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~Kinky Japanese~ Homosexual behaviour mainstream in J-Rock?

I’m absolutely stressed over the coming Tuesday’s double-whammy presentations and I had to go to school on SUNDAY for a project meeting! Jesus, even GOD has a sabbatical on this day. To rid the pressures and irritation over schoolwork, I scoured for some entertainment and found 3 music videos… …
The 1st one is titled “Yatta!” . It features a bunch of Japanese men dancing naked save for a strategically placed leaf.

That was child’s play. C’mon, even an old grandmother was cheering them on.

Next video shows Japanese rock bands doing silly, crazy stuff like ramming into oversized bowling pins and grabbing another guy’s crotch during an interview. Their behaviour has a hint of male affection and homosexuality, these J-Rock people. I wonder how it all started? For one thing, it has a significant influence on the anime/game fans in their interpretation of the characters they feature in their fanart and fan fics.


The following video is tagged at R18. It’s a collection of clips cut from music videos and concerts and it features male kissing, nudity,thrusting, rubbing and alot of mind-blowing perverse gestures.(>A

The Japanese kei bands are SUPER KINKY!!! Oh my god. Watch it at your own discretion. You have been warned of its potentially offensive content. (just makes us wanna watch it even more eh?)

My mind has been raped.I need a bath right now. OTL

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Moody and Poor

FIM sucks, sucks, SUCKS SUUUUUUUCKSsss!!!
Gasp… gasp… gasp…
This is one module that I am most lacking in motivation to pass.
Let me count the ways:
1) It’s all about the weirdest stuff you can find in Finance outerspace: Butterfly, bees and candlesticks,wtf?

2) The prof has a doctorate in Physics. That’s it. [and a juvenile swatch watch]

3) He believes there are 3 hrs from 3.15pm-5.15pm.

4) Pure 100% all abnormal boredom

And the project report we are working on is about bond ratings, watch and outlook. Hell, it’s a frankenstein made up of chunks from the credit rating agencies’ websites. The presentation’s next Tues and we haven’t even finished the report. Devil’s balls.
I was so upset with it and with my career assignment that for the 1st time in keithwengo MSN history, I put the f-word in my nickname. That got a lot of attention.

That’s it for the Moody part. Now the Poor part.

I totally burned my wallet, no, vaporized it to the last atom last week. Kinokuniya had its seasonal 20% discount coupon sale and the desire to contribute to it’s profit margins was to hard to resist. I scrambled from the city campus to the Bugis branch and bade farewell to $60 for the “Gankutsuou Complete”巌窟王 コンプリート. I profess my fanatic love for The Count of Monte Cristo and its anime adaptation by GONZO.
Next, I headed down to Takashimaya on foot under the blazing sun and into the main store. It took me an hour to decide on a drawing guide over anime VCDs [by sole distributor in S’pore, ODEX- $38 for crap subtitles and dubbing. It’s better to support Malaysia’s entrepreneurs]. That’s $20 into oblivion.

DR Total expenses: $80 : CR 1 week’s worth of handouts from Dad

DR Books $80 : CR Cash $80

(Purchase of biblio-graphic materials)

How’s the return of my capital investment on the drawing guide?

*Athrun looks damn slutty.(゜A゜)!

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