Blogging in the Toilet+ Kuso Day

Whenever there’s the need to shit, we bring in the newspaper and other traditional forms of reading materials to ease the defecation process.This time, I’m experimenting by digitizing this intimate aspect of ordinary life by bringing in the laptop instead.The experiment is conducted in the library toilet with minimal human traffic. This is to ensure that the results can be solely attributed to the procedure rather than from external factors.

Details aside, I conclude that reading from a laptop instead of from paper is just as effective ,if not more , in coaxing the lump of turd out. Perhaps it’s the heat generated from the machine and the risk of getting roasted knees which enables the speedy conclusion of big business.

The AFA quiz is going to be a major screw up. EPS was screwed, DEPS did not even have the chance to get screwed. I’m putting my hopes for a pass on the exchange rate translation section.

And was I cock-eyed. I went to calculate the post acquisition earnings from fixed assets right down to the end and when I happily brought up the current profit figure to the income statement, a lovely surprise* awaited me. The bloody figure is sitting pretty up there!

*Only people with accounting background and robots can understand the stupidity of the above situation.

After a brain-bashing session on the notorious subject of deferred taxation, Miss 1wrong, Miss M, Miss Ringo, Miss A and I(as in me,not Miss I) proceeded to the Accounting Society room for a project meeting.Miss M, Ringo and me decided to get some lunch just after a trip to the loo.
In the lift, Miss M noticed something was open while speaking on the phone.
No, it’s not the lift doors. It’s something worse.

My fly was open* and I did not even know about it!!!

*It’s the 2nd time this pair of jeans gave the color of my undies away without my consent. Chikusho!!!!

Lastly, with the meeting concluded and poor Miss 1wrong suffering from a bad case of dysmenorrhoea, Miss Ringo and me headed for home.I confidently tapped my student pass onto the MRT gantry instead with the ezlink card*.

This is definitely a kuso day, like all Mondays are supposed to be.



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2 responses to “Blogging in the Toilet+ Kuso Day

  1. 1wRong

    is the word “dysmenorrhoea” a scientific description for my CMI backache? whoa! i’m amazed lar… hee… thanks dear, ur blog entry cheered me up… 😉

  2. Anonymous

    i think ‘blurness’ is contagious! i’ve passed mine to urs! haha ~tp

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