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17th Nov 2005-World Cybergames S’pore kuso!

Armed with full batteries and camera, I headed for the convention hall to witness herds of cosplayers mingling with the tons of gaming fans from all over the world.
I could already see some international gamers heading the same way as me in their official shirts and neck straps. The lights were flashing in neon colors and the sound was totally rocking.
But something was missing.

The crowd. There was no crowd.

So I just strolled about searching for the cosplayers they promised. Hmm, such a huge place. Perhaps I’d start with the spot where I see the most people. The cosplayers might be hiding.

I squeezed to see what these bunch of people were staring at and oh…ho-hum. Singapore representative to be trashed in Starcraft.

Even if he doesn’t get whacked online, with such a conspicuous jacket provided by the nation, it is not difficult for the black shirted international competitors to find him and trash him in the toilet.

Then I made my way to the Counterstrike area and chanced upon the Malaysian team. Their supporters were clogging up the narrow corridor and one of them started yelling: “Fuck them out man! Just fuck them out! Whoooo!”

Spectators are not supposed to distract players by making noise and taking pictures of them with flash.

One of the facilitators went over to tell Mr”fuck-them-out” to shut up(nicely of course). After the facilitator left to attend to other players, Mr”fuck-them-out” immediately started yelling the same things once more plus “Don’t fucking care just -[the usual]-“.

The facilitator went over to reprimand Mr”fuck-them-out” to shut up. Mr”fuck-them-out” said “Sorry ah, I forgot.”

The time span between the facilitator’s first reminder for Mr”fuck-them-out”to shut up and Mr”fuck-them-out” yellling was 6 seconds.

Fucking Pig.

More strolling around…

Until I came to the Freestyle and Dead or Alive areas. There are Korean and Japanese competitors playing against Portuguese, Singaporean and other nationalities.

As I trod on and on, searching for the invisible cosplayers, I finally saw a bunch of camera flashes coming from the entrance. It could only mean 2 things: There’s a celebrity in the house or there are cosplayers. I ran and yes! True enough! They are cosplayers… …

Only FOUR of them!!! Uso tsuki! You call this Lacus Clyde?!Cosplayers? Game Mascots?! Where’s the babes from Dead or Alive? What game is this in the first place???

Grossly disappointed, I thought of taking photos of Samsung’s mascots instead. Samsung girls in PVC blue-white mini dresses and boots, armed with lethal laptops, menacing mp3 handphones and music players.

Strolling some more and watching on the big screen competitors blasting each other away, I headed for the toy collectors competition and… !!!

Final Fantasy VII collectors’ toys on display! The owner’s fixing Cloud up over there.

Can’t help but snap at such a rare sight. I’m seeing it LIVE here instead of from a webpage.

Too bad no touching… …

After getting all fixed up, here Cloud stands!

Now he sits!

And the best that is to come… …





Cloud Strife — Final Fantasy VII Advent Children version!

No wonder the clear display screens are so dirty. I bet there are alot of people out there ‘pero-pero’ licked at the screens to get a taste of Cloud.

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Monday-Kuso day again

I got back my test [the last one to get the paper back to boot] and scored a disgusting C-. F**k! I feel so ridden with guilt. Especially after 珍珠博士was so nice to buy boxes of scrumptious finger foods for our last formal seminar. I’d better study extra hard for the exam. Don’t want to screw her teaching career by screwing my exam. And of all things I was oekakibbs-ing during her class.

2nd kuso event: The BOSS results are finally out. I did not get the ‘Financial instruments and other shit’ module. That means I only have 3.5 modules out of 4.5 modules. BOSS is a real pain in the ass, like a very hard and dry stubborn piece of sh*t.

Before all the serious kuso, one happened while all of us except Miss A were lunching in the foodcourt. We were talking about Mr C and Mr A who are always together like Chang & Eng. They are metrosexuals and anyone would have thought they’re an item. So there, 4 girls gossiping on the hapless twosome who were enjoying each other’s company by the braised duck rice stall.

Miss M: …What? Where? I don’t see them!
Me: Neeh…They’re over there! Sitting by the DUCK stall.
Miss Ringo: Puu!
Me: *pause* Oh… shit. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to say DUCK stall. I mean…Puu!
Everyone: Puu..Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

DUCK[鸭] in Chinese is slang for ‘male prostitute’.

Me: …Well, thank goodness we are not sitting by the CHICKEN rice stall.

CHICKEN[鸡] in Chinese is slang for ‘female prostitute’.

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Maiya Hee~! Maiya Hu~ ! Maiya Ho~! Maiya Ha Ha!

Check this out people!
Enter the world of Maiyahii マイヤヒ, populated by Monasモナ.[feline creatures made out of letters and symbols ] and alot of Japanese puns.
The Japanese are always ahead of us in the eurobeat scene. Especially in re-interpreting the unintelligible lyrics commonly sung in any bimbotic techno dance music.
To view the Maiyahii MTV, you need macromedia flash player first before clicking the link below.

Some notes for those who have no inkling of Japanese alphabets.
:’saru’ means Monkey
すげえェ:’suge -eh’ means awesome/great/excellent ウゥン: ‘Uun’means Um/Uh huh
:’ji’ means words/writing ベロ:’bero’ means to lick
: ‘yubi’ means thumb マク:’maku’ means Mac(donalds)
パンチラ:’panchira’ means panty display
アロン:‘aron’ sounds like ‘Alone’ or ‘Arlong’ from anime One Piece. The Japs cannot pronounce ‘L’.
ピカソ:’pikaso’ means Picasso
すごい肉:’sugoi niku’ means excellent meat
飲ま:’noma’ means to drink
イェイ:’I e i’ means Yay!

I came across a Maiyahii flash last year but at that time, with my limited Japanese vocabulary, I couldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.
\(’A`) ~野間飲まイェィ!NOMANOMA YEA!

Why did I decide to actively search for the Maiyahii now?
Thanks should go to Singapore’s faceless singer Guo Mei Mei for advertising her newest single featuring the very same tune on Kids Central. But for her version, she’s featuring a cockroach and I doubt its anything as funny as what the Japs did to O-zone’s hit single.
It’s never too late to spread the “Numa Numa” fever. Yeay!
Maiya Hiii~ Maiya Hu~ Maiya Ho~ Maiya Ha!Ha!

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Tokyo Imports-友達にお見上げをくれ~

Nothing can ruin this perfect day! [Even when BOSS was so screwed I could not bid for Accounting theory until I used the library PC. F**k BOSS.]

Esther san finally returned from her trip to Tokyo and I’ve met her today for the goods. Waaaaa!!!I want to take a vacation to Japan too.
Here’s what’s in the gift bag I got from her.

From top left, Skinlife gentle foam wash and blackhead remover gel, Seed Club 4 Coma, 2 plastic bags, 2 chestnut-mochi filled puffs and a souvenir Japanese fan.

\(^A^)/ ~* 嬉しいィイイ …. 美味しいイイ

At home, I decided to rekindle my relationship with my darlings.

GUNPLA!!! !!!

Aegis SD-

Stolen and piloted by Mr Athrun Zala from Zaft. The very first gunpla model I assembled.


*( “BANZAI! Gundam Seed Forever! For Zaft [or Zala]!”)

Who knew assembling your own toy could bring so much delight. All the cutting, sawing, filing, inhaling PVC dust & paint fumes and joining the parts together sends one into euphoria. (Probably from an overdose of paint fumes and thinner)

Do give Gunpla a try. The satisfaction is worth all the effort and health risk.

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BBS, Exercise, Clap my website

I finally exercised. Not by flexing my fingers and shaking my thighs, watching the flab vibrate.
I pounded the treadmill for a full 30 mins [well, actually, brisk walking for the 1st 23mins and running for the last 7mins] .

When I stepped off the treadmill, I felt dizzy,probably from the jiggling fats during the run.

Waaaaaaah! I feel so good, so cleansed and purified. Perhaps that’s why some hardcore joggers say exercise is better than sex. I can’t wait for the next round although it means a whole bunch of tight aches the morning after.

Quite surprised my weight is still below 65kg but f**k, why do my pants feel so tight? Have they shrunk? Some evil little elf must have shrunk it when I was asleep. Or maybe, just maybe, that little punk inflated my bottom!!!

I added a webclap onto my website. So people out there reading this blog, please enjoy the’ clap clap’ sound by clicking on the webclap button in the navigation bar of my website*. A lovely surprise will pop up when you do so.


I added more crap in my oekakibbs. Received one orange durian from my cousin. Sent her Kira Yamato [‘s voice actor’s other character]. Well, it’s quite fun to play with oekakibbs once one gets the hang of it.

BOSS is shit.BOSS is biased against accounting students because it thinks they are all robots. Not all accounting students are robots and can take things lying down. Without Miss 1Wrong to tell BOSS what is rightfully ours, I guess I’d be taking ‘Financial Instruments and other Shit’ module in my final term.


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Blogging in the Toilet+ Kuso Day

Whenever there’s the need to shit, we bring in the newspaper and other traditional forms of reading materials to ease the defecation process.This time, I’m experimenting by digitizing this intimate aspect of ordinary life by bringing in the laptop instead.The experiment is conducted in the library toilet with minimal human traffic. This is to ensure that the results can be solely attributed to the procedure rather than from external factors.

Details aside, I conclude that reading from a laptop instead of from paper is just as effective ,if not more , in coaxing the lump of turd out. Perhaps it’s the heat generated from the machine and the risk of getting roasted knees which enables the speedy conclusion of big business.

The AFA quiz is going to be a major screw up. EPS was screwed, DEPS did not even have the chance to get screwed. I’m putting my hopes for a pass on the exchange rate translation section.

And was I cock-eyed. I went to calculate the post acquisition earnings from fixed assets right down to the end and when I happily brought up the current profit figure to the income statement, a lovely surprise* awaited me. The bloody figure is sitting pretty up there!

*Only people with accounting background and robots can understand the stupidity of the above situation.

After a brain-bashing session on the notorious subject of deferred taxation, Miss 1wrong, Miss M, Miss Ringo, Miss A and I(as in me,not Miss I) proceeded to the Accounting Society room for a project meeting.Miss M, Ringo and me decided to get some lunch just after a trip to the loo.
In the lift, Miss M noticed something was open while speaking on the phone.
No, it’s not the lift doors. It’s something worse.

My fly was open* and I did not even know about it!!!

*It’s the 2nd time this pair of jeans gave the color of my undies away without my consent. Chikusho!!!!

Lastly, with the meeting concluded and poor Miss 1wrong suffering from a bad case of dysmenorrhoea, Miss Ringo and me headed for home.I confidently tapped my student pass onto the MRT gantry instead with the ezlink card*.

This is definitely a kuso day, like all Mondays are supposed to be.


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Arzen’s Website. FINALLY

Finally, I finally have a website to deposit my pictures.

People who have been spending time reading this blog, you now have another to spend your time on.

My website Arzen’s Picturehouse:

Website e tanoshiku asobi ni kite kudasai. Dozo!

This morning I woke up at ungodly hours to meet Miss Ringo for Delifrance breakfast buffet challenge.
It rained.

Undeterred by the strong temptation to hop back to bed with such cool, slumberous weather, I made my way with crap and visions of dancing pastries in my mind.

Here’s a peek at my thought process:

Advanced Financial Accounting






Shitty Accounting Joke= What does a French accountant say when he falls in Love?

Ans: I’m Amourtized.

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Deepavali : Photoshop + Shin again

Blood+ is an anime worth watching. Even Hans Zimmer finds it worthwhile to be in charge of its music dept. Yes! THE Hans Zimmer who composed music for Hollywood movies. Now he’s writing music for a Japanese anime.

It’s a bloody spectacle with ultra cool monster slashes and bites. The timeslot which Gundam seed used to reside seems to be reserved for big anime productions where hordes of fans are created to buy the merchandise.

Can’t help but do some photoshopping on the apune holiday.

How appropriate. Since Shin the little sh*t has red irises like Blood+’s Saya, why not make him wear the skirt too?

That guy cosplaying Saya’s servant is Rey the clone.

Can’t wait for the next episode.
Can’t wait to take part in the breakfast buffet challenge @ Delifrance this Friday before swimming in more FRS 39-ers and Forex translation.

PS: Finally got most of Junji Ito’s manga! Superb artwork with the most organically distorted forms and horrific stories. I may post an image sample upon request. Oooh Oishisou…

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