Pixiv Pchat: Double A power (Ann+Arzen)

Warning: If homosexuality and erotic representations offend you, please do not click the picture links below. You’ll regret it. I mean it.

Last night I joined和樽san’s (no idea how to pronounce the kanji)first pchat and found Ann san there…with a very tiny Nobara. I made my little WOL approach her, offering a cucumber. As usual, I was really excited to see her and the smexy Frioniel’s she draws. I drew Zidane getting nibbled by Kuja, as a door gift to 和樽san.


From there, everyone switched to fella mode… I felt lucky to be able to catch Ann san’s rare sketch of Zidane and Kuja. 

I was drooling over her sketch when she did it again. Erasing without warning. I drew a very pissed emoticon in tears and called her a bully. I was surprised she responded with a smexy Nobara, apologising casually. What else to draw except WOL?はぁはぁ(^p^)

Picture: WOLがフリにいじめ (注:キス、ティナフェラ) 

The host never expected things to get so erotic… nor that she would be participating in a sequence(BL)show for the first time. I told the host to throw away all her inhibitions. Ann san commented that I’m直球(ちょくきゅうmeaning frank). The host shed her innocent demeanor and contributed the most smexy stuff in the discussion. The best was when she input the lines into the speech bubbles, it was so erotic, I told her I can’t continue drawing any further. The host declared that she’ll send us her WOL Frio erotic stories via email, in exchange for our illustrations. Ann san was quite reluctant to take on such a huge job so I proposed a collaboration… (///)ドキドキ I wasn’t sure if she’d want to work with me, a non-Japanese. I was overwhelmed when she said she’s very happy to collaborate and that it’s her first time doing so with anyone. やった!!!はぁはぁはあぁ!!! 

Picture: フリが目を隠し (注:キス、目隠しプレー)

Then takamin sensei wiped everything just when Ann san and I were making WOL and Nobara go to the next level. During the break, Ann san started sketching a full nude of Nobara. Not surprisingly, she hid the interesting part with a black block.www

Picture: 先生来た後、休憩時間 (注:全裸)

Ann san started sketching a feverish Nobara… I can’t help but add chaos to the canvas with noseblood and the Hentai of Light. wwwcapture17julc1 It was past midnight and the host joined in the delicious sequence show as Nobara. It was a night of lost innocence.www

Picture: フリWOLとWOLフリPart1 、 フリWOLとWOLフリPart2 (注:キス、全裸、性的表現、カオス)

I guess I’ve to thank Ying san for making her privacy request on that night.


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