Excerpt from a Capote Reader

I only started looking for a quote from an unread book after the picture was finished.
Been reading bits of Ovid’s ”Metamorphoses” and Kazuo Ishiguro’s ”An Artist of the Floating World”.
Simple, vanilla prose really.

Somehow, erotica doesn’t seem to appeal to me as much as when I was in my teens.
I tried reading ”’Caliente!’, an anthology of short sensual stories by Latin writers but was so utterly bored that I kept thinking of ketchup and mustard while the heroine gave the hero a terrific handjob.

It seems I’m turning into a jaded reader.
I’ve no patience to go through the whole book after the 3rd page and good stories that are skilfully told are so hard to come by.
In the past, I could finish a romantic novel in a day. Yet now, I could hardly flip to the 3rd page without tossing it aside and commit the book to a blanket of dust.
Only the likes of Oscar Wilde and other classic literature can make my eyes devour the pages at one sitting.
Have my reading needs ascended the Maslow pyramid or gone the other way round?


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