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Now Playing: Dissidia (Sephiroth 半裸ze)

Little big sephiroth

Thanks go to Ying san for acquiring the much-anticipated PSP offering, Final Fantasy Dissidia (and letting me play Left4Dead and Sonic Unleashed on her Xbox…setting new records in her gamer history such as the fastest mutiny to occur before the hunt for zombies started in Left4Dead).
As a lazy casual gamer (oh, Zacks is still in Shinra Mansion), I’m not really into combat games and never really fancied playing Street Fighter or KOF (Cos I get thrashed and KO in a split second). But being a hapless amateur fangirl of the FF7 series (I’ve never even played FF7 before!), I headed straight for the FF7 Story. Everything went smoothly for Cloud until he got thrashed by Sephiroth with his Supernova.
Ying san played the FF10 story with Tidus (pronounced as Tida-). We call him the Prinny because he goes ‘ッス’ (a US equivalent would probably be ‘dood’ ) in every sentence of his speech.
Tidus: 俺は主人公がいいんっすか?(自爆しろ)
We started imitating Tidus.

Ying ‘Prinnyッス’
Arzen ‘Tidaッス’
Ying ‘That’s incorrect. His name is pronounced as Tida, not Tidas.’
Arzen ‘I know. But when one speaks like a Prinny…’

No matter winning or losing the fight, the player earns PP which allows the player to purchase stuff such as alternate costumes.
Of course we bought the alternate costumes for Cloud, Sephiroth and Tidus (the Prinny). The alternate costume for Sephiroth is really made for all hapless fujoshis. He lost his clothes and he’s top naked with only his pants on and Masamune to hide his chest.www

Now where could his clothes have gone?
Sephiroth loaned his clothes to Sackboy in PS3’s platform game ‘Little Big Planet’. Good thing they’ve announced that this game will be available for PSP.\(^p^)/

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Status: Now playing (Last day of TOIL)

Dreadful. Just bloody dreadful. Tomorrow it’s the start of another long engagement with, of all things, HDB. Now I’m going full throttle being an otaku. Instead of visiting the Anime Fair at Suntec to ogle at a handful of cosplayers and shake my head in disappointment at the merchandise (not after seeing paradise in Tokyo), I’m shutting myself in my room oekakibbsing, reading manga and fondling my PSP for the rest of the day.

It’s high time a game like 「プリニー:俺が主人公いいんすか?」(’Prinny-Ore ga Shujinkou Iinsu Ka?’) arrived for PSP. Of course it can be put on NDS platform too… but please don’t tempt me to shell out a few more hundred bucks. I’m saving to buy a PSP-3000 once it’s out in the ‘other’ market. The battery in my phat PSP seems unable to retain power for more than 3 days. Anyway … …


The gameplay is very nostalgic and the graphics are very beautifully rendered with depth. It reminded me of those 2D sidescroll arcade games in the 90’s like Capcom’s ‘Ghouls and Ghosts’. There’s 1000 Prinnies to expend (ie to get killed) for the whole game before game over. It can get quite tough because one touch from the enemy, the Prinny explodes (ie dies). It’s fun nevertheless especially when it squeals ‘Yarareta!’ before it dies.

Yesterday, I was trawling the public oebbs site for some nice pictures to ogle at when I saw a pic of a red haired samurai. It’s from a music video called 「絶交門」(Zekkoumon) by a (gay?) joke band from Sendai called 仙台貨物(Sendai Kamotsu). Curiosity either kills the cat or rewards it with fish. Are you ready?

*Please note the emphasis on ‘Koumon, koumon’. In kanji, it can look like 肛門 which means anus.
The vocalist Chiba was supposed to be the twin brother of another vocalist called Yomi from J-Rock band, Nightmare. Chiba’s makeup and the diaper on his head makes it difficult to verify visually. But he’s still kawaii.
Nightmare is behind the OP and ED of Deathnote anime which was aired in 2006. This is ‘Lost in Blue’ where we can see how Yomi looks like…

Actually, Sendai Kamotsu is Nightmare, and Nightmare is Sendai Kamotsu. Has your brain died already? XD
I wish Gackt would have the guts to do the same.
Thank you Sendai, for Date Masamune, Monkey Majik and now, Sendai Kamotsu.

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Dissidia (PSP) – SQUARE ENIXドキドキしちゃうYO vvv

Square Enix always makes my heart race~ vvv Cant wait for its release!

Square Enix always makes my heart race~ vvv Can't wait for its release!


Dissidia website→

SE has finally updated the Dissidia website! The music is awesome and the CGs are just so tantalising *drool*. Very typical of SE to play the emotive card which keeps fans chasing after the decade old FF series and hungering for more. The release date has not been fixed for Dissidia but just look at those CGs… Too bad it didn’t seem like there’s any FF7 characters in it. (T_T)

There’s alot of NDS games in the pipeline like Valkyrie Profile… shit…should I get an NDS too?

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FFCC:Buster Sword Pass!(セフィFCも入った)

I enjoyed these 2 days of pounding on my PSP after neglecting it for almost a week.

There’s a few funny stuff happening to Zack although the chapter’s pretty heart-rending with Angeal and Genesis’ deaths. *sob sob* 

Zack(after the end of the chapter) fought Genesis clones with a beach umbrella, wearing only a pair of bermudas. What amazed me was when he entered DMW mode ‘Hard rush’, the parasol was stuck to his bare back when he was punching and kicking the enemies furiously. Hmm… another quality adhesive product by Shinra company.

Also, Zack’s finally a member in the elusive and exclusive Sephiroth Rare Fanclub.

It took me a day to explore every nook and cranny of 8th Street until I gave up and sent Zack to the Slums to sniff out the uniformed lady. By god, the good dog did find her! She was hiding behind the igloo in the children’s sandbox and Zack had to endure the 3 quiz questions on Sephiroth before being admitted into the Rare Fanclub. And the 1st email from the mysterious fanclub was about Shinra shampoo which Sephiroth uses for his long silky hair. The haircare product comes in 13 frangrances such as rose, vanilla… sniff sniff haa haa (´Д`) セフィがいい香りにするよ~ハァハァ(変態)

Zack heads to the church to meet Aerith, only to find Tseng the Turk telling him that Aerith’s not in. Zack asks:”What’s your relationship with her?”

Tseng:”Very complex relationship. What’s she to you?”


Tseng:”Nothing for me too.”

What’s the relationship between Aerith and Tseng?!!

Anyway, they set off for Modeoheim only to have their helicopter crashing into the nearby icy mountains in flames. It is here where Zack meets Cloud!!!Aa~~ATSUIiii!!!haahaa

The team came upon an abandoned mako reactor which has a tunnel leading to a ghost town. Zack had to do evade the eyes of the Genesis clones that are guarding the area and make his way to the tunnel. When he’s seen by the patrolling clones, my poor doggie will get tossed onto a pile of snow before engaging into battle mode with the clones.Oof!

And when his body temperature reaches below normal range, Zack has to do his favourite activity-squats.

Zack reaches the reactor within and sees Genesis pointing his sword at fat-ass Prof Hollander. Zack intervened and Hollander tried to escape only to get caught by Cloud from behind.Gaaah!!!ホランダ死ね!羨ましいぃ!!!
There are white streaks in Genesis rust red hair and his blue eyes had a greyish tinge. His condition had worsened.
It was a piece of cake in putting Genesis down. I guess I had levelled him up too high at that stage of the game. Genesis quotes some more lines from ‘Loveless’ and then plunges himself into the dark depths of the reactor.

Zack heads to the ghost town where Tseng and Cloud are. At the Modeo baths, he finds them lying on the ground, hurt. Cloud rolls onto his hands and knees…and sits back on his butt… ka,kawaii…MOE!!!

Tseng tells him that Angeal is waiting for him. Before rushing to find Angeal, I let Zack explore the boiler room with the boiler handle he picked up earlier. After switching off the boiler, Zack could then step into the waters to reach for the treasure chest and an item hidden in the boiler.

Equipped and ready, Zack runs to the top of the building where he comes upon Angeal who told Zack that Zack’s job is to fight him. Prof Hollander steps in, saying”Good job, Angeal.”. Hollander reveals that he is the father of Angeal and that Project G actually means Project Gillian, the name of Angeal’s mother. She was impregnated with Jenova cells and gave birth to Genesis and Angeal. Genesis was a failed experiment but Angeal was perfection. Angeal told Zack he is a “perfect…monster.”Then Angeal asked Zack if he remembered the promise to fight the world of suffering. Zack replied, “Yes, but it’s different for Angeal!”. Angeal told him he is suffering and ordered him to demonstrate his beliefs. Then he summoned all the monsters that were created with his genes.
Prof Hollander yelled “It’s irreversible! Even though it’s of the same genes” and tries to stop Angeal but was pushed aside. The monsters rushed towards Zack  and he was prepared to swing his sword, thinking that the monsters were going to attack him. However, they galloped past him and pounced onto Angeal. There was a blinding flash of light and standing before Zack was a mega metallic monster with Angeal’s head, lion’s body, bat wings and a large gaping mouth on its chest.
It slashed Zack’s left cheek and Zack shouted:”Angeal! What happened to honour???”

My poor doggie had to put down its master. (TДT)

After a long hard fight, I see Angeal lying on the floor covered with snow-white feathers. His black hair and cobalt blue eyes had turned a faded grey. Zack looks sadly at him as Angeal told him to take his Buster Sword and not to let go of honour. Zack takes the sword and holds it to his forehead (the same way Angeal did in the earlier part of the game) with trembling hands. Angeal passed away and my poor doggie gazes at the sky, which has begun to rain.

Then the screen turns black and we hear Aerith say:”Although it’s scary, but we’ll be one step closer to the sky if we step out into the upper plate.” She turns to look at Zack and we see our poor doggie CRYING!!! How heartbreaking!!! (TДT)

Aerith walks towards him, knelt behind him and wrapped her arms around him. (I want a hug too…)

Next, we see Zack sitting in the Soldier’s quarters, with longer spikes of hair and gazing at the Buster Sword he’s holding. There’s also a cross scar on his left cheek. He gets up and heads to a room where the recruits are waiting.
On the way, he turns to one of the lower class Soldiers standing in attention, pats him on the shoulder and said “You want to be a 1st class Soldier don’t you? Persevere!”.(I bet the head on my shoulders that this guy is Cloud) Then towards the recruits, he orders them to hold onto their dreams and honour, the same way Angeal had said to him.
Holding up the Buster Sword to the sky and looking at it, he says :”Let’s go.”

End of the chapter.

Then Zack goes on a beach holiday with the Turks at Costa del Sol, wearing nothing except a pair of black bermudas and doing what he loves best- Squats. It’s really amusing when he starts fighting the Genesis clones in divers suits with a beach umbrella. I wish I can see Tseng in a pair of Speedos too…

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FFCC: A Mission Accomplished in the Toilet(だから仕事に遅れた)

I had a stomachache when I arrived at the MRT station near my office so heeding the call of nature, I went to the toilet to do a really big business. Our darling senior allowed us to return to the office in the morning to submit our timeshits. So… no hurry for me to reach the office on the dot.(^^)

It’s been ages since I’ve brought my doggie Zack out for a spin in Midgar, smashing pirated Shinra war mecha and obliterating bouncing cacti etc.

There’s one particular mission under the Shinra Company folder which is very tough. My poor doggie died twice in it. He had to hack hopelessly at machines which are impervious to whatever physical attacks Zack is able to carry out. I tried Blizzardga, Firaga, Thundera, Jump, Revolving Attack… nothing worked. I could not even extract one HP out of these blasted machines. Worse, these damn mecha sucks up Zack’s MP(cannot cure!) and AP(cannot dodge!) before delivering HP depleting bombs until I hear my poor doggie scream and fall to the ground.

No other place is more inspiring than the toilet. It is the source of creativity and intellectual  stimulation. A light bulb lit up when I was sitting on the toilet.

I equipped Zack with Graviga(グラビが)materia, a mega-spell that takes out half of the enemy’s HP, and sent him to face the mecha.

Lo and behold, the moment the purplish black orb descended upon the mecha and exploded, 3345 HP was taken out of the mechanic bastards. And all that was needed to finish them off is a swipe of Zack’s sword.

So easy.

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FFCC:Curiosity killed the Dog(やっぱ、スイッチを押した)

Zack and Angeal arrived at the Shinra building where they met Sephiroth who’s coolly wiping out the enemies with one hand. Genesis is attacking the building in order to kill Prof Hojo. Angeal and Sephiroth decided to wipe out the invaders and stop Genesis while Zack was sent to ensure Prof Hojo’s safety.

When my doggie arrived at Prof Hojo’s laboratory, I let him sniff around the place. There’s 3 machines which Zack can explore. One of them allows Zack to increase his SP only if the player presses stop on time. Otherwise, Zack will suffer a decrease in SP.

The game asks:すわれてみる?
(Touch and see?)
2 options: 「当然!」   or 「いやいや、やめとこ。」

(Of course!)

The other 2 machines are much more interesting. I steered Zack onto one of them and he exclaims:

(Oh Oh!Looks complex!)

Then the game asks 何かいじってみるか?
2 options:「スイッチをおしてみる。」 or 「いや、やめておくべきだ。」

(Press the switch to see.)

There’s a loud metallic thump and Zack looks around:
(What sound is that?)

Prof Hojo: 「実験用モンスターをしたの階に放ったな。」
(The monsters for experimental purposes in the level below have been released.)

So Zack is sent to steal room keys from the cat-like monsters with ‘Steal’ materia before exterminating them. These keys open doors to rooms with treasure chests, a bed and a toilet bowl.

The 3rd machine is even more interesting.
When Zack gets onto the platform in front of the screen, he reads the warning and says to himself:
(Danger, do not touch…? If that’s what I’m told…)

2 options: 「やっぱ、触るしかないよな」 or 「やっぱ、触るバカいないよな!」

(Of course, there’s nothing to do but touch it.)

He goes 「うわ!」 and there’s a white flash.
Our doggie finds himself in a scorching desert.
(What the hell is this…Damn hot…Shrivelling because it
s so dry…Where is this place man!?)

Our poor doggie hunches over in resignation as he looks around.
Then, monster worms appear.

(No kidding!?Monsters at a time like this! I’ll surely lose fighting in such a hot place as this!! I say, what is this!?)
He finds himself some basic materia like Kearu healing materia.

(There’s no free time for thinking. I’ll use what is available!)

And our doggie fights the worms. After that, he continues moaning and groaning in the searing heat.

(What’s to become of me…but…Hot…Water…Give me water…My throat’s rattling…Eyes blurring…What’s to become of me from now…I…Am I really here…How can I get back…I say!)

More worms appear. I must say in such a big heap that I doubt I can help Zack survive.
Zack swings his sword about, yelling:
(Urgh, these guys again!!Uwa!!Stay away from me——!! What the?!)

There’s a white flash and he finds himself back in the lab with the the words 「System Error」 flashing on the machine’s screen.
Prof Hojo looked at him and said:
(Due to your brutishness, this sophisticated machine is damaged. You will shoulder the repair costs. I’m not talking about the total sum in a single payment. That’s because it’s a very huge sum. 20% of your monthly salary will be deducted. I estimate that you’ll be able to pay off everything in 10 years’ time.)

Our poor doggie is stunned.
(T…Twenty percent? And in 10 years!? Despite all the pains to get promoted to 1st Class and the increase in salary…)
Our poor doggie hunches over in resignation.

Curiosity can kill dogs too.

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FFCC:Angeal’s baby photo(赤ちゃんアンジールvvv)

I want to see Angeal’s baby photo (which Zack saw while sniffing around Angeal’s house).  



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