Life at GoNSaikang: Final Week Shock

My dad had a heart attack in Kuala Lumpur last night.
He’s currently hospitalised but will be discharged tomorrow.
I only knew about it after my maid told me the reason why he hasn’t returned yet.

My blood froze when she said the reason may upset me. But after knowing that my dad was laughing when he made the call, well, I’m quite relieved.

This close brush with death really made me realise what I desire to do in life before I die. I guess all who know me could sorta put her finger down and say: ah…Art la.
Yea. I’ll be a bloody pissed ghost seething with regret if I’ve died without ever stepping into an arts school in a foreign land and coming out of it as an artfart.
So if my life happens go out like a candleflame , I’d hope whatever things I’ve drawn will be exhibited. (hmm… that’ll be tough cos some of them are rated X)


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One response to “Life at GoNSaikang: Final Week Shock

  1. Ying

    Dad went to visit your dad these two days. He’s fine now, can walk around the hospital. So nothing to worry, ok?

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