A call from Indianapolis~

It’s a Saturday morning and I was in office sifting through the timesheets the ResignationsManagementGang has stuffed my pigeon hole with. It’d make a nice little pigeon’s (nesting) hole with those timesheets shredded into paper litter. 
Getting myself into HellDamnBig has its pros and cons.
Pros: The client’s at HDB Hub so I get to have my daily KOI bubble tea fix. The GL systems will terminate at a certain time before 9pm. My resume will look pretty nice with HellDamnBig in it.

Fixed Assets on Film: Data storage from the primitive age.

Fixed Assets on Film: Data storage from the primitive age.

Cons: My waistline is increasing  thanks to my daily KOI bubble tea fix. Internet access is virtually nil (Can anyone believe it?) unless we tap the WIFI at the nearest Mc D. The engagement lasts till end of May but I doubt we could even make it given the collossal organisational structure of the group. My resume will, therefore, look pretty ugly with HellDamnBig in it (if I’m applying for a non-private job).

Back to the timesheets…Great, the RidiculouslyMalignantGroup wants me to charge an hour of my Annual Leave for signing unassigned late. I went to check my TOIL balance and I saw ‘-61 hours’. What the f*ck?! Where did the hundreds of hours go to? ResignMoreGood is spurring me to quit. I was swearing away after seeing that my TOIL hours balance has become negative, until my handyphone rang.

Me: ‘Hello~?   
Caller: ‘Hey~ How are you, babe?’
(Singapore time:10.44 am, estimated US time: 9.44 pm)

It’s a client. No! It’s a telemarketeer. No!
It’s Radeeca!!!
My wonderful vegan buddy! Food is one subject we got all nostalgic about. Particularly those delicious vegetarian spots we went to like Delivege, Mahal Poti and oh… her favourite place to satisfy her MSG addiction, the vegetarian stall at the Bridge just next to our office.

I never expected a call from Radeeca. Not when it’s the audit peak period globally so it’s a huge surprise for me! And a lovely surprise too after TwT, another A11 turned senior, left for Korea just last Tuesday.(;w;)

Partners of Delete, Touch and Tomatoes. (from left: TwT, Radeeca and Arzen)

Partners of Delete, Touch and Tomatoes. (from left: TwT, Radeeca & Arzen)

We got all bitchy about Delete Touch and Tomatoes and the job crunch worldwide. It seems Radeeca was more concerned about whether I’ve found someone to ‘do everything’ with because the first question she asked was whether I’ve finally ‘done everything’. It’s nice to have a friend worry about my status as a virgin (in body). I’m very sure I’d have to ask her for some tips on doing it when I do find someone since she’s already done some ‘elementary practical work’ with her other half, Mr PhD.
It’s highly likely she and Mr PhD will progress to the advanced level once her plan to join him in San Diego materialises in the midst of culling headcounts.
Hey Radeeca, babe~Are you reading this?


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