Whether English (cock), Chinese(鸡), Spanish (Polla) etc. Is there a need to label it?

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Someone’s getting married and I’m invited!

My dear vegan friend Radeeca is back from the US for a short visit.

And she has the most wonderful news for me. Well, anyone can see from the title what it is. Yes! Yes! YES! She’s getting married this year! Finally, it’s official and I’m so happy and excited for her. Now I’ve got 3 weddings to attend! Yippee!!!

Where else to chow but our favourite stylish vegetarian hang out, Delivege? Watching her pore over the menu excitedly, I knew she’s just craving to try everything (…perhaps the same with her brainy spouse after her wedding. Heeheehee.) We ordered a cauldron of laksa (ok, I’m exaggerating but it’s really huge for a person!) and 2 food items which doesn’t appear in the menu.

She told me the details of how DeleteTouchTomatoes in the US put people from the bench and onto the streets during dinner. I’m just glad she’s finally found the perfect job in a perfect location. I’d love to go ogle at surfer dudes when I do get to visit her and her soon-to-be hubby in the US.

We chatted on other topics and really, she’s the first person whom I can speak comfortably on topics which can give our parents a seizure if they knew. I told her about my nocturnal doodling orgies in paintchatrooms and she rhetorically wondered whether it’s the same as cybersex. www Well, seems like she’s going to be the first one to do ‘everything’. On a positive side, I could consult her anytime when I finally find the right person to do ‘everything’ with. I’ve decided to get a useful manual for doing everything as a wedding present.

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Soul Eater (anime)ご苦労様でした!

The Souleater anime began in April 2008 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bones Studio. Bones has earned a place in the industry for producing high quality anime with works such as Sword of the Stranger, Full-Metal Alchemist and Wolf’s Rain.
I’ve just finished the 51th episode. The final episode of Soul Eater series.

It was a wonderful anime series. I enjoyed it very much and it’s characters are absolutely lovable, especially Death.the.Kid with his obssessive compulsive disorder and the irritating white creature called Excalibur (うぜぇ).
The main character is Maka Albarn, the meister of Soul Eater Evans, a demon scythe. Other characters include Death the Kid and his twin guns, the Thompson sisters, Black Star and his ninja weapon, Tsubaki, Shinigami, Professor Stein and Mifune the sword samurai.
They are an adorable lot, with quirks and an innocent, almost child-like quality in them.
Excalibur’s ‘Bakame!’ in Koyasu Takehito’s voice is especially endearing… www

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Mid-March 2009 (ホワイトデーおめでとう)

To all lovers, friends and narcissists, may love blossom in thy hearts everlasting for others and more importantly, for thyself. Happy (belated) White Day!

Who is afraid of being single? I’ve never really gave much thought about my status of singlehood except worry about dying a virgin. In a world where we can buy sensory pleasures or even enjoy them for free (…with google, pron becomes so accessible), somehow the prospect of marriage has paled to a mere contract to share assets ($, HDB flat, kids) and liabilities (erm, kids?) and oh, definitely the expenses must be apportioned. Well, that’s a cynical, biased and cataclysmic view on marriage and I bonk myself for that.
Anyway, I started giving this a little thought when my Japanese language instructor, Night sensei, expressed her desire to get hitched. She’s in her late twenties, pretty, has no interest in IT and always cheerfully correcting our mistakes. Whenever we come across an example where the character is making a marriage proposal or is going on a date, she’ll remind us of her marital status. I sense a perfectionist and an urgency in her and it’s making me a wee bit anxious.
Who doesn’t count the years of singlehood like a prison inmate waiting to be freed by her prince charming (… I suppose)? That incessant ticking of the biological clock.
Try looking at it with another perspective. Count down the days of singlehood when one can still dream of so many possibilities of life and love, to be loved and cared by one’s family before marriage to another person. After that, one will have to enter his own little world where he’ll learn to love and care for the spouse (and kids, if any) and think of nothing more. Of course some people decide to jump ship which leaves alot of mess in their own lives, not to mention the collateral emotional damage done to the people around them. Aaah~ Only a selfish and cowardly bastard like me can hold a narrow view such as this. Or make that a jaded Romantic addicted to BL material.

*ファック!真殿光昭(Madono Mitsuaki), who voiced Bleach’s Kon, has voiced acted in a few BL drama CDs. When I heard his voice as the uke character, 月心(Gesshin), in 月と茉莉花(Tsuki to Matsurika) I thought they’ve got the voice actor’s name wrong in the cast list. Switching between the sex scene to Madono san’s version of Cutie Honey theme song nearly gave me a stroke. The contrast was too much to handle. ><


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Chinese New Year 2009

Soft, chewy coloured rice balls in sweet ginger soup. Yum!

Tang Yuan (Rice balls): Soft, chewy coloured rice balls in sweet ginger soup. Yum!

Gong xi fa cai. Sigh, angpow collections fell drastically this year in tandem with the bleak economic environment. (More reason not to get married.Snort.)

After another hellish week of SadisticMentalBattery, the 1st day of Chinese new year (25th Jan)is a real godsend. Finally, the day has come for me to rest my tired body and heal my battered mind. What better way to put the trauma behind me temporarily than to take a trip to Malaysia?

Like last year, my brother and I gorged ourselves silly, played with dogs, slept like pigs in the afternoon and stayed up till 3am watching TV (or Stephen Chow videos) or gambling with our cousins. At my cousins’ and grandma’s place, I consumed:

Chicken and mutton satay (forgot the no. of sticks) with 3 cubes of soft, fragrant ketupat rice.
Sambal chicken, mutton rendang in fluffy briyani rice.
A handful of fried beancurd fritters wrapped in crisp seaweed (approx. 120g)
2 pieces of pineapple tarts. (at home, I can consume half a jar)
A handful of spice-coated almonds with shells intact (approx. 100g)
A piece of mayonaise flavored cracker which is made by swirling the white batter in hot oil.
2 pieces of sweet cracker with bits of sesame. The sweet batter is poured into a steel mold which is lowered into the hot oil for frying.
1 bag of prawn (kerepuk) crackers.
A bar of rice puffs coated in syrup.
4 pieces of kueh bangkit. Powdery coconut cookies which melts in your mouth.
1 piece of green bean cookie.
1 piece of mocha chocolate.
5 crispy rolls of love letters.
1 handful of charcoal coated peanuts.
Miscellaneous candies and jellies.
2 pieces of kueh bahlu, asian version of madeleines.
A bowl of tang yuan aka glutinous rice dumplings in ginger soup.
1 whole passion fruit.

I thought I could store enough fats and calories in my body to survive the peak period but oh, the irony! My body went into full detoxification mode. I had to run to the toilet 12 times from 8pm in the evening to the next morning. I shat so much till my anus was scorched with pain. My bro told me it’s the hydrochloric acid from my stomach that is burning my delicate sphincter. It was so bad I had to sit on a cold pad and on one butt cheek at a time. I even started to think it’s a divine retribution on me for indulging in gay comics. My uncle gave me some medicine to quell my feisty intestines but it was excreted out in the next hour. Sigh. I think my digestive system is not what it used to be, just like the angpow collections: poor.

Passionfruit. A refreshing,tangy delight. Just look at bros TV ad smile.

Passionfruit. A refreshing,tangy delight. Just look at bro's TV ad smile.

Slacking at our grandmas place. The one in pink is suffering with me in Delete & Touch Tomatoes LLP

Slacking at our grandma's place. The guy in pink is suffering with me in Delete & Touch Tomatoes LLP

Miss Banana (doing some nasal excavation) and Miss Papaya looking HOT!*vomit*

Miss Banana (doing some nasal excavation) and Miss Papaya looking HOT!*vomit*



My mothers little bitch. Dont be fooled by the cuteness. It looks awful freaky when it starts growling and baring its yellowed fangs.

My mother's little bitch. Don't be fooled by the cuteness. It looks awful freaky when it starts growling and baring its yellowed fangs.

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Christmas 2008: BL, Yaoi and anal rape

Tetsuo, Youji and Makoto

From top: Tetsuo, Youji and Makoto

Looking from the way I spent my Christmas eve and Christmas day, if I were a Christian, I’d have just won myself a first-class premier ticket to hell where I can enjoy an eternity of lovely hot brimstone and icy abysmal darkness.


 by Nitro+Chiral. It’s the longest BL game I ever played. (The other BL game was the all-time classic Ore no Shita de Agake). It’s also the 1st serious and gory BL game I’ve ever played. Thank goodness there’s only 6 endings to complete.
The story basically is about the protagonist Youji, who has a female parasite called Mesu living inside his abdomen. This parasite will emit pheromones to attract the male parasite called Osu which also lives inside human males. In this case, it’s Tetsuo the alpha Osu who always saves the day and ahem, does things to Youji. Unfortunately for Youji, the pheromones also have an effect on normal human males and it affected his friend Makoto, turning him from a bright, friendly social butterfly into a psychotic, hungry stalker. And to make things worse, whenever Youji gets aroused, blood and pieces of meat will come out of his ass. Imagine me playing this game while having my period (which came on the day before Christmas eve ). Overall it’s not a bad game. The music is gooood. Really good enough for an OST to be published. The voice actors are not bad, particularly noted is Makoto’s voice actor, 空乃太陽(Sorano Taiyou, I suppose an alias), who could switch from a puppy-like innocence to a cannibalistic beastly psycho.

Yaoi: I should stop reading Naono Bohra’s works. Shucks, I even grabbed ‘Three Wolves Mountain’ when I saw it in Kinokuniya when I’m not really into dog-ear fetish.(But the part where little puppy Jiro learns to xxx the middle-aged Suzuki is sooo tasty)

Naono Bohras yummy supernatural Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge

Naono Bohra's yummy supernatural 'Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge'

Seriously, I’m getting addicted to her Ossan love stories where the old guy gets xxx by the young man. So tasty but very unhealthy, just like junk food. It’s every old person’s fantasy to be wanted by a young thing. My god… am I having a quarter life crisis???







Anal rape: Action 52 for NES (and later Sega Genesis). The worst game ever made in the world. Watch this youtube video by angst-ridden game reviewer, LeisureSuitGaming, if you don’t believe games can be made so badly and yet have the cheek to sell for US$200. Note that virtually every second the f-word and all sorts of coarse language is used. Please understand the trauma the person is going through. Really enjoyed hearing the guy go crazy over the game. His exasperation and frustration is hilarious.

Perhaps the only good thing that comes out of Action 52 is the funky BGM of Cheetahman… which the Japanese turned out a rap version ,with lyrics…

Seriously, I somewhat agree with the game reviewer when he said for people in prisons to choose between butt rape and Action 52, the choice is clear.
 All credit goes to Ying san, who is getting anal raped by Action 52 (NES rom). Seriously.

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40,000 hit kiriban: A present (0w0)

40 000 hits present
Isn’t this mini Cloud adorable? XD
He looks so cute with the rose on his shoulder that I could just eat him. *drool*
This pretty little picture is from dear chihaya san whom I always terrorise with my incomprehensible Japanese (No time to study Japanese mah). Perhaps it’s time to head down to Kinokuniya to browse Japanese language textbooks for free?
It really brightened my day at the office when I saw this scrumptious surprise in my oebbs site. It gave me enough energy to stay back till 8 at Singapore Die-Itchy Pte Ltd.

PS: Die-Itchy Pte Ltd is the 2nd major Japanese company I’ve audited where everyone has to change to slippers before entering the premises. Every hour, an irritating jingle will sound throughout the building. A variation of the jingle will remind everyone of lunchtime and knock off time. The distractive power of the happy jingle really got on my nerves. It’s perky quality is so artificial in a dull office setting. I’d rather hear a brass alarm ring.
In these 2 days, I was beginning to have 2nd thoughts working for a Japanese company like Die-Itchy. The Account department is always the last lot to leave the company and the Finance manager usually switches off the lights and locks the doors because she works pretty late. The company’s obsessed with cost control via multi-tasking. Well at least they did not make the staff clean up the office … I was quite surprised that despite the conditions, the Accounts staff are very friendly and helpful.

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Thank you!!! 40,000 hits (四万キリバン)

皆さん本当にありがとうございました。m(_ _)m

Thank you for dropping by and all the comments you leave are greatly appreciated.
I hope you will continue coming to check out this under-managed, highly disorganised blog site which contains some questionable content.(>w<)


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Mid-Autumn Festival 2008 (ムーンケーキを食べよう)


What better way to celebrate the mid-autumn festival in an island where it’s summer all year round than gorge on mooncakes?

The wife of my dad’s  KL business partner is a culinary goddess and the snowskin yam mooncakes she made is absolutely divine! The skin has the same chewy texture as mochi rice cakes and the yam filling is not too sweet unlike the typical sugar overload in a traditional mooncake. I can’t help but sneak into the kitchen to steal a hapless mooncake to satisfy my cravings.  Mmmm…. Just like love, this mooncake can’t be bought with money.

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Japan trip – Aomori neputa (濡れられた!)



Sea Urchin and toro donburi ~

Breakfast at Hakodate: Sea Urchin and toro donburi ~

Cheese cream pudding from Mt Hakodate

Dessert : Cheese cream pudding from Mt Hakodate

Snaffles Fruit tart and Earl Grey tea

Tea time: Snaffles' Fruit tart and Earl Grey tea

Snaffles famous omelette cheese cake and fresh coffee flavoured milk.

Snack on train: Snaffles' famous (美味い!!!) omelette cheese cake and fresh coffee flavoured milk.

Arrived at JR Aomori station~ mini neputa float behind me

Arrived at JR Aomori station~ mini neputa float behind me

I headed to Aomori via JR’s limited express for the neputa festival which is the highlight of the Aomori prefecture. It is where giant lantern floats are paraded along the streets along with dancers yelling “Rasserah”. The giant floats are pushed and turned by pure human power.

The neputa floats were almost 2 storeys high!!! Wooo-----

The neputa floats were almost 2 storeys high!!! Wooo-----

The guys underneath are getting ready to push the neputa 360 degrees~ oof!

Rice characters... kawaii~

Rice mascots?... kawaii~

Monkeys and devils

Monkeys and demons? Weird combo...

Totoro !!!!!!!!!

Totoro !!!!!!!!!

Each neputa float is accompanied by a  percussion ensemble that plays the same rasserah rhythm throughout the parade!

Each neputa float is accompanied by a percussion ensemble that plays the same 'rasserah' rhythm throughout the parade! Rock it baby!

Miss Neputa... Very pretty!!!

Miss Neputa... Very pretty!!!

Neputa dancers who skip and dance while chanting Rasse, Rasse, Rasserah - 4,800 yen to rent an outfit. Naah, Id prefer a raincoat.

Neputa dancers who skip and dance while chanting 'Rasse, Rasse, Rasserah' - 4,800 yen to rent an outfit. Naah, I'd prefer a raincoat.

I got the front spot when it started to rain. Got my jeans soaked kneeling on the road but the view is worth it!

I got the front spot when it started to rain. Got my jeans soaked kneeling on the road but the view is worth it!

It was quite crowded when I reached 2 hours early and the worst thing was just as the parade began, it started to rain… (–|||) Everyone was soaked but the show had to go on. It’s pretty cool the organisers wrapped up the lanterns with giant sheets of plastic.

The whole parade was amazing especially when the people underneath the neputa floats went ‘Ngghhh!!!’ to summon strength to spin the heavy floats 360 degrees.

the neputa express

Special train service: the neputa express

Brazillian Chicken cup noodles. So delicious and the slices of chicken are huge!

Supper: Brazillian Chicken cup noodles. So delicious and the slices of chicken and potato are huge!

It ended at around 9pm and I headed back to the station to catch the Neputa Express back to Hakodate. I reached Hakodate in midnight and was so famished, I rushed to buy a BIG cup noodle from a nearby combini. I wish I could shake the hand of the person who invented the concept of 24 hour convenience stores.

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Japan trip – Hakodate, moe~ (燃え?)


Streetcar of Hakodate

The tram-like Streetcar of Hakodate

After filling my tummy with sushi (please see pictures in previous entry), I headed to the JR station to purchase a one-day pass for unlimited streetcar rides around Hakodate. The main objective for me is to get to Goryokaku Tower to see the star-shaped fort and the bronze statues of Hijikata Toshizou (uh hoh!).

Moe! Especially when the statues of 2 bishonnen soldiers are viewed in this angle.

Moe! Especially when the statues of 2 bishonnen soldiers are viewed in this angle. The butt looks inviting。And the guy holding the baton looks like he's going to use it to ... ... (腐)

A 可愛い sculpture titled ’Look at your hands’

A 可愛い sculpture titled ’Look at your hands’

Another cute sculpture~

Another cute sculpture~

It’s a 5 min walk thru a street of restuarants and shops from the Goryokaku stop with public art to admire along the way.

On the right, Goryokaku Tower. One the left is the Hakodate Art Museum.

On the right, Goryokaku Tower. One the left is the Hakodate Art Museum.

Goryokaku Fortress viewed from the Goryokaku Tower.
Goryokaku Fortress viewed from the Goryokaku Tower.


Whoopee, I can see whats right under me!

Whoopee, I can see what's right under me!

I was quite excited to hop into the lift to get to the top of the tower. The pretty lift ladies would usher the visitors into the lifts and announce that the lift doors are closing. When the doors closed, the lift interior grew dark and the white walls started to glow in ultraviolet light. Then pictures of historical personages and words appeared on the walls and a star started to glow on the ceiling. Very nice touristy experience!

Melon Milk Mix ice cream~ yum

Melon Milk Mix ice cream~ yum

I get to stroke Hijikatas muscular thigh~ Uh-hoh!

I get to stroke Hijikata's muscular thigh~ Uh-hoh!

Hijikata pose!

Hijikata pose!

HIjikata Rider -! Cool T-shirt~

HIjikata Rider -! Cool, wished there were Harley Davidsons in his time.

Kawaii Hijikata~~~~

Kawaii Hijikata~~~~

Kawaii Shinsengumi with Hijikata in the middle - Inside the box are chocolate dangos (rice cakes)...

Kawaii Shinsengumi with Hijikata in the middle - Inside the box are chocolate dangos (rice cakes)...

Shinsengumi... ... erm... what is this?

Shinsengumi... ... erm... what is this?

When we reached the top, I was awed by the beauty of the star-shaped fort. It was Japan’s 1st Western style fortress constructed in the 19th century. But it seems the main attraction for me was Hijikata’s statue (sitting and standing versions). Uh hoh! I’m sure alot of fujoshis visited the tower because Hijikata’s knees and hands were very polished. (セクハラじゃん~?)

Boo exhibition - Pig art

Boo exhibition - Literally communist pigs... very politically sensitive piece of artwork... but I like it!!!

I also visited the nearby art museum which was featuring Pig art exhibition. Very cute but too bad it’s quite hard to snap a picture with the curators lurking in every corner.

Getting my feet poached at the Yunokawa onsen footbath- 気持ち良い~

Getting my feet poached at the Yunokawa onsen footbath- 気持ち良い~

I took the streetcar to Yunokawa Onsen to pamper my feet at the public onsen foot bath. A mother and her 2 kids joined in and the little girl was so adorable when she kicked the water and smiled sheepishly at me. Then she asked me why my heels were covered with plasters. Well, cos I’ve got big feet… (-w-)

I took the streetcar to the marina bay where the fireworks festival is held. Learning a lesson from the Yokohama trip, I went there 2 hrs early to reserve a nice spot. Meijikan was a nice shop with pretty glass objets d’art and orgel. The warehouses-turned-shops have many interesting souvenirs and foodstuffs to satisfy the tourists’ craving to burn some money.


1,000yen for 2 cakes and tea at Meijikan~ Divine!!!

1,000yen for 2 cakes and tea at Meijikan~ Divine!!!

Hakodates croquette (milk potato and pumpkin)

The best comfort food I've ever had: Hakodate's croquette ( I've ever had: Hakodate's croquette (milk potato and pumpkin)

Grilled pork and spring onion. Yakibuta?

Grilled pork and spring onion. Yakibuta?

Hakodate marina bay where I found a spot to watch the fireworks~

Hakodate marina bay where I found a spot to watch the fireworks~

Hanabi da!!!

Hanabi da!!!

I enjoyed the fireworks and the view by the bay although it was pretty cold. (had to wrap my hair around my neck before zipping up my jacket) But of course, nothing beat the one at Yokohama where chihaya san brought me on the 2nd day.



During the moments where I had to answer the call of nature, I encountered a few interesting notices in the toilet cubicles. The chinese translation is quite erm… despite the fact Hokkaido has many Chinese immigrants and tourists.

Toilet in JR station

Toilet in JR station *请雇用背后,不要流动?*


Toilet in Goryokaku Tower.

Toilet in Goryokaku Tower.*便器扔掉?

Toilet in Goryokaku tower II.

Toilet in Goryokaku tower II.*厕所塞满?*


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Japan trip: Kamakura and Yokohama fireworks gala!

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude towards Chihaya san, who is the guide and friend I could ever wish for. ちはやしゃん!本当にありがとうございます!鎌倉と花火大会はとてもとてもたのしかった!!!ずっと忘れません。日本に来てよかったvvv
Unfortunately, she has requested me not to show her face on this blog. ><
20 Jul 2008 (Sun)
I had french toast+yogurt+walnut bun set  for breakfast at the hotel’s cafe.
Excellent breakfast! Totally had to drink the coffee straight from the bowl.

Excellent breakfast! Totally had to drink the coffee straight from the bowl.

The weirdest thing is they served capuccino in a soup bowl. And the spoon is totally flat and useless for drinking the coffee.
But it’s delicious, expecially the french toast with the syrup oozing from the outside and inside.
Chihaya san came to my hotel in Shinjuku and brought me to Kamakura via JR. It was a quaint town with many traditional houses and foods sold on the streets. Many japanese tourists also visit Kamakura for the sightseeing and the food!!!

First, we walked through the Komachi dori Street filled with shops selling freshly toasted senbei crackers, ice cream, warabi mochi (cool fern jellies dusted in kinako), ume products (preserved plum), croquette and all kinds of souvenirs.

Hachimitsu Ice cream in my hand.

Hachimitsu Ice cream in my hand.

It’s a perfectly hot afternoon as we strolled towards Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. It’s so hot, a cat just slept under a bush by the side of the road as if it were dead. And many ladies were crowding around it taking pictures of this dozing feline. Ah, nyanko love…
Pig Man!豚人!
Munching, smelling and tasting warabi mochi, and as we walked on, finally, the red shrine came into view.
The road junction leading to the shrine.

The road junction leading to the shrine.

The Shrine itself

The Shrine itself~

The cicadas were just deafening! We climbed up to the shrine and after tossing a coin into the box and clapping, we walked around a bit. There wasn’t much to see at the shrine. Probably that’s why the tourism dept. put *Must See!* on the English brochure. A nice guard recommended us to go to see the Great Seated Buddha in Kotokuin Temple. This means we have to make our way back to the JR station to catch the bus. Hungry, we stopped for some croquette. There’s plain, meat, ume, yuzu(mandarin orange), black sesame and omigod, chocolate.

Check out the menu!!!

The croquette shop: Check out the menu!!!Ume and Yuzu croquettes.

The ume croquette is delicious although the ume bits are sour. The yuzu one reminded me of orange flavored mooncake. It’s quite filling though and we didn’t have a proper lunch.
We caught the bus to Kotokuin Temple from JR station. As the weather was so warm, we could get a bit of a shut eye for 10mins. There are quaint little shops on both sides of the road to see for hardworking travellers.
We reached the place and ooh lala, the great seated Buddha came into view. The highlight of Kamakura.

Trying to meditate like the Buddha behind us but somehow its anatomically impossible.

Trying to meditate like the Buddha behind us but somehow it's anatomically impossible.

We explored the surroundings and had cool drinks from the vending machine at nice little rest area with large flat boulders for seats.

Iced calpis and ume drinks

Iced calpis and ume drinks

Tanka poet, Akiko Yosana

By the 1st fujoushi: Tanka poet, Akiko Yosana

 We found the tablet carved with Tanka poet, Akiko Yosana’s poem. It was composed after she saw the huge statue of the Buddha.

Seems she found the Buddha a ‘美男’ (beautiful male). And I told Chihaya san we’ve finally found the world’s first fuujoshi. (´∀`)

There’s even a pair of warashiki sandals made for him!

The worlds largest foot size

The world's largest foot size. No smell though, haha.

Seriously, the Buddha is such an icon, the Japanese entrepreneurs decide to merge Kamakura’s symbol with other icons. Namely, Hello Kitty and Disney character, Stitch.

Hello Kitty Buddha...

Hello Kitty Buddha...

Buddha Stitch...

Buddha Stitch...













We strolled down to Hasedera temple and personally, I think it’s a nice place to end the day in Kamakura. The garden pools are brimming with koi fishes and flowers.

One of the garden pools. Man not included.

One of the garden pools. Man not included.

The koi were scrambling to get to shore. Im beginning to suspect they are piranhas in disguise.

The koi were scrambling to get to shore. I'm beginning to suspect they are piranhas in disguise.


But it’s not just the gardens at the bottom. As we ascended the stone steps, we see lots of stone jizos clustering at the 2nd part of the climb. Chihaya san explained that each stone jizo represents an unborn child that has either been lost by accident or abortion. Eeks. No wonder I saw a jizo with a blue baby’s bib around its neck.

Lots of stone jizos

Lots of stone jizos













And I can’t help but take picture of a very ‘sian’ statue. I could almost hear it grumble: “Oh here the tourists come again. What’s there to see? Go away.” Chihaya san added : “Mendou kuse na-” (Troublesome…)

Very bored and grouchy statue.

Very bored and grouchy statue.

We reached the shrine housing the Hase Kannon, the Golden Goddess of Mercy.

The Goddess house.

The Goddess' house.

The towering statue is almost 2 stories high, with a long and exquisite necklace draped around her neck and chest. And of course she gleams in the dark with all the gold and bronze. Too bad photography is prohibited.
Chihaya and I went to scale the tip of the hill and although it killed my calves, the scenery and cool breeze is worth the pain.

Overlooking Kamakura beach.Watch out for eagles and windsurfers!

Overlooking Kamakura beach.Watch out for eagles and windsurfers!

We descended the hill back to the garden pools where we started. There’s lots of fragrant lilies on the side.

Smells good!!!

Smells good!!! But I prefer BL. (寒い...)

And at the bottom near the toilet was this strange tree..

Nice cubby hole to stay in...

Nice cubby hole to stay in...




We saw this guy as we headed the dark tunnels where the different types of jizos reside.

Hes very popular with the ladies. We had to queue to get our turn.

He's very popular with the ladies. We had to queue to get our turn.











In the dark and low tunnels, there’s money jizo, which got the most candle offerings, safety jizo…et cetera. A little scary with its dark, moist and claustrophobic environment but otherwise it’s worth a try.

Off we went for Yokohama for a fireworks gala at the park. On the way, at Kamakura station, we saw the commemorative train for the 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump comics.

Ichigo is on the train!!!

Ichigo is on the train!!!

The ride to Yokohama is a super squeeze. I’ve gotten squeezed to the point I could stand without holding onto anything. Plus in summer, people sweat. And my dress has probably absorbed the sweat of Japan in one day. The crowd is so huge and all are rushing to grab a nice spot before the fireworks gala starts.

Squeezed in a train section for women... with the men.

Squeezed in a train section for women... with the men.

Just look at the human mass!!! Im amazed the escalators could still move!

Just look at the human mass!!! I'm amazed the escalators could still move!

Kiasuism knows no boundaries.
We arrived at the park where the police are starting to move the crowd around. We were very lucky to find a spot at the perimeter of the park. However, we’d wished someone could cut down the trees which were blocking the view.

The Fireworks gala site.

The 53rd Fireworks gala at Yokohama

The wrappers are so cute. The buns are so filling it makes our Da Bao look like Xiao Long Bao.

Niku man (Meat buns / Chinese burger): The wrappers are so cute. The buns are so filling it makes our 'Da Bao' look like 'Xiao Long Bao'.

I am perpetually always feeling the urge to go to the loo after last week’s mutton briyani. So it was one of the many terrible urges which makes my head spin that I had to go to a toilet. Luckily the friendly housewife next to us helped to watch after our spots by draping a towel over it while we searched for the loo. The nearest was a cafe where the queue is 10 persons long as everyone is dying to relieve themselves fully before the fireworks start. So I stood there and waited and drank up the menthol ointment with my nose to keep myself conscious. And when my turn came, the urge went away. Fark. As I went back to the park, the police had fenced off the area at the road junction and people were sitting behind the fence waiting for the gala to start. I saw Chihaya san and I went over to her but one of the organisers refused to let me go to her side.
Here’s what I love about Japan’s pacifist side.
The fence is low and made by tying a pole to two traffic cones. I waited till the organiser turn away before I leapt over the tiny fence. I could even mambo under it if I have the time. Seriously, I can’t pull such a thing off in Singapore where the fences are chest high with bars to prevent a hobbit from doing the mambo. And the best thing was they didn’t even bother to chase and pull me back to the other side.
We ate our dinner of niku man and Chinese yakisoba which Chihaya san bought.
And then, the sky grew really dark and the fireworks began.
Hanabi- badly photographed

Hanabi- badly photographed

It’s spectacular,magical,awesome and touching. It is an unforgettable experience which I cannot convey in words the awesomeness of watching the fireworks bloom and explode in a myriad of colors and huge golden showers! I particularly love the continuous bursting of golden showers which stream down like waterfall, bathing the sky in gold dust. And then there’s the fireworks that explode and stream down like meteor showers but each stream suddenly shoot in another direction like a comet changing its mind on where it wants to go. The fireworks were so marvellous I actually felt like crying then. (TwT) I’m so grateful towards Chihaya san for taking me to see the fireworks. ちはやしゃん、ありがとうございます!感動しました!
The way back was quite an experience too. It’s like a mass exodus of people as everyone made their long and tortuous way to the rail stations. There are rows of stalls to cater to the hungry. At the JR, it’s totally crazy! The stairs to the platforms are totally jammed with people! Again we were packed like sardines and I was wedged among 3 sweaty bodies. (–|||) At least I don’t have to hold onto anything. Chihaya san told me the morning rush hour is even worse. At least there is room to breathe here.

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Kim Min Jong’s Birthday (韓国のNo.1スターが描いた絵を持ってる!!!)

Kudos to Miss TwT for encouraging me to send something to Kim Min Jong even though I admit I’m not a hardcore fan like her.

So I drew a birthday card depicting the adorable Han Geum Soo from “Matchless Beauty Pak Chong Geum” drama which is showing in Korea right now. (^o^)b  It’s a really good drama. Take it from someone who only subsists on anime.


On Good Friday night, I received a message from Miss TwT.

Her Korean friend, Algus, found the picture “interesting” and put it in 1st page of the album for Kim Min Jong… …. and she took a photo of him after she passed the flowers and presents to him.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god


しんじられないぃぃぃぃ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! ミンジョン氏MOE!!!!!!!!\(≧ワ≦)/

It’s surreal man…. He’s holding up the album with my drawing in it…

The no.1 “all-round entertainer” star of Korea…is so sweeeeeet to his fans!!!! No wonder even the male fans go ga-ga over him. How ga-ga? Enough to say “I love you, big brother”. (0w0;)


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Photos which condemn us to singlehood for life \(^o^)/

I had a sleepover at Miss 1wRong’s place on Good Friday.

And I had a lot of fun.

Which made me think we should start an SDU: Singlehood Delights Union or something along that line. (Spasticated Division for the Unmarried?)

It could start off something like this:

And here’s a guide on having a successful singles date… with yourself or the sex you’re uninterested in!

4pm: Have a delightful time performing biological reconstruction on your delicious tea time snacks. Turn that smiling cookie into a koala, a bear, a bird! Or if you’re sick in the mind, you can try to create a pig with pendulous breasts and flapping boards for wings.foodanimaux.gif

9pm: Catch the savage man-eating rabbit which lurks in the dark caverns of the bedroom toilet. Miss 1wRong managed to snap a photo of it close-up while it was digesting its hapless prey.


11pm: Be beautiful and get your photos taken for our trendy fashion magazine where we share our unique beauty secrets which will guarantee your life-time singlehood. Men will fall for you (to their deaths from the windows of the HDB flats) when they lay their eyes on your loveliness. Here are 2 issues which we have published.


And here’s what the men say when they met our models of the year… 


Mr $7.50 a.k.a. Chee Kok Pek: “Wah piang, when I see this woman ah, really woman anot?! Just thinking of booking a room at hotel 18 (which I do regularly with my CPF money) with her, I want to castrate myself siah! ”


The late Astronaut William Ren ONG:”After getting to know that model on the magazine, I figured if I try to breath vacuum, my suffering would end quicker.”

If you join our Singles Delight Union, you can enjoy a movie pass to watch our own movie production directed by Cameron Weiss Richards and produced by Kevin Watanabe Tamade. Here’s a screenshot of the movie ‘Cannot give a F**k’ (rated Extreme Violence and Mental Retardation)


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Happy Chinese New Year.

It’s the year of the Rat.

I wish everyone joy and happiness, peace and prosperity, and a neverending supply of cheese.

…And yaoi.


(^w^) oo

It’s been ages since I’ve posted an entry. Well, it’s the peak after all with auditors and accountants throttling each other’s necks. (T_T) 死にたい。

Aah~the Chinese new year. The season of angpow hunting, marital status interrogations, bingeing and gambling. I went with my brother to Johor Bahru to visit my lovely cousins. My cousins and I snacked on crackers, cookies and jellies in our maternal granny’s place and as the weather is simmering hot, we fell asleep in the living room, our bodies strewn all over the place, fatigued from the heat and excessive snacking.

In the evening, we had a steamboat BBQ. The meats were swimming in boiling oil as the adults kept throwing in dollop after dollop of olive oil butter (which is hydrolysed ie: unsaturated fat). Ok, I won’t be surprised if we were diagnosed with arterial disease. We chowed on fat juicy prawns, succulent fish, juicy pig flesh and chewy clams. We ate and ate and flushed it all down with red wine. It’s pure gastronomical masochism. I was so full that I can’t breathe.

And so stupid to squeeze with 5 other people in the backseat of my cousin’s Toyota Vios. We went to my mother’s house to snack some more and to look at some photos of us when we were kids. …. I agree with my cousin that from the way we posed, the photos look more like a loli + shota extravaganza. Oh my god. Someone dig a deep hole for me to jump into. What the hell was I thinking back then?!

We’ve done the angpow collecting and bingeing. Now it’s time for the most important social activity of the day – gambling. 

As usual, we played ‘chor tai tee’, a Chinese form of bridge. And since we’re pretty money conscious individuals, we decided on punishment rather than reward. The loser will have to have his/her face clipped with clothes pins.

(Fuujoshi従姉妹 …無敵だ。 )

(Ying sama のお兄さん。私会社の先輩。先輩、苦しい?)


(Genie in a bottle)

(Nani kore…)

(Nani kore…)



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My new year resolution is … …

-to complete all missions in FF7 Crisis Core before proceeding to the story mode (currently in Shinra Mansion with Cloud)

-not to neglect my inner fuujoushi

-be a better person inside and out (´∀`)


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11 August 07: Cloud’s B’day + FF7 anniversary

おたんじょうびおめでとう~vvv (遅かったけど)


…I think Cloud shouldn’t touch the Potion. It’s black…(BGM: One-Winged Angel)

In 1997, Square released FF7 which shook the gaming world. And now, in 2007, Square Enix shakes the (franchising) world once again in FF7’s 10th anniversary. This time with Sony, releasing limited edition PSP bundles, each metallic silver PSP with the Crisis Core design in the back and serially numbered from 00000 to 77777. Slimmer, sexier and … with a smaller screen (ぶっぶー). Well, I’m content with my current black ‘boyfriend’. I just can’t wait for FF7:Crisis Core!!! It is 20% of the reasons why I got a PSP!!!


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Graduated:A Gift from Japan

I’m back from KL, stuffed with durian and tonight, I received something wonderful…



It’s…It’s… Sephiroth with nekomimi !!! ニャン(≡´∀`≡)はぁはぁ

This wonderful gif anime, loaded with mega MOE power, is created by chihaya san from Destiny Castle as a graduation gift!!! The 1ST gif anime present I’ve ever received! (≧ヮ≦) うれしいー!うれしいー!
She went the extra mile by personalising the gif anime and I’m very very touched by her kind gesture. 
Why? Because it takes alot of effort and time to create a 10-second gif anime. You have to draw the picture, manage the layers, worry over the timing and file size… by the end of the day,when the picture comes to life, your whole body is close to atrophy.

I shall cherish this gift for its creator’s kind friendship and its overwhelming MOE power.


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Graduated:Duty Done

I’ve officially, formally, really graduated from university on 14th July 2007.


Me and dad. Eh, it’s hard to fake a happy smile you know.

Finally, I’ve done my duty to get that piece of paper for my dad. Just a plain Merit, sans laude. These 4 years have been a tough journey for me, wrestling not just with the foulsome FRS, the plummetting GPA scores and other hair-thinning SMUgging, but also coming to terms with myself.

Since I’m on Daddy Scholarship, I’ve to just complete this degree for him. As for my dream to pursue art, I’ll have to earn enough to put myself in an arts school, preferably overseas. It took me 4 years to learn what it is like to do something that one has no passion for. My interior designer friend had been right. One has to do what one is passionate about and for me it was art. She had advised me to join her in an arts institution after our A-levels. And I had attended her graduation which was the happiest occassion for her and me. I was so happy for her I cried because she was also the school’s top student for the year!

Nainai the birth day girl , me and little brother.  

I did not look forward to my graduation ceremony as much as I did for hers. For me, it feels like I’m getting married to a man I do not love at all. Well, at least I can finally give my dad what he wants. Now, I can’t wait to divorce and elope with my true love~!

Of course there are some positive things about my SMU life. The flowers along this rocky road are the wonderful friends I’ve made. There’s Miss Ringo and Miss Linda who were my 1st project mates(we established ‘Wang Company’ in 2003), then there’re my future colleagues, Miss Mel and Miss 1wRong (who’s always right)!There’s also Miss Chic whom I advise to run others over with her black ‘Ferrari’. 

Linda, Arzen, 1wRong, Mel and Chic in her “Ferrari” 

Tricolor shoes-Black:1wRong,Beige: Linda and White:Arzen

They are extraordinary people who have inner strength, sky-high IQ’s and a very healthy sense of humour. That’s probably why they can tolerate my whinings, vulgarities, complaints and reticence(oh, and downloadings during lessons too).

Hey, I’m a shy person man, I don’t speak up much. I don’t like to do number-crunching work. Oh and I sure hate to study accounts and finance*bleargh*. Definitely a high-flyer’s worst nightmare. (I think Mr ALwaysWIN is totally traumatised by the AT project meetings) I’m very thankful for all those I’ve worked with all the same because if not for them, I’d not have learnt how to differentiate the cheebeys from the angels. Thank god I’ve only come across 4-5 cheebeys in these 4 years, that’s about 1 cheebey per year.

Oh, and I appreciate SMU for imparting the necessary skills of, to put it in layman’s terms, quality bullshitting. This is imperative in any situation, not just in the corporate working world where one has to bullshit to get to the next rung of the ladder, bullshitting is utilised to justify one’s screw-ups. I’m better at tikam-ing but I do still try to defecate with my mouth.

So that’s it. The end of my 16-year Singapore education. And there are significant effects to a person as shown in the following:

BEFORE receiving Singapore education


AFTER graduating from Singapore university

To prevent severe mental and physical retardation in an academic environment, Slacking is advised.


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