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A Gruesome Matricide:A Manga’s Fault?

A 17 year-old boy appeared at the police station carrying his mother’s severed head in a plastic bag in Aizuwakamatsu in Fukushima prefecture. The police found his mother’s dismembered body and arrested him on suspicion of murder which the boy admitted. He killed his mother while she was asleep and proceeded to behead the body. The reason why he did that, he claimed it was because he wanted to know what it was like to kill someone and he wanted to do that in the name of peace.(?!)  

I heard the news on the morning radio in the car and thought that this kid is really screwed. When I read the news article from Yomiuri News online just now, I find him totally absurd.He is one very very very screwed kid.

The reason why I decided to read up more on this horrific case was because the Chinese (anime-manga paradise) site had an article on it. The article claimed that the kid read certain violent comics that feature dismemberment and lots of bloodshed which could have caused him to have such murderous inclinations. Of course I was dying to know what those comics were so I can read them myself. And I scrolled on… …

I nearly fell off my chair in disappointment but I wasn’t surprised that one of the manga is 多重人格探偵サイコ(MPD PSYCHO) written by Ohtsuka Eiji and drawn by Tajima Shou. Even wikipedia Japan wrote about this comic being found in the kid’s home.

I’ve read the manga 4 years ago and it was a really morbid piece of work. The story is pretty complex(as mind-boggling as Deathnote), has a lot of twists, some sci-fi conspiracy and the hero detective struggling to uncover his dark past, the personalities residing in him and to stop the terrorist conspiracy of course. Great, clean artwork and an exciting story. This is why I am so disappointed that the manga is implicated by the murder.

Sigh, I hope the manga doesn’t get banned. I’ve seen worse manga than this such as the notoriously nauseating 殺し屋一(Ichi the Killer). Holy god, that’s the most horrible, grossly bloody, disgusting manga I’ve ever set my eyes upon. There’s rape, a penis got fried in boiling oil, dismemberment and other *barf* inhuman stuff in the manga. I really don’t want to know what goes on in the mangaka’s head. This manga was even banned in some parts of Japan due to its graphic contents.

 I’m not blaming the kid for reading MPD Psycho. He did something which he may regret for the rest of his life even though he may seem totally nonchalant about it now. The self-punishing guilt is probably enough to make him suffer and he may never forgive himself for his actions. I just hope the manga doesn’t get the blame(banned actually). The very things he owns doesn’t turn another person into a murderer. I’m sure the students from the high school he goes to are not mentally deranged. Nor the TV programmes he watches everyday.

It is a deep psychological problem which has been troubling his mind and being a loner really doesn’t help. Ennui and loneliness blurred the line between reality and imagination. The mangas he reads are probably his only friend and reality. He really is screwed. I was pretty taken aback when the police quoted what the kid said:

“I want terrorism & war to disappear from the world. It didn’t matter whom I chose to kill.”

Whose world is he talking about? It is very sad that the terrorism and war in his own world had only gotten worse.

And all he needed was a friend. A reality check.  



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Pirates of the Caribbean: End of the World

I was invited to a free movie by Miss YY.

The show: Pirates of the Caribbean-At World’s End.

I’d never miss Mr Depp for the world.*drool*

And he’s drop-dead charming as Jack Sparrow.*slurp*

Throughout the show I guffawed at the slapstick antics and crippling jokes but what made me laughed out LOUD was when the Pirate Lord of the South East, Captain Sao Feng (Actor:the legendary Chow Yun Fatt) said:

“Welcome to Singapore.”(シンガポールようこそ。)


Holy god wtf was that??! It’s…It’s total bullshit! Visit the official website to listen it.XD

And the audience, like me, were laughing their heads off at Sao Feng. I’m sure Ying san will die laughing.

That is because we all know where the pirates really are.

And they are still around today. Ahoy!


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Self-learner’s guide to English Conversation…from hell

Here’s an interesting one-man skit on doing a self-learner’s course in English conversation from hell. And it’s all in Japanese.

陣内智則 – 英会話 

I think he should get a refund… 

*kudos to Ying sama for sharing this youtube video~

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I’m sick.

I caught the flu bug from the office last week and I’ve been blowing my swollen nose ever since.

Here’s how it spread:

Willy, an old-timer(he’s in his early thirties but he is the longest surviving staff in Ganasaikang & Co.) is notorious for not seeing the doctor whenever he has a cold. Even when he coughed so severly that we began to suspect he’s suffering from tuberculosis. He keeps pushing the bar, trying to beat the virus before the doctor has the chance to get at it. Willy just let the flu bug fester in his body.

Now Willy sits right at the front of the office with an intern. The very first row facing the door. The interns take the second row while 2 permanent staff occupy the third row. I sit at the fourth row with my manager. The last two rows behind me are taken up by interns and temporary staff.

1st day: Willy coughs with gusto as usual.

2nd day: The intern next to him and the interns sitting in the 2nd row applied for medical leave. The first and second rows are vacant except for the germ factory, Willy.

3rd day: The permanent staff started to cough and sneeze. Mr “TheMafia” suffers from a runny nose while Mdm YaHoo complains of headaches.

4th day: My manager’s sinusitis worsens. The bin is piled with used tissue paper.

5th day: I started to sneeze frequently. My nose became runny. The bin is overflowing with used tissue paper.

I’ve caught the flu bug :blocked nose, cough, green phlegm and all.  

I get so exhausted easily that I don’t even have the mood to oekaki!!!(-_-)

Can’t grip the pen mouse very well and for a long period of time because my arms ache easily and feel like jelly.

Really, one does not need sophisticated weapons like bombs or anthrax to terrorise and disrupt the economy and lives. A simple mobile germ factory is enough to cause productivity to plummet and to put the whole society on hold.

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BLコミック もちろんお絵描き!(愛)

6)好きなタイプは? 嫌いなタイプは?






どこでも不安があります。Panic attackがこわいんです。




喜:高校時代の友達とフランスの映画「Hors de Prix」を見ました。


哀:伊藤由奈の「Endless Love」を聞いたと泣いちゃった…







はい、年下の弟(三番目)に「I love you」と言われました。かわいい~

… こんな漫画…秘密。






Super color comic ロボット8。Korean illustrationは在庫が無い…残念でした。(T_T)


Hermesのかばん,Miu miuの靴でもお金が足りません。












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Blood+ : Non-BL fantasy(´∀`*)

Ah, I can’t help being a fan of Blood+.

And what else do fans do than letting their imagination go wild with slash and fanfics and doujins et cetera. (By the way, what is slash?)

I’ve never tried writing a fanfic(fan fiction) before. The last time I ever wrote a story was when I had to prepare a resume and cover letter in a job application. It’d be nice if someone can write a  BL-ood+ fanfic. Don’t even seem to see Blood+ doujinshis around.

Do Blood+ doujinshis even exist in the 1st place? (the official comics do not count)

Anyway, my non-BL fantasy is…

Diva x Saya.

Diva in Riku’s form (oh god, the poor kid whom she raped) looks so harmless and innocent. But she’s an accomplished セメ. Very wilful and dangerous, she can create a bloodbath easily just to snatch a pair of blue sneakers from a Red Shield agent.

On the other hand, Saya is more humane and gentle when she does not wield the sword. Pretty safe for the human species as long as she’s not forcibly awakened from her 30 year slumber. A definite ウケ in this pairing.

…click ”keep reading” to see the picture if kissing does not bother you. Parental Guidance is advised.hahahaa~ (*゜∀゜*) Continue reading

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In working order


I finally recovered from fatigue, I think. Man, it’s such a torture trying to keep awake in the office. I almost banged my head onto the desk when I slipped into dreamland last week.



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