Deepavali : Photoshop + Shin again

Blood+ is an anime worth watching. Even Hans Zimmer finds it worthwhile to be in charge of its music dept. Yes! THE Hans Zimmer who composed music for Hollywood movies. Now he’s writing music for a Japanese anime.

It’s a bloody spectacle with ultra cool monster slashes and bites. The timeslot which Gundam seed used to reside seems to be reserved for big anime productions where hordes of fans are created to buy the merchandise.

Can’t help but do some photoshopping on the apune holiday.

How appropriate. Since Shin the little sh*t has red irises like Blood+’s Saya, why not make him wear the skirt too?

That guy cosplaying Saya’s servant is Rey the clone.

Can’t wait for the next episode.
Can’t wait to take part in the breakfast buffet challenge @ Delifrance this Friday before swimming in more FRS 39-ers and Forex translation.

PS: Finally got most of Junji Ito’s manga! Superb artwork with the most organically distorted forms and horrific stories. I may post an image sample upon request. Oooh Oishisou…


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  1. hi, hi, hi! Beautiful site.

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