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I passed JLPT N3

I’m glad my tikam queen powers has not failed me.

I was utterly worried when I saw posts of jubilation on facebook for those who passed the JLPT exams as I have not received the letter.

The test results were pretty good despite me screwing up the kanji section. I got A for both the kanji and grammar sections. WOohoo!

Next up, JLPT N2… … ちゃんまいさんが任せられたwww


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JLPT N3 is Over!!! (^3^) (日本語能力試験N3レベルが終わった!orz)

It was only 5 months ago when I made the decision to dump $55 onto the reception counter to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N3.
I had a ready pool of JLPT2 notes and textbooks to swim in before the test however… life is always full of distractions.
Let me count the ways:Japan vacation, BL manga, BL novel, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, 801 etc
Today is the day of reckoning and I reckon the folks who set the papers are a bunch to be reckoned with. The main grouse we all had, N2 and N1 examinees included, was the load of unfamilliar grammar and vocabulary that ambushed us at every turn of the page. I cannot recall whether I was actually taught the words ‘区切って’、 ‘なだらか’ or ‘暗記’ nor actually seen them.
I can only hope for a borderline pass after spending half of the time playing dice with my eraser with the hope for a divine answer to each question. Other than shading random circles on the optical answer sheets, I took the liberty to decorate the question paper with sketches of the Anarchy sisters.(ちゃんまいさんのおかげで、集中できない)
Was the cramming in the past weeks all in vain then?
Perhaps not.
I was able to comprehend 60% of the Kichiku Megane novel that I am currently reading now without turning to the electronic dictionary for help and getting hooked on sexy underwear.


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Narcissism and Me,me,me,moi

”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – Toulouse Lautrec, Moulin Rouge.

The artistic midget could never say it better in the movie than that but just like him, the statement is entirely fictional. That’s what I used to think until now. It’s still partial hogwash since the greatest thing I’ll ever learn is how an eight-legged mollusc never fails to control the destinies of football playing countries, I mean, predict the winners in the  2010 World Cup accurately 8 times in a row.

Yes, it’s a nice  thing to love and to be loved in return. But 90% of the time, I let myself get bulldozed by infatuation for the beautiful people living in my head and cyberspace (Refer to entry ‘Missed Target‘). I’d like to play the game of romance but haven’t gotten anywhere near the finals yet (i.e. birds and bees). And since no game lasts forever, I cultivated a healthy cynicism towards love and marriage. All I’m waiting for now is the One with the right qualities and natural abilities who can complement my perfect flaws and quirks. Any gender or race or creed is fine as long as there’s mutual consent (although I’ve developed a taste for non-con through a steady diet of BL, joking). If all else fails, there’s still ”me” to last a lifetime. Sigh, if only I can replicate another me. I envy Henry in ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ …

Then what of the 10%? I enjoyed the thrill of the chase during my love-blinded exploits. From the joy of speaking with the target and learning about his/her life (i.e. through stalking) to the bitter sweet ache of waiting for the target’s arrival. Unfortunately, it seems what goes around comes around. In fact, I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart for even having a crush on them thanks to my overactive pituitary gland.

Based on my narcissistic deduction, I believe a person had (note: past tense, better stay that way) a crush on me in Paradiso di servizio civile.

In the 1st month, I was impressed by his attentiveness and genteel manner to everyone. My tumbler magically filled itself up, lunch invitations and even free porter service to the MRT. Then things take on a turn for the ‘better’. I usually like to end off lunch with a healthy dessert option, like fruit or yogurt. One fine afternoon, he asked me what flavor I prefer for yogurt. I typed my reply ‘Strawberry’ (I wish I can have Strawberry Yazima chan in my yogurt wwwwwストロベリーおいしそうw). The next day, a strawberry yogurt cup appeared on my desk. And the day after, another yogurt cup. And the day after… … I wished I’d replied ‘999K gold bars’ or ‘10,000-Japanese yen note’.

The yogurt cup did not come with a spoon. Without a utensil to consume the item with decency, I would dispense the item into the fridge on my way out of the office. The effort of having to walk to the pantry to take a spoon and cover the same distance twice just to consume the yogurt outweighs the perceived benefits of improving bowel movements. My dad did a great job in raising me into a perfectly useless, maid-dependent adult where I would die of starvation if not fed by hand. Soon, the fridge was filled with strawberry yogurt cups.

He saw that the fridge was bursting at its seams with yogurt cups and he asked me whether I’ve been chucking the lot of ’em inside. I gave him the affirmative and told him he could have them or share it with the others. He said the yogurt is meant for me and no one else. He seemed mortified when I suggested that he should share it with our lovely colleagues otherwise the fridge is going to turn into a cheese factory. Thankfully, he distributed the yogurt cups to everyone and the girls seemed really happy by his sweet gesture.
And from then on, the yogurt cup never made its appearance on my desk again. The end.

In my opinion, romantic love or the perception of being in love is always unsettling because the pervert+hormones=pheromones make the loudest noise
(There is a reason why God made me a woman instead of a man. So I won’t get charged for rape or something along that line for succumbing to the moans of nature, snigger). And when the vuvuzela of romance starts to sputter, the whitewash fades and the horrors of drab, ugly reality rears its head to greet you ‘Good Mourning’.
I believe that a relationship cannot be constructed synthetically with money or other material inputs like foodstuffs, it has to be cultivated with care and wisdom, putting in the right words and actions at the right time.
Yes, even something morally agreeable can come out of a filthy, sex-infested mind like mine. I love you, ME.

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Absent without Notice

Just be glad I remembered the password to my WordPress account.

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. It’s been ages since I’ve even seen wordpress. *snigger*
I’m sorry I’ve abandoned this blog temporarily to sort out my life (and to have a smashing good time in Japan).
One entry is not enough to record all the amazing (to downright uninteresting) experiences I had in these 7, yes, SEVEN months. I shall hereby document the events of my life that took place from 23rd March to 9th June 2010 in a manner described as ”succinct”.

23rd March to 07 May 2010 – Sent out 17 job applications of which 5+1 was shortlisted for interviews. 3 interviews were successful. (+1 was for a position with a recruitment company)
From the results of the above, I conclude 3 things:
(1) Accounting is never in my blood and the finance managers, who are the interviewers, can smell it.
(2) Although Accounting jobs SEEM plentiful and available, the same cannot be said for the working environment and salaries.
(3) One can score an interview perfectly if one is genuine. (Make it genuine even if you know you’re gonna make a seat reservation in Hell) CON-vince yourself before you CON the interviewer.
(4) If you don’t believe in an unseen higher power, be a believer now. You wouldn’t believe me anyway until desperation starts clawing at your behind.
(5) I suck at numbers and my memory is failing me.

10 May 2010 – First day at work in Paradiso di servizio civile.
11 May to present – Random rocks of responsibilities and a seething pile of backlog files waiting to be processed. This is aggravated by training courses which are dreadfully interesting and dreadful meetings. Kind and patient colleagues help soothe the pain and keep the place happy. Wished you were here.
-Agonized over comicstudio to submit a 4 page manga in exchange for a freebie from Japan. Currently agonizing over SAI to submit an illustration in exchange for redemption due to poor quality of above-mentioned manga.
-Amused by 5 year old brother who tried to stop his fart by covering his behind with his hand.

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Excerpt from a Capote Reader

I only started looking for a quote from an unread book after the picture was finished.
Been reading bits of Ovid’s ”Metamorphoses” and Kazuo Ishiguro’s ”An Artist of the Floating World”.
Simple, vanilla prose really.

Somehow, erotica doesn’t seem to appeal to me as much as when I was in my teens.
I tried reading ”’Caliente!’, an anthology of short sensual stories by Latin writers but was so utterly bored that I kept thinking of ketchup and mustard while the heroine gave the hero a terrific handjob.

It seems I’m turning into a jaded reader.
I’ve no patience to go through the whole book after the 3rd page and good stories that are skilfully told are so hard to come by.
In the past, I could finish a romantic novel in a day. Yet now, I could hardly flip to the 3rd page without tossing it aside and commit the book to a blanket of dust.
Only the likes of Oscar Wilde and other classic literature can make my eyes devour the pages at one sitting.
Have my reading needs ascended the Maslow pyramid or gone the other way round?

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3 days in Chennai and a week in Tamil Nadu – An experience worth more than 3 years at home

I have never considered India a travel destination in my life until a fellow dungpicker and friend, Radeeca, invited me to her wedding in Chennai, India.

In my mind, I can only visualise images taken from a Bollywood movie and Slumdog Millionaire.
A dark human flotsam with Tata Steel cars and autos swirling in the dusty, garbage lined streets.
The chugging of smoking diesel engines and tongue twisting exchanges in the various Indian dialects provide a continuous assault to the ears.
Smog and flies blooming in the air as strays and beggars pick at heaps of litter for some scraps.
Water which guarantees a quick and prolonged laxative effect to the foreign stomach.
The state of the public toilets that is too shocking to imagine.

The 4-hour flight on Striped Cat Airways to Chennai was awful.
The seats were cramped with hardly any foot room to speak of.
The varied odours of its passengers made my nostrils cry.
Even my fellow travellers who could sit through 10 hour flights started to swear that this was the worst flight they’ve ever took.

I hardly slept and was eager to get off the plane, even if it lands in Afghanistan.
Thus I was happy to cough up a few extra hundred bucks for my 2nd trip to South India via S.Ingapore Airlines.

Once we stepped out of the airport, the odour of the city never fails to prickle my olfactory nerves.
A pungent mix of turmeric, drainwater and dust.
Shops of all sizes and colours line along the crowded streets and yellow three-wheelers zip through the spaces between larger vehicles like Indian Initial D.

Unlike the retail clones that cover Singapore, India’s shops and stalls are one of a kind. I’ve yet to come across 2 shops which look identical and sell identical stuff.
Gangly indian men were peddling pirated books, decorative accessories, shirts, slippers, household wares, food, toys… anything to lure the ruppee out a tourist’s pocket.
The real temptation for me lies in the marbled walls of saree emporiums such as Pothi’s and Kumaran Silks.
I vowed never to buy a saree as the only time I could ever use it is for racial harmony day.
I yielded to the platimun service (Saree for you Madame?) and luscious silks which the male sales assistants unfurl with no hesitation.

Gee, what am I going to do with 4 sarees? (^p^)

Thanks to my dear friend Radeeca, I had the opportunity witness a Brahmin wedding and to don in a saree for the occassion.

For my 2nd trip to South India, I joined Bavanee and her family to visit the famous temples of Tamil Nadu.
I felt really fortunate to have them smuggle me into the sacred heart of the temple which houses the statue of the residing god. All I had to do was paste a bindi on my forehead, dress in a chudi or saree and call one of Bavanee’s aunts my mother-in-law.

When some local priests started yelling at me and gesturing for me to stay outside (I forgot my bindi), I realised how the blacks must have felt during the apartheid to be ostracised just because of the colour of their skin.
I was a little worried too that I would be spending the rest of the trip staring at the intricate gorpurams outside the temple grounds like a lone tourist.
I did feel a little upset and incredulous that the same bloody priest still refused to shut his trap even after Bavanee’s family told him I’m a Chinese Hindu.
Well, it’s an isolated case.

We did not encounter any similar problems for the next few temples.
The priests blessed us all the same. More blessings in the form of sachets of holy ash and flowers if one offers some ruppees.
Every temple’s interior is lavishly covered in ornate carvings and surrounded by columns of Yali (a mythical creature) or divine figures in a state of dance. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed within the inner sanctum. Perhaps because the cameras would have been crushed to smithereens by the raging human throng as people jostled to pay homage to the deity.

After traversing through rain-soaked rice fields, unkempt towns, damaged roads in this 2nd trip, seeing how the locals could survive the dust-covered faces of poverty and urban chaos, I finally tasted contentment and appreciation for the modern comforts I took for granted such as hygiene, urban planning, clean roads, order.
When in India, expect chaos and the unexpected.

That’s why it enthralls me, the shifting beauty and ugliness of the Indian landscape, the excitement when one consumes his lunch without knowing how the dish was prepared or what was contained inside, the dizzying array of colourful cloths and glittering jewellery waiting to adorn, the heat and smell of steamy garbage piles as dust-colored cows scavenge for morsels of food in the parking lot.
The chaos and disorder invaded my senses, pillaged my lofty expectations and robbed me of my discontent.
All that was left was gratitude in my heart for what I had.
The routine and order of modern life.
The access to India’s sacred temples where the ancient sages carved the secrets of the universe into stone.
Everything, the pains and the joys, that brought me to where I am now.

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Status:AGM-Auditors Groovy Meeting

This was the 1st and last AGM I’ve attended in my prematurely aged life with Delete Touch Tomatoes.

I couldn’t care less about going to the party district in my office wear on the eve of Halloween.

I’m sure I look hideous enough with the battered company laptop and papers stuffed in my bag and looking zombified after a long, stormy and nauseating ride from Dieco Healthcare to Clarke Quay.

Lion’s Tail and gang had arrived and I joined them at a table piled with enough alcohol to make a Russian happy. There’s red and white wine, vodka allsorts and beer to drown in. The food was high in calories, saturated in oil and delicious. The menu ranged from mushroom puff, prawn fritters, corn nuggets (fortified with MSG), bowtie pasta, fried fish in thai sauce, bratwurst in cranberry (?) sauce, et cetera. After scarfing down the food, I felt a tad thirsty and it made me reach out for 2 glasses of red wine, 1 lime vodka, 1 orange vodka, 1 glass of white wine… which made me a tad tipsy.

After the boring lucky draw event, the floor was open to all to get into the groove. Lion’s tail and me requested for ‘Dragonstadt Din Tei’, which the DJ only understood after I wrote ‘Chicken Little’ on the napkin. The song was dedicated to Jean Dac who is a splitting image of the nerdy little chick.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Abstinence makes the body groove harder.

I really missed those nights of frenzied dancing and letting the music take over. The last time I clubbed was 2 years ago (;w;)


I wanted to dance so bad I dragged Lion’s tail to the floor with me. And when the crowd got bigger, we were pushed to the back, against the bar top. We ended up sitting on the bartop. Next thing I knew, I was shaking my ass on the  bar top and pulling Lion’s tail up along with me. I was so high I accidentally knocked my spectacles into the teeming mass of bodies below me. Goodbye visual clarity, hello hard buttshaking.

When we finally descended from the bar top and felt the ground under our feet, the thumping music kept us shaking and screaming like a bunch of crazed fans in a concert. We were high, we were free, we were absolutely drunk with booze and music.

We grooved till the wee hours of the night. My aching thighs and back are reminders of the excessive nocturnal workout we had. I was really amused when Lion’s tail told me she felt like she just got to know me that night. I guess I look too nerdy for anyone to believe that I used to club regularly years before. I left after talking to a seriously drunk KyaKyen who kept denying he was drunk. Being as blind as a mole (after losing my spectacles into the human abyss), Lion’s tail was sweet enough to lead me to the taxi stand. The queue was monstrous so I took a nightrider bus home. Thank god.

After groping around for railings and other tactile aids, I reached home at 3am, reeking of alcohol.

It was a night to remember.

After all, it’s my first time dancing on a bar top. \(^o^)/


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Status: Resigned (総辞職に参加します)

The resignation letter was typed, printed, folded and inserted neatly into the envelope.

All ready to be placed gently onto the human resources manager’s desk.

It has been a little bit more than 2 years of late nights and meaningless dungpicking in Delete Touch and Tomatoes LLP.

The beginning of rolling dung hills has led to the end.

Here are the general factors:

i) Abolishment of TOIL policy by the leaders of the industry. Obviously they have been deluded that all humans can subsist on air like them. No one (except the said leaders and anyone like them) is willing to work overtime when the time is not compensated.

ii) Decrease in pay increment. The leaders cut our pay but still retain the high charge out costs to the client. In our budgets, the time cost rate is retained when the actual cost (salary) is but a miniscule fraction to the total. Leaders thinned the budget in hourly terms to reflect lower costs. Now, why don’t I help them cut their costs by directly reducing the headcount?

iii) Inadequate resources for excess in jobs. Previously our leaders shifted the fresh batch of young dungpickers to other departments like Tex and Y’Are Ass, resulting in an inverted dungpicker’s pyramid, with excessive dung supervisors at the top and a handful of dung coolies to shovel the shit at the base.

On personal factors, I was completely disgusted by the load of fresh steaming jobs dumped on me. I didn’t get the old dung back. And to top off the chocolate mountain, they landed a Sing&Tell on me. At the last blooming minute.

Secondly, I see no point in wasting my time on a job I don’t like and don’t give a rat’s ass about. Do I see a future in audit? Hmm yes, I see emaciated bodies, clumps of torn black hair and dark smoke from the chimneys of an Auschwitz concentration camp.

Thirdly, I suck at it because it looks like a load of BS to me and I am utterly reluctant to do anything that looks like a load of BS. Tell me, will it save the ice caps from melting or relieve a child from hunger if there are more audits conducted? Hell f**king no.

These are push factors. And the pull factor?

Bumming and living a parasitic existence as an unemployed.


Oh by the way, Happy belated Deepavali.

I was working overtime with the indian client on the eve of their holiday.



Online life

Remember my soft target, Chiryuu san?

It seems things are getting harder than what I’ve bargained for.

One thing’s for sure, I’m not a cyber-virgin anymore./////

Oh yea, and they say for my Bazi element, I’ll be getting a bit of peach blossom luck.

No one told me the peach blossom could be either gender.

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Welcome to Erohime class! (現実もエロに逃げられない)

Ero – connotes sexual perversion in the Japanese language.
Example: Erojiji means chee ko pek or dirty old man, ‘jiji’ meaning old man or uncle.

I was stuck with the said adjective online for a period of time after a number of mature paintchat encounters…

Thus, to me, ero is a word that will never exist in the world of reality until today… …

So here’s some background information.
I’ve been learning Japanese for a year now at a private language school.
Due to the demanding nature of my job, I could only enrol for the Sunday classes.
It’s called the ‘Orihime’ class with about 14 students from all walks of life, from a university undergraduate, teachers, office workers to engineers.

Our Japanese sensei is a very vocal and gregarious woman and her outgoing personality made the classroom highly enjoyable to sit in.
I must say she has a knack for tsukomi given class clowns like Weechin san and Jeffrey san (both late twenties).

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, like any other Sundays in the language centre.
Our sensei wanted us to suggest certain actitvities which are a nuisance to the public.
So I told her ”電車でイチャイチャするのが禁止すればいいだと思います” (Making out in the train should be prohibited)
Sensei was surprised we were uptight about public displays of affection and she said she would love to try it out once she gets hitched.
Then Jeffrey made some comment which made sensei stare at him and say:

Later, we were told to construct sentences using ‘nan quantity ka'(何か).

Jeffrey san and Weechin san were constructing a conversational sentence relating to recalling the number of annoying women (ムカつく女) each of them has met.
However, looking at the perverse way both of them were laughing, the whole class thought they were discussing on how many women they have … …
Soon the class became extremely rowdy and excited as everyone started interrogating ero-combi Jeffery san and Weechin san.

Our sensei sighed loudly :”嫌だ。どうしようー織姫クラスがエロになる…” (What am I to do? My Orihime class is turning sleazy.)
Jeffrey san: “いいじゃない?エロ姫クラスになる!” (Then our class should be called Erohime!)
Arzen:”エロジジ。” (Dirty old man)
Sensei:”ジェフリーさんはまだ若いから、じゃ、エロ兄さん。” (Jeffrey’s not that old yet. Let’s call him Dirty young man)



Online life

I’ve got a soft target, Chiryuu san, whose works are highly volatile and nosebleed inducing, and she is keen to explore the alternative adult territory (e.g. shibari, horse play).

It started after she approved my Mypic request and when I entered her Teblog paintchat without any clue the owner was actually her.
Until I saw the pair of Frio Tidus centaurs at the Teblog paintchat announcement.
It was the same pair of centaurs in Chiryuu san’s pixiv portfolio.


My response to Chiryuu san's Frio the stallion and carrot.ハァハァ

It was fun watching her draw Frio the stallion treated to carrot and tomatoes.
I was inspired to draw a Steed of Light in my Teblog, freshly whipped for breeding. haahaa
I didn’t expect Chiryuu san to leave Frio the stallion and a carrot in the comment box.
From there, it became an ongoing contest of pornographic illustration.
She was so good I nearly gave up and wanted to draw a basket of vegetables instead.



And the series continues … … (?)

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I’ve Got A New Boyfriend (Asus U80Vを買った!)

After 6 years of faithful service, 2 hard disk replacements and 3 fatal crashes, my Dell inspiron 600m is finally put to rest.


Things started getting bad after a software update. So horrible that I couldn’t even run Java or play an avi. movie smoothly.

I had no choice but to lug my office laptop to and from home on every working day and happily, there”s no optical disk drive nor user access to install programs.

That meant using my pen tablet like a bloody mouse with a shivering cursor and uncalibrated area.

It’s a physical torture to my wrist especially during paintchat sessions where I had no guts to sketch in case the cursor suddenly took a mind of its own and scrawls across some poor chap’s art work. Oh, and the shitty lines are an excellent dampener on my confidence. 

So… after weeks of scratching my pen tablet and watching minutes tick by as the Dell laptop tries desperately to squeeze an update download byte by byte, COMEX finally came.

I decided to zero in on Asus after visiting some tech forums and gathering insider advice of certain competing manufacturers.

Reliabilty and customer aftercare was one of my priority requirements before making a hardware purchase, kudos to those insufferable periods of anxiety when the Dell laptop decided to fail me.

I headed for COMEX in Suntec City Convention Centre on the 3rd day (Sat), at 12 noon which was the opening time. The linkway to the  convention centre was utterly thronging with people. I had to swim through the human flotsam, dodging baby strollers and flyer distributors, only to drown in more human bodies.

Impatient, I took the staircase and got lost in the labyrinth of hidden toilets and doors with restricted access. It’s really scary especially when I found myself at a dead-end on each floor and each turn. Imagine being chased by a chainsaw-toting psychopath in Suntec… It’s a definite Game Over for me.

Finally, I found an exit and reached the COMEX site. True to anyone’s expectations, it’s a hive of sales activity as exhibitors yelled discounts and tempting prices at bargain hunters. More dodging and side-steps and I finally reached the Asus booth.

I asked for the U80V for it’s sexy HD monitor, titilating keyboard and touchpad, average CPU, free Windows 7 upgrade and the substantial freebies like a 320GB portable storage disk. The salesperson gave me a $100 discount and announced that the last unit of this model has already been sold. Yea, so that another person who’s been wanting this model can lie in wait with a chainsaw to relieve my new notebook of its owner.

And below, is how my new boyfriend looks like.

After ironing out the annoying Vista hiccups, my pen tablet felt soooo good and comfortable to use. It’s almost orgasmic for my drawing hand.
I’ve spent the past few months dragging cursors all over the screen and praying hard that the cursor would suppress its Parkinson’s in a java environment.

Dell laptop/ Lenovo without the pen tablet driver installed properly (WOL and Frioneil)
No driver 01

Pen tablet driver successfully installed in U80V (WOL with rose)

The battery life lasted for 8 hours, compared to my office laptop which had a battery change recently but still cannot last beyond 3 hours. The new laptop is surprisingly cool after leaving it on for 3 hours whereas my wrists start to broil 15 mins after the office laptop was switched on. 

What more can I ask? He’s cool at all times but oozes with sweat-inducing sexiness and responds to my every touch in the dark.

Our honeymoon night was wonderful. So good that I stayed up till 6.45 in the morning…

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Squeezing and Stalking (SMSと手書きブロ)

The following is an excerpt of an sms conversation I had with Miss 1wRong last night:

Miss IwRong:  I want! I wanna squeeze! Is it white and soft?

Arzen:  No, it’s big and hard.


I know, it sounds R-18 if we’re gonna think that the thing she wanna squeeze is something we’re not born with. www

It’s only a pimple.

A nice gargantuan pustule of clotted sebum from my ‘auntie’ which visited me last night… urrrgghhhhhhh….

I need blood… Feeling faint….and I’m meeting a schoolmate from the Japanese Language school to exchange and discuss about Yaoi.

I think Ying san might have to drag my limp, bloodless body home.

Online life

After giving up on using SAI in my old computer, I decided to register a tegaki blog.

Simply for the following reasons:

  • The canvas size is large enough for sketching manga as compared to oebbs which is limited to 800×800
  • To stalk A san
  • User friendliness

I happily drew Frioneil haahaa just to test the functionally limited paint tools. 1 hour after I completed the picture, I checked back to my tegaki panel and noticed someone had left a comment on the picture.

I thought it was Tamakichi san because I sent a tegaki friend request.

I didn’t send one to A san because I didn’t  want A san to think I’m a stalker (although it’s what I’ve been doing it all along). Especialy after the previous incident when things got really awkward in the chatroom. She reassured me that she was just tired that night…(;w;)

 When I saw the owner of the comment, I thought I must be hallucinating.

It’s A saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wrote that Frio is yummy and that she’s being the stalker.

Me being stalked by A san?! HaahaahaahaaAAAA!!!!!!

Omigod omigod omigod (^///p///^) Haa haa haaa!!!!!

Couldn’t really sleep that night…. wwwwwwwwwww haa haa

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I’m going to be a Bridesmaid!

I met up with Miss YY today at the ‘hippest’ hangout in Singapore called Northpoint (in suburban Yishun).

I’ve known this babe since Primary 4 and she’s still the charmingly adorable fun beeyatchee babe. Well, that was one of the adjectives she wanted us to use to describe her since high school.

Her boyfriend decided to tie the knot by June next year.

She’s getting MARRIED!!!!! Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!I’m absolutely overjoyed for her!!!

And she’s appointing me to be the bridal bangla to carry her train (no, not the thing we commute with).

I’m really, really honored to be her bridesmaid and she’s the 1st bride whom I’ll be steering the train (no, it’s got nothing to do with driving) for.

She did ask me a few times back then to be her ceremonial coolie but I was still surprised when she told me today that officially, I’m going to be lugging the length of cloth behind her on her church wedding.


This is the 4th wedding I’ll be putting into my schedule.

Somehow, I began to get the dreadful left-on-the-shelf feeling which plagues all singles. It pricks the ego and titillates the thoughtless desire to just grab any dude on the street that comes our way. Now I understand how a guy friend was feeling when he told me he’s worried he hasn’t found the right one yet when most of his friends have tied the knot.

Problem is, I know what qualities I want in my partner and I don’t know if there could ever be another person like that.

 The choice of getting married to any dude or remaining a horny virgin till death …

It’s really the Devil or the deep, blue sea.

Online life


Tombstone by (Kabe)Ojisan, Mer(Squall)lion and Kuja by cycle san, Zidane by Nobon san

I went to Sagara san’s paint chat today after getting appointed a bridal bangla and noticed A san was there.

Previously, I’d sent her a youtube link featuring a cutscene of WOL Firion which is exclusive to the US-Euro release of DFF. In the same message, I thanked her for helping me regain my confidence back in paintchat after the pen tablet became pretty hard to control from a hardware driver failure.

I thought she would be as excited over the revelation that WOL Firion are a couple on the run, but  the response was lukewarm, terse and polite.


I’m confused.

I thought, usually, people would at least reply and share their views on this.

That’s what Hsk san normally does in her mailform correspondence.

I really felt things were getting awkward and it was unbearable. I really wanted to leave the chatroom because I don’t understand 80% of what they were discussing and it is hard to participate in the discussion. But I stayed on, hoping that A san would draw something for me to ogle at.

 A san left the chatroom shortly after midnight without drawing anything.

I’m not sure what is going on and it doesn’t smell right… (;A;)

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A New Change – Communications and Coiffure

There’s a few changes this month.

Firstly, my hairdo. Miss 1wRong couldn’t tolerate the mop of twisted hay attached to my head so we decided to go for a haircut at Tornado in Tampines. The hairstylist was such a lovely, bubbly lass from Malaysia and a master of shaping coiffures with her silver shears. Miss 1wRong and her mom were satisfied with the magic the hairstylist did to my hay. This is a good thing. But the only problem I had was it resembles the hairstyle of the heroine in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango…the saccharine cuteness is the total opposite of my true personality.

Secondly, I’ve changed my phone number and signed up a new plan after my old phone succumbed to the white screen of death. Permanently. The new phone I got at zero dollars is a Sony Ericsson W980 which satisfies my music cravings with 8GB of internal memory.

A silly thing happened yesterday.

It started when I got a little jealous of Silver Taro after Miss A got really excited at the idea of collaborating with her. I admit Silver and Miss A’s drawing styles are so similar it’s hard to tell them apart. What peeved me more was that I felt I’m wasting everyone’s time since my drawing style is different from Miss A and I don’t know what to talk with her about except ero in broken Japanese. Thus, I got alot more reserved in the subsequent paintchats. This crush is scaring me and I think it’d definitely freak Miss A out. Hope absence does not make the heart grow fonder and abstinence is the way forward.

I was so engrossed discussing with Ying san about it that when I saw Miss 1wRong’s reply on her mom and my colleague that  ‘love will blossom between the two’, I mistook Miss 1wRong for Ying san.

I replied ‘Love ha nani? Taberarenai no ka? S san is Miss A’s soulmate and I wouldn’t like to put my foot between the two of them. I shall just be her ero partner www’.

When I realised my mistake, I sent it to the last person whom I’d ever think of sending. Hahahaha…(TwT)

So this is how a faithless adulterer feels like after getting caught. That all too familiar icy chill down my spine.

I found it so funny and ridiculous, I couldn’t help laughing till drool came out of my mouth. When Miss 1wRong replied that she didn’t know whether to be shocked or happy that she understood what was going on, I got a little concerned. ‘Concerned’ is a euphemism. Actually, I freaked out.

Ah, the stupid things I do… …

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Someone’s getting married and I’m invited!

My dear vegan friend Radeeca is back from the US for a short visit.

And she has the most wonderful news for me. Well, anyone can see from the title what it is. Yes! Yes! YES! She’s getting married this year! Finally, it’s official and I’m so happy and excited for her. Now I’ve got 3 weddings to attend! Yippee!!!

Where else to chow but our favourite stylish vegetarian hang out, Delivege? Watching her pore over the menu excitedly, I knew she’s just craving to try everything (…perhaps the same with her brainy spouse after her wedding. Heeheehee.) We ordered a cauldron of laksa (ok, I’m exaggerating but it’s really huge for a person!) and 2 food items which doesn’t appear in the menu.

She told me the details of how DeleteTouchTomatoes in the US put people from the bench and onto the streets during dinner. I’m just glad she’s finally found the perfect job in a perfect location. I’d love to go ogle at surfer dudes when I do get to visit her and her soon-to-be hubby in the US.

We chatted on other topics and really, she’s the first person whom I can speak comfortably on topics which can give our parents a seizure if they knew. I told her about my nocturnal doodling orgies in paintchatrooms and she rhetorically wondered whether it’s the same as cybersex. www Well, seems like she’s going to be the first one to do ‘everything’. On a positive side, I could consult her anytime when I finally find the right person to do ‘everything’ with. I’ve decided to get a useful manual for doing everything as a wedding present.

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Pixiv Pchat: Kichiku infection(日常:俺はストーカーか?)

Warning: If homosexuality and erotic representations offend you, please do not click the picture links below. You’ll regret it. I mean it.

Ying san’s yome, Kuroro san hosted a pchat session last evening. Tamakichi san also put up a WOL pchat invitation in the same evening. It’s my biggest dilemma for the month. In the end, I concluded that since I’ve never participated in Kuroro san’s pchat before, I decided to give Tamakichi san’s tempting pchat a miss.残念100%!

Ann san, Ying san, Nobon san, H(entai)oshida san, amo san, even Xilla san were there, sketching delicious pics and having deep discussions on procuring Dissidia doujins. My first pic was a seme Nobara in a suit. Ying san suggested glasses for him and turned him into a Kichiku (Sadism) Nobara.capture12jula

Then the infection began.

Xilla san was sketched a delicious Nobara in apron pic and a sexy WOL pic… Without warning, Xilla san erased the picture before everyone could screencap. It’s very sadistic of Xilla san.

I got Ann san to draw her lovely Frioniel in tears and couldn’t help but get my WOL to join in. Haahaa. Can never get enough of her delicate Nobara drawings.

Picture: Frionel in tears and WOL in glasses (注:鬼畜眼鏡?)

She started sketching a censored nude pic of Another Frio and as usual, I added Nobara into the pic. I was appalled when she increased the censoring black mass over Frio’s groin. My artistic principle is ‘Less is more’. Then she added ‘拡大'(Enlarge) on the black mass.(゚∀゚)

Picture: Nude Another Frio and Nobara (注:裸体)

Then without warning, she erased her pic to nothingness. Before I could screencap the completed picture. Another Kichiku infected.

Picture: Kuroro san’s WOL Frio (注:萌え)

Neither Kuroro san was immune to the spread.

For my exit pic, I decided to experiment with Nobara seme and WOL uke.

Picture: Frio seme WOL uke (注:エロ)

I think I really need to work on my perspective.

Now for news on the more ordinary part of my life. Yesterday, I took the train to Orchard for my weekly Japanese classes. While waiting at the platform, I noticed a pretty good looking guy with a guitar slung over his left shoulder. He looks so delicate and deliciously uke I can’t help staring. I switched my attention back to Dissidia after getting on the train. When I arrived at Orchard and took the escalator towards the Ion exit, I noticed the slim man with the guitar slung over his shoulder ahead of me. Haa haa.

In the evening, after a nice romantic dinner with Miss Ringo at the airport, I took a bus and alighted at the MRT station near my home. As I walked towards the overhead bridge, I saw the same guy with the guitar in front of me! The sheer coincidence and my slow pace made me look like a stalker. I admit that I tried to catch up so I can ogle at his uke-licious face. Haahaa.

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Internet at last but…

… I get disconnections.

A pain in the ass but better than going cold turkey.

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Moving House-No Internet No Life

We’re going to move into a rental flat by the end of June. There’s no ready internet access in my new room and I feel like dying already…(インターネット中毒)

Dissidia Paintchat theme: Armor and Bikini

Dissidia Paintchat theme: Armor and Bikini

The worst thing is not knowing what goes on in The opportunity (social) cost of missing out a DFF paintchat is high, for me at least. Paintchat is a great place to meet gregarious and fun Pixiv members who share the same moral standards as me (Morals?What morals?). Kudos to Ying san for introducing me to the site. Now I’m hooked. Wish I could pchat with her at least once.

I pchatted with Leona last night. Omigoood, her seme WOL was hugging my Frio… when my PC hung.Damn! When I logged on once more she had left and the picture was no longer there. うぼぁー!

Work in Progress: My yome, Warrior of Light (愛してるぅ!!!)

Work in Progress: My yome, Warrior of Light (愛してるぅ!!!)

Now I’m thinking of signing up for a wireless package which comes with a USB modem. I could use it in office too but strictly for personal use only. Not sure if it could support my appetite for free movies though…


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The King has Died. Long Live the King.

Micheal Jackson (29 Aug  1958 – 25 June 2009) died from cardiac arrest today in Los Angeles.

His music and performance was part of my early childhood and I could even recall playing the arcade game adapted from ‘Smooth Criminal’ with my cousin in Genting in our elementary school days.

He is legendary in his music and dance. He is revolutionary in shaping the music industry and the once prejudiced American society. Hordes of overwhelmed fans swooning in his concerts and carried away by health workers was the norm. This is the King of Pop and there won’t be anyone like him. Ever.

May he rest in peace. But his music will live on forever.

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BL does not stand for Boys’ Love

It’s been such a long time since I’ve sketched nichijou mangas (comics on daily life). This is a harrowing encounter at a katsu stall in an Orchard shopping mall. A pair of metrosexuals were celebrating one of the metro’s birthday opposite me. Then they started bopping each other’s arms and elbows and god knows what else underneath the table. The best was when the metro presented the birthday boy with 2 boxes of lau por bing (wife’s cake). Seriously, is this a proposal or an outright act of defiance towards Penal code 377(A)? I nearly snorted rice out of my nostrils as the whole scene unfolded before me.















BL banzai! (@ロ@;)でもブスがいらねぇよ!

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Mid-March 2009 (ホワイトデーおめでとう)

To all lovers, friends and narcissists, may love blossom in thy hearts everlasting for others and more importantly, for thyself. Happy (belated) White Day!

Who is afraid of being single? I’ve never really gave much thought about my status of singlehood except worry about dying a virgin. In a world where we can buy sensory pleasures or even enjoy them for free (…with google, pron becomes so accessible), somehow the prospect of marriage has paled to a mere contract to share assets ($, HDB flat, kids) and liabilities (erm, kids?) and oh, definitely the expenses must be apportioned. Well, that’s a cynical, biased and cataclysmic view on marriage and I bonk myself for that.
Anyway, I started giving this a little thought when my Japanese language instructor, Night sensei, expressed her desire to get hitched. She’s in her late twenties, pretty, has no interest in IT and always cheerfully correcting our mistakes. Whenever we come across an example where the character is making a marriage proposal or is going on a date, she’ll remind us of her marital status. I sense a perfectionist and an urgency in her and it’s making me a wee bit anxious.
Who doesn’t count the years of singlehood like a prison inmate waiting to be freed by her prince charming (… I suppose)? That incessant ticking of the biological clock.
Try looking at it with another perspective. Count down the days of singlehood when one can still dream of so many possibilities of life and love, to be loved and cared by one’s family before marriage to another person. After that, one will have to enter his own little world where he’ll learn to love and care for the spouse (and kids, if any) and think of nothing more. Of course some people decide to jump ship which leaves alot of mess in their own lives, not to mention the collateral emotional damage done to the people around them. Aaah~ Only a selfish and cowardly bastard like me can hold a narrow view such as this. Or make that a jaded Romantic addicted to BL material.

*ファック!真殿光昭(Madono Mitsuaki), who voiced Bleach’s Kon, has voiced acted in a few BL drama CDs. When I heard his voice as the uke character, 月心(Gesshin), in 月と茉莉花(Tsuki to Matsurika) I thought they’ve got the voice actor’s name wrong in the cast list. Switching between the sex scene to Madono san’s version of Cutie Honey theme song nearly gave me a stroke. The contrast was too much to handle. ><


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