Maiya Hee~! Maiya Hu~ ! Maiya Ho~! Maiya Ha Ha!

Check this out people!
Enter the world of Maiyahii マイヤヒ, populated by Monasモナ.[feline creatures made out of letters and symbols ] and alot of Japanese puns.
The Japanese are always ahead of us in the eurobeat scene. Especially in re-interpreting the unintelligible lyrics commonly sung in any bimbotic techno dance music.
To view the Maiyahii MTV, you need macromedia flash player first before clicking the link below.

Some notes for those who have no inkling of Japanese alphabets.
:’saru’ means Monkey
すげえェ:’suge -eh’ means awesome/great/excellent ウゥン: ‘Uun’means Um/Uh huh
:’ji’ means words/writing ベロ:’bero’ means to lick
: ‘yubi’ means thumb マク:’maku’ means Mac(donalds)
パンチラ:’panchira’ means panty display
アロン:‘aron’ sounds like ‘Alone’ or ‘Arlong’ from anime One Piece. The Japs cannot pronounce ‘L’.
ピカソ:’pikaso’ means Picasso
すごい肉:’sugoi niku’ means excellent meat
飲ま:’noma’ means to drink
イェイ:’I e i’ means Yay!

I came across a Maiyahii flash last year but at that time, with my limited Japanese vocabulary, I couldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.
\(’A`) ~野間飲まイェィ!NOMANOMA YEA!

Why did I decide to actively search for the Maiyahii now?
Thanks should go to Singapore’s faceless singer Guo Mei Mei for advertising her newest single featuring the very same tune on Kids Central. But for her version, she’s featuring a cockroach and I doubt its anything as funny as what the Japs did to O-zone’s hit single.
It’s never too late to spread the “Numa Numa” fever. Yeay!
Maiya Hiii~ Maiya Hu~ Maiya Ho~ Maiya Ha!Ha!


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