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Soul Eater (anime)ご苦労様でした!

The Souleater anime began in April 2008 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bones Studio. Bones has earned a place in the industry for producing high quality anime with works such as Sword of the Stranger, Full-Metal Alchemist and Wolf’s Rain.
I’ve just finished the 51th episode. The final episode of Soul Eater series.

It was a wonderful anime series. I enjoyed it very much and it’s characters are absolutely lovable, especially Death.the.Kid with his obssessive compulsive disorder and the irritating white creature called Excalibur (うぜぇ).
The main character is Maka Albarn, the meister of Soul Eater Evans, a demon scythe. Other characters include Death the Kid and his twin guns, the Thompson sisters, Black Star and his ninja weapon, Tsubaki, Shinigami, Professor Stein and Mifune the sword samurai.
They are an adorable lot, with quirks and an innocent, almost child-like quality in them.
Excalibur’s ‘Bakame!’ in Koyasu Takehito’s voice is especially endearing… www

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