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I’ll be in Thailand from 25th June to 2nd July.

I’ll miss my husband(PC) and oekakibbs terribly… (⊇Д`)

Ummm… I still don’t know how to use photoshop… |||orz


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ラクガキ:Saya’s Chevaliers


リク:   ありがとう、師匠!

(≧w≦) ~♪

 And now, my thoughts for today…

Oh woe, I’ve yet to stock up my wardrobe with office wear (yucks). Despite the resolve to get myself a pair of court shoes, 2 sets of pant suits and 2 blouses, all I bought was a skirt from Robinsons this afternoon. In addition, I’m having PMS now with all the anxiety,fainting spells ,tiredness et al. I am not in the mood to crawl out of my room. Can’t even breathe properly…gasp gasp…

Why?Why can’t we wear singlets, slippers and shorts to work in Singapore? It’s bloody hot all year round. There won’t be a need for airconditioning in the offices if everyone put on less clothes. Though Singapore is small, it’s energy consumption is one of the highest in the world and it is one of the most (probably the only) airconditioned island to boot.

Less clothes=less airconditioning=reduced energy consumption=…=Reduced global warming


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The protagonists

Diva’s boys chevaliers

The Schiffs (RIP)

Red Shield family~*

Blood+ Brothers: Kai & Riku(はむはむ)



I was searching for ‘Blood+ Final Piece’ walkthrough(苦しいー) when I came upon somebody’s website full of treasures!(“Somebody” because due to my limited Japanese+laziness, I don’t know who the webmaster/mistress is.) The website’s called… Pokettolinku …?

It’s a massive archive of Blood+ screenshots,scans and animated gifs. In addition, the webmaster/mistress actually took the trouble to create pages with themes. Eg, there’s “ソロモン服装・形態・状態一覧”page. One of the pictures showed Solomon lying face down after getting thrashed by Diva and her chevaliers. The caption underneath said ぼろモン. (0w0!)

And what about the number of sweets that appeared in the anime? The webmaster/mistress has done the counting as shown in this page, アメの数!!

Of course there’s a page for Hagi, ハジ服装・髪型・形態 where one can see him nude (top only). And another page that shows the various ways to make Haji kebab in 串刺しリスト.(-_-||)

Aaah… crap. My eyes are getting bleary from playing Blood+ Final Piece. Walkthrough wo kudasai-ai-ai-!


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Motoni Modoru(本仁戻)plus Poison Cherry Drive sample!

After ogling at Ogasawara’s handsome men and bleeding from the nose with gusto, I’m getting faint from anaemia. (゜∀゜∥) ~ガタガタ~

Another BL mangaka that makes me lose alot of blood is Motoni Modoru. But the way I lose blood is not from the nose. This manga, 「Poison Cherry Drive」, made me cough out blood and some of the comedic scenes can really cause a brain haemorrhage. Motoni sensei’s probably the only BL mangaka I’ve ever come across as an oddball, the enfant terrible of the 801 world. I love her work. She’s got a brilliant, wacky sense of humour.

I’ve read 「飼育係.理火」 and 「テツxリカ」 which is completely serious, gothic and very violent(eg gang rape, S&M,suicide,incest…). It’s such a dark and psychological piece of work, there’s no way one can expect Motoni to come up with gag-filled works such as 「Poison Cherry Drive」(sample ↓) and 「僕の先生はフィーバーwith本マン」 . It’s almost like she’s got a multi-personality disorder or something.

Really, I don’t want to know how her mind looks like inside… (゜m゜!)


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Kita-!Shopping on゜∀゜)




My parcel arrived this morning at 11am Singapore time while I was in the toilet making some big business. My maid took the delivery and she was more excited then me because she thought someone from Japan sent … … sushi.

This is my 1st time shopping online. I was one of those who worry about credit card security and consumer risks. What made me overcome those fears and take the plunge is DESPERATION.

I was desperate to get my hands on 2 artbooks: “Korean Illustration” and Ogasawara Uki’s “400 リゾード“.

Korean Illustration. Kinokuniya ran out of stock in May. Both in Singapore and Japan. I’m utterly disappointed.

400リゾード. Kinokuniya Japan had a few stocks left and I decided to place an order with the Singapore mainstore. So last week, I went to the counter with the ISBN in hand, passed it to the shop assistant and asked her if she can process an order for me. After making a book search on her PC she turned to me and said: “I’m sorry, we are unable to place an order for you.”

“You mean, the book is sold out in Japan? So soon?”, I gasped.

She smiled and said,”Actually, no. This is an artbook right? It may contain restricted material which we cannot bring into Singapore.” 


(゜д゜) … …

My mind went beeeeeeee-p. 

“Does…Does that mean I have to fly to Japan just to get the book?”, I said weakly.

My wallet is starting to feel the pain.(Return air ticket: $900, Hotel:$100/night, Mental state: Panic attack)

She smiled and said,”Well, you can try Amazon Japan. I’m sorry I can’t help you with this order.”

So that night, I went online and found the 2 books in Amazon. I found more stuff like Magna Carta Doujinshi, BL comics et cetera. It’s a paradise to me. I thought: “Ah heck, I might as well order more stuff (eg BL) which I can’t get from” and shopped til 2am in the morning. All I have to do then was to wait. It was pretty fun tracking my package online.

When I saw the parcel, it felt like Christmastime. I could almost hear someone go Ho-ho-ho. Finally… The moment I’ve been waiting for.

I spent ¥11,242 on 5 books, inclusive of shipping fees

(Shipping:SGD$22, Handling:SGD$3.70 per book).

That’s about SGD$ 162. It’s slightly cheaper than getting them from It’s a real bargain given that I don’t have to fly to Japan to buy them just because has no balls to import them.

When I opened the books, I was in euphoria. My stomach felt like there’s a swarm of butterflies inside. Probably it’s the same sort of excitement newly-weds feel on their wedding night. (#′∀`#)ーはぁはぁ

The first one I opened was Ogasawara Uki’s illustration book “400リゾード“. The illustrations are awesome. Every picture is digitally painted and beautifully rendered.

I don’t need a man. Her art is enough.(鼻血)

I vomited blood when she wrote in her afterword 「私はもともとカラーイラストガ下手なので…」. 下手?!! (0Д0;)

Hoping to find some nice illustration on the hardcover, I stripped the book of its jacket and… …

(#′∀`#) I think I’m getting anaemia…*がっば*(鼻血)

Ha~Japan is an amazing place. I wish I can go there. I have no idea what I’d want to do first… shopping, sightseeing,meeting people. But one thing I’m very sure of is I’ll definitely go broke. Probably to the point that I can’t even afford a plane ticket home.(I don’t mind if that happens.) There must be a cheaper way to get there… …

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Pirates of the Caribbean…MANGA

Today’s the most tiring day. (I’ll get to the manga later on, let me whine first.)

I did the LOOOOOOONGEST overtime in my working history(which is about 8 months) and it is so very tiring. |||orz

And the best way to recover from job-related exhaustion is some wholesome retail therapy. Thus, I headed to Takashimaya in Orchard road for a rejuvenating wallet-burning on food and books.

As usual, I strolled around Kinokuniya bookstore, hunting for BL comics award-winning literature and artbooks. I came upon the display section where sometimes, one can find a bestseller or a doujinshi on a lucky day.

Hmm…what do we have here… Sazae san?! What a classic… Ouran High School Host Club. So gay… 新暗行御史!!Oh volume 16 is out!It’s out! Finally!!! …And hey, what’s this?







Oh my god… Pirates… It’s Pirates…of…the…Caribbean…MANGA!?!?!

Jack Sparrow…and Will Turner…? That guy on the left is presumably Will although he looks Asian. Thanks to this discovery, I did not succumb to Kinokuniya’s members’ sale and saved a hell lot of money today. I mean, really, that manga really looked pirated to me -sorry for the pun- Like come on, has Disney run out of money or something? Or perhaps it’s overwhelmed by the spirit of piracy that the book has to look as authentically pirated as possible. This poor rendition of Jack Sparrow doesn’t do the suave and droolsome Johnny Depp any justice. ("゜Д゜) 私たちのジョニーが…!!!

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受け攻めタイプチェック ‘Uke-Seme’ Quiz


*A visual representation of my ideal partner*

Here’s a little test to see what sort of seme or uke you are… courtesy from my game  consultant, Ying sama. あなたは攻めか、受けか? 

* 皆さん、このテスト受けてみませんか?

Hmmm… and here are my test results.

It says here that I’m a seme with words.Heehhh??!! And it gets more ridiculous interesting:

It says that I have a wealth of experience in sex. Sorry, my experience with sex is only in theory but not in practice. Maybe that explains the high cowardice quotient of 81%, afraid to go beyond the normal limits of sexual play because I’ve never played before. How would I know what the limits are? (′_ゝ`)

My domination factor’s pretty low, yeah, probably because I don’t want to do all the H work. And my laziness also contributed to the borderline pass in technique. I’d definitely fail the Kama Sutra practical test. Sex should be 100% fun otherwise I’d be better off drawing H things or playing a BL game.

My perfect type of partner would be MOE-uke (cute and passive). Ok, find me a kawaii and sexually passive guy. I might as well take the time to grow a dick! *ピッシャリ*(`Д゜#) Ah, gomenasai for the rudeness.


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Vesak Day: My Brother the Bakemon(弟はバケモンです。)

This is my brother at the Buddha party on Vesak Day.

Tall (he eats alot of rice), dark (he’s serving national service now) and handsome (he believes he is).

He is so monstrously tall (1.88m), I sometimes wonder if his brain is getting enough oxygen.


He looked quite normal but due to certain circumstances (probably due to his height and  inadequate oxygen), his mental stability is very questionable. I think it runs in the family because I’m hardly sane sometimes.

My maid-aunt took a picture of us in the car. We just passed by the national mental institute and we agreed that dad should turn back and leave us at the mental hospital where we belong. My brother’s mental illness is starting to act up in this photo.

Soon… it got so bad, he underwent a metamorphosis and turned into a monster… it’s terrible. It is so frustrating. Never in my life have I seen such severe retardation of mind and looks. Is this… this creature even human?!

Oh My God.

Did I mention that weirdness runs in the family?

This is daddy, the head of the household and a fervent follower of the national lottery. Nothing gets his attention except the words “ToTo”, “4-D” and “million dollars”. I was 1 metre away from him and tried calling him to turn so I can take a photo of him.

“Hey dad! Daaaad! Eh, look here! Dad!”

No response.

“Look! Bro is going crazy again! And his breath really smells toxic!You know he never brushes his teeth!”

No response.


“I’m getting a panic attack. I think I’m gonna die. Gasp…H..Help me Dad!”

No response. (probably)

Then my maid-aunt suggested I say something like “ToTo”.

“Toto! You won $60 000!”

He turned around very quickly and looked a little lost when he realised he’d been had.

It was an enjoyable Buddha party. There were 3 Thai monks blessing and chanting for the masses. And the food! Oh the food was heavenly~I call it vegetarian ambrosia. The curry samosas and springrolls were to die for. The skin is fried to perfection and even though it’s dipped in curry, it is still so crunchy. The rich curry potato filling is packed tight into the thin skin pockets. When one bites into the curry samosa, there’s a delicious loud crunch, followed by a savoury mouthful of curry potato.

We ate and ate and  ate. We took turns waiting for the kitchen to replenish the delicious samosas and springrolls, before springing to action, piling our flimsy paper plates with towers of springrolls and pyramids of samosas. Even my maid-aunt was stunned by our beastly appetite.

After having satiated his freak hunger, the monster in him disappeared, leaving a pretty decent-looking human being whom I can acknowledge as my sibling.

*Argh, reminiscing the pyramids of samosas is making me salivate … and hungry.


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