Pixiv Pchat: Where has my Ero gone?

capture14jul2Somehow, I’m a little more reserved these few nights… No wet and wild frolics on the takamin canvas. No manhandling of tender men. Just a little half nude here and a bit of megane there.


First Butz on pchat and Sephiroth (top)at A-ru san’s pchat on 14 Jul 09.

Maybe it’s linked to my biological cycle. Or maybe because I’ve just started work on DieCo Healthcare with a very prickly client. I have to get snapped at by her before she bestows the documents and information I need.

Anyhow, there’s not alot of paintchats on weekdays especially those hives of WOLxFri goodness, promising a night of buzzing smexy activities and gags.

Except tonight… at Kanoll san’s pchat.


From left: Asanegi san, Arzen, Kanoll san and Chanmai san.

Asanegi san discovered a cool, smashing way to erase WOL, using the blinding beams of light from his crystal. Kanoll san is quite tsundere when she apologised profusely after I gave a meek reply. Her Cloud also molested my Squall. Guess what, she’s only a high school student.(年差プレイだったのか?!) It seems BL transcends age and nationality.


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