17th Nov 2005-World Cybergames S’pore kuso!

Armed with full batteries and camera, I headed for the convention hall to witness herds of cosplayers mingling with the tons of gaming fans from all over the world.
I could already see some international gamers heading the same way as me in their official shirts and neck straps. The lights were flashing in neon colors and the sound was totally rocking.
But something was missing.

The crowd. There was no crowd.

So I just strolled about searching for the cosplayers they promised. Hmm, such a huge place. Perhaps I’d start with the spot where I see the most people. The cosplayers might be hiding.

I squeezed to see what these bunch of people were staring at and oh…ho-hum. Singapore representative to be trashed in Starcraft.

Even if he doesn’t get whacked online, with such a conspicuous jacket provided by the nation, it is not difficult for the black shirted international competitors to find him and trash him in the toilet.

Then I made my way to the Counterstrike area and chanced upon the Malaysian team. Their supporters were clogging up the narrow corridor and one of them started yelling: “Fuck them out man! Just fuck them out! Whoooo!”

Spectators are not supposed to distract players by making noise and taking pictures of them with flash.

One of the facilitators went over to tell Mr”fuck-them-out” to shut up(nicely of course). After the facilitator left to attend to other players, Mr”fuck-them-out” immediately started yelling the same things once more plus “Don’t fucking care just -[the usual]-“.

The facilitator went over to reprimand Mr”fuck-them-out” to shut up. Mr”fuck-them-out” said “Sorry ah, I forgot.”

The time span between the facilitator’s first reminder for Mr”fuck-them-out”to shut up and Mr”fuck-them-out” yellling was 6 seconds.

Fucking Pig.

More strolling around…

Until I came to the Freestyle and Dead or Alive areas. There are Korean and Japanese competitors playing against Portuguese, Singaporean and other nationalities.

As I trod on and on, searching for the invisible cosplayers, I finally saw a bunch of camera flashes coming from the entrance. It could only mean 2 things: There’s a celebrity in the house or there are cosplayers. I ran and yes! True enough! They are cosplayers… …

Only FOUR of them!!! Uso tsuki! You call this Lacus Clyde?!Cosplayers? Game Mascots?! Where’s the babes from Dead or Alive? What game is this in the first place???

Grossly disappointed, I thought of taking photos of Samsung’s mascots instead. Samsung girls in PVC blue-white mini dresses and boots, armed with lethal laptops, menacing mp3 handphones and music players.

Strolling some more and watching on the big screen competitors blasting each other away, I headed for the toy collectors competition and… !!!

Final Fantasy VII collectors’ toys on display! The owner’s fixing Cloud up over there.

Can’t help but snap at such a rare sight. I’m seeing it LIVE here instead of from a webpage.

Too bad no touching… …

After getting all fixed up, here Cloud stands!

Now he sits!

And the best that is to come… …





Cloud Strife — Final Fantasy VII Advent Children version!

No wonder the clear display screens are so dirty. I bet there are alot of people out there ‘pero-pero’ licked at the screens to get a taste of Cloud.


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One response to “17th Nov 2005-World Cybergames S’pore kuso!

  1. 1wRong

    haha! CD-RW not very ex lar. really. it’s cheaper than an external hard disk!!! anw, the one copy with the note tt says inuyasha and macromedia is my only copy, pls dun delete it accidentally yea? hee… cya next monday!!! 😉

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