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Status: More dung!(コンチキショー仕事が辞めたい)

The ResourceMutilatingTerrorists have issued updated portfolios to us.
Oh wow, more dung with December year ends that come in pellets.
And yes, foreign, alien excreta from god knows where.

Total crap list is now 10. 

And I’m expecting a familiar giant load called SeriousMentalBreakdown at the end of the year when the auditor in charge tenders in November.
The poor chap had no idea what the company was about and is now drowning in 85+ pages of PSPM.
And yeah, the abolishment of TOIL sweetens the aroma.

I should start looking for a job now.
The problem is, the pros of audit is mobility and opportunities to interact with different people from all strata of the organisation, which I like.
Is there a job with similar characteristics?
Oh yeah! The glam position of Pantry lady.
This position allows one the chance to interact and exchange information with anyone who steps into the pantry for some refreshment.
Even the CEO needs his coffee fix too, no?
The cons of the job is no different from that of an auditor.
No one really gives a damn about your opinion and in the worst case, see you as a vendingventing machine for them to channel their negative energies out in the form of insults.
The General Cleaner position also affords the applicant the same opportunities but is hygienically challenging.
In addition, one has to face the very thing which everyone is writing resignation letters for: Dung.

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