I’m going to be a Bridesmaid!

I met up with Miss YY today at the ‘hippest’ hangout in Singapore called Northpoint (in suburban Yishun).

I’ve known this babe since Primary 4 and she’s still the charmingly adorable fun beeyatchee babe. Well, that was one of the adjectives she wanted us to use to describe her since high school.

Her boyfriend decided to tie the knot by June next year.

She’s getting MARRIED!!!!! Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!I’m absolutely overjoyed for her!!!

And she’s appointing me to be the bridal bangla to carry her train (no, not the thing we commute with).

I’m really, really honored to be her bridesmaid and she’s the 1st bride whom I’ll be steering the train (no, it’s got nothing to do with driving) for.

She did ask me a few times back then to be her ceremonial coolie but I was still surprised when she told me today that officially, I’m going to be lugging the length of cloth behind her on her church wedding.


This is the 4th wedding I’ll be putting into my schedule.

Somehow, I began to get the dreadful left-on-the-shelf feeling which plagues all singles. It pricks the ego and titillates the thoughtless desire to just grab any dude on the street that comes our way. Now I understand how a guy friend was feeling when he told me he’s worried he hasn’t found the right one yet when most of his friends have tied the knot.

Problem is, I know what qualities I want in my partner and I don’t know if there could ever be another person like that.

 The choice of getting married to any dude or remaining a horny virgin till death …

It’s really the Devil or the deep, blue sea.

Online life


Tombstone by (Kabe)Ojisan, Mer(Squall)lion and Kuja by cycle san, Zidane by Nobon san

I went to Sagara san’s paint chat today after getting appointed a bridal bangla and noticed A san was there.

Previously, I’d sent her a youtube link featuring a cutscene of WOL Firion which is exclusive to the US-Euro release of DFF. In the same message, I thanked her for helping me regain my confidence back in paintchat after the pen tablet became pretty hard to control from a hardware driver failure.

I thought she would be as excited over the revelation that WOL Firion are a couple on the run, but  the response was lukewarm, terse and polite.


I’m confused.

I thought, usually, people would at least reply and share their views on this.

That’s what Hsk san normally does in her mailform correspondence.

I really felt things were getting awkward and it was unbearable. I really wanted to leave the chatroom because I don’t understand 80% of what they were discussing and it is hard to participate in the discussion. But I stayed on, hoping that A san would draw something for me to ogle at.

 A san left the chatroom shortly after midnight without drawing anything.

I’m not sure what is going on and it doesn’t smell right… (;A;)


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