Monday-Kuso day again

I got back my test [the last one to get the paper back to boot] and scored a disgusting C-. F**k! I feel so ridden with guilt. Especially after 珍珠博士was so nice to buy boxes of scrumptious finger foods for our last formal seminar. I’d better study extra hard for the exam. Don’t want to screw her teaching career by screwing my exam. And of all things I was oekakibbs-ing during her class.

2nd kuso event: The BOSS results are finally out. I did not get the ‘Financial instruments and other shit’ module. That means I only have 3.5 modules out of 4.5 modules. BOSS is a real pain in the ass, like a very hard and dry stubborn piece of sh*t.

Before all the serious kuso, one happened while all of us except Miss A were lunching in the foodcourt. We were talking about Mr C and Mr A who are always together like Chang & Eng. They are metrosexuals and anyone would have thought they’re an item. So there, 4 girls gossiping on the hapless twosome who were enjoying each other’s company by the braised duck rice stall.

Miss M: …What? Where? I don’t see them!
Me: Neeh…They’re over there! Sitting by the DUCK stall.
Miss Ringo: Puu!
Me: *pause* Oh… shit. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to say DUCK stall. I mean…Puu!
Everyone: Puu..Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

DUCK[鸭] in Chinese is slang for ‘male prostitute’.

Me: …Well, thank goodness we are not sitting by the CHICKEN rice stall.

CHICKEN[鸡] in Chinese is slang for ‘female prostitute’.


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