↑注意:「BLood+: Solomon x Hagi」ページは女性向です。
Warning: The ‘BLood+: Solomon x Hagi” page contains homosexual themes.


Illustration for Destiny Castle oekakibbs : newest ←  →oldest

Saya -RussiaDiva und ihre RittersHerr SayaRotenburo XmasAmshel and JoelBengal SayaBengal Hagilast vampire +First kissNathan& JamesSolomon PrincessDivo & Sayahagiko & saya

AugustStar Festival 1Star Festival 2

Haji Cosplay Festival コスハジ祭り

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Blood+ 30 years later Festival  30年後BLOOD+

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Blood+ 2, a collaborative manga/illustration project with Chihaya san and Nathan san.Below is a continuation from Nathan’s pioneering chapter of Little Miss Blue, named Nami.


5 responses to “Blood+絵

  1. こんにちは(^0^)/



  2. Hi Arzen!^^ノ

    Projects:Blood+ II which you made is very good job!!!! And thank you for linking.
    A picture of your MANGA is so beautiful, too.
    My sweet little miss red is stink of sweat?(*´д`)
    I look forward to a continuance!!
    If good how to make manga, I want you to teach it. ;^^

    By the way, I am very busy with work this week. (´・ω・`)
    If update and an answer become slow, I apologize….

  3. Arzenさんこんばんは&こちらでははじめまして^^

  4. Puppy

    Is there going to be a blood + 2??? On tv in the U.S.???

  5. Dena Roland

    Lol is there going to be a blood + 2!!! If there is that would be lovely I hope there is if there is i hope it would be great.

    Bye,peace and love ❤

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