BBS, Exercise, Clap my website

I finally exercised. Not by flexing my fingers and shaking my thighs, watching the flab vibrate.
I pounded the treadmill for a full 30 mins [well, actually, brisk walking for the 1st 23mins and running for the last 7mins] .

When I stepped off the treadmill, I felt dizzy,probably from the jiggling fats during the run.

Waaaaaaah! I feel so good, so cleansed and purified. Perhaps that’s why some hardcore joggers say exercise is better than sex. I can’t wait for the next round although it means a whole bunch of tight aches the morning after.

Quite surprised my weight is still below 65kg but f**k, why do my pants feel so tight? Have they shrunk? Some evil little elf must have shrunk it when I was asleep. Or maybe, just maybe, that little punk inflated my bottom!!!

I added a webclap onto my website. So people out there reading this blog, please enjoy the’ clap clap’ sound by clicking on the webclap button in the navigation bar of my website*. A lovely surprise will pop up when you do so.


I added more crap in my oekakibbs. Received one orange durian from my cousin. Sent her Kira Yamato [‘s voice actor’s other character]. Well, it’s quite fun to play with oekakibbs once one gets the hang of it.

BOSS is shit.BOSS is biased against accounting students because it thinks they are all robots. Not all accounting students are robots and can take things lying down. Without Miss 1Wrong to tell BOSS what is rightfully ours, I guess I’d be taking ‘Financial Instruments and other Shit’ module in my final term.



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11 responses to “BBS, Exercise, Clap my website

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  2. 1wRong

    hey dear, something here that i think you will enjoy! 😉

  3. ying

    Durian is good.
    The picture on your webclap response page is not viewable maybe because freewebs doesn’t allow linking outside its server. Upload the pic in somewhere else. Mine are all in infoseek ftp.

  4. HelloWorld

    Peace people

    We love you

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