-End of GoNSaikang-

Anyone remember McVities Digestive Biscuits? This British brand is now owned by the Japanese. Check out the products. Yum.

I managed to clear everything sans trivial responsibilities like typing checks and begging the dumb clients to come and sign the financial statements.
All completed financial reports are duplicated and inserted into large envelopes, ready whenever the dumb clients decide to come.

It feels weird that all the craziness 10 weeks ago has come to an end. Now, the only thing to make my acne pop once more is the internship report. As usual, I don’t know how to begin writing it without turning it into a bestselling autobiography chronicling the horrors of dusty paper piles, humiliating scoldings and naggy typists.

Well, I’ll miss the mouthwatering and reasonably-priced food most. The succulent pork picatar and cheesy mashed potato, smooth noodles and fishballs with juicy mincemeat center, tangy Thai tofu with rice smothered in curry… The droolsome list could go on and on.
One of the things I picked up from this internship would definitely be expanding my epicurean tastes and waistline.

Also, I’m quite thankful the ultimate boss, Goh Ngiap Suan is a very patient and easily negotiable person.Mr Goh is a typically softspoken gentle old man who sometimes stutters nervously (which my colleague and I find endearing, haha).
And when he offered a handshake, I didn’t grip it with the usual pressure cos I’m afraid I might break his wrist and he won’t be able to sign his ten thousand dollar name on the financial statements. Eeks.
He seems to welcome the idea of me working part-time…hmmm I’ll consider the $6.50/hr offer.
And I got my paycheck but it doesn’t mean I’ll be getting a PSP soon. Gotta pay SMU first. Damn.

* I can’t believe I took the time to browse SMU’s annual report! (The sky’s going to fall!) All the big 4 donated more than $100,000-$500,000. Wonder where the money went to…


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