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Pixiv Pchat: Takamin Server error

Saturday nights is a time for wild partying and celebrating fun in orgies of excess. But last night was plain disappointing…when takamin’s server crashed. It’s the only Saturday night when I got to sleep before 3am.

I gatecrashed into mik san’s Tidus pchat after seeing some familiar names in the list. I’ve never played FF10 nor sketched Tidus before so I was rather apprehensive when I clicked enter. I worried for nothing when I saw a bunch of Nobaras appear as the system loaded the sketches. Frioniel really is a celebrity, thanks to his virginity and the dark history of FF2…www

I sketched my 1st Tidus as a door gift to mik san. While doing so, I witnessed a marriage proposal by kirara san to RQPJ san (WOL). No one can beat Hoshida san who proposed to everyone at one shot. For me, I prefer not to have a harem of Mypics. It’s hard to manage so many wives and concubines in a polygamy arrangement. Guess I’m only committed to Ann san (Ying san made a very saucy comment after reading the previous entry). When my Tidus passed the rabbit hat to RQPJ san’s WOL, takamin sensei struck again, wiping the whole canvas clean.capture18jula

Next, I decided to try my hand at the chaos version of WOL, the Warrior of Darkness (WOD). I was happily sketching the Deathnote parody (Light:WOL, L:Linne輪廻)when the system hung. I exited the pchat and Ying san told me the pchat was suspended due to a server crash. I didn’t even have a chance to do a screen capture.
I returned to the pchat after Ying san notified me that the system has recovered, hoping to find the WOD. Thank god it was still there and there was another person in the pchat room, kumaru san. I thought it was one of those ‘imitations’ where the ID of the person is still retained in the chatroom but has already exited the chatroom. I got a shock when kumaru san told me to continue drawing. When she used her touchpad to sketch Zacks, Chaos followed… Her Zacks and Sephiroth were aesthetically overwhelming.www
The best was her WOL with his shining ‘crystal’…www Just can’t help making the remark.capture18jul11

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Pixiv Pchat:Frioniel Sandwich anyone? (R-18)

I’m getting eyebags… thanks to the late nights of passion, staring at my husband (Dell Inspiron) and fondling my daughter (Wacom Intuous).

Ok, I’ve gone pchatting again last night and this time, the main character theme is Frioniel. The participants were wild, highly amusing and very easy-going. They are just so lovely!!! The host Tamakichi san was very amiable and hospitable. They don’t seem to mind that I’m a non-Japanese nor my lousy Japanese. I’ve met a few condescending individuals in other pchats and most of the time I’m treated the way a gaijin is treated…alienated.

We started off drawing nekomimi Frio. My WOL got to put a leash on Hoshida san’s Frio. Then as the night wore on, things got a little R-18, as usual. They started discussing on their favourite coupling: Nobara x Another Frio, Nobara x Warrior of Light etc. The coupling they desired to see was Another Frio x Nobara x Another Frio. I didn’t really understand this combination and Ying san explained that it’s a threesome:  2 Another Frio and Nobara.

Me: 3P?!

テ●●● san: Nobara Sandwich.

Sandwich…yummy. And my ero instinct was piqued, resulting in the pic I did today. My favourite frame is the one where WOL’s shadow falls over the sandwich. Don’t ask me why. It’s my own artistic preference.


What followed later in the night (12am?) is too depraved to mention. So I’ll just upload some screenshots (Haaa?!). It’s exasperating for me with my limited Japanese vocabulary and lousy grammar. Out of desperation, I asked for everyone’s help to fill in the speech bubbles. It became ‘Feel free to fill in your favourite line’ event, officiated by Tamakichi san. It was a perfect group collaboration.


The funniest was I kept changing ‘partners’ because they had to go to bed and wake early for work the next day. My last partner was Kanako san who finally helped to bring the whole spectacle to a close.

I got 2 marriage proposals last night… (-///-)

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Why must the holidays end so sooon??!!!囧rz
I don’t want to go to work…I want to be a hikkikomori… Aah,what a cursed blessing it is to be employed.
Thanks to my cousin, she helped me recover my inner ‘fuujoushi’.
Now my MOE meter has returned to normal levels.(´∀`)
うっほ!The following manga was inspired by Chihaya san’s Chupa Chups Sephiroth~vvv

My doggie Zacks has arrived at Niebelheim and he’s fought Sephiroth. It’s the final chapter. I can’t believe my Crisis Core gameplay’s going to end very soon… (T_T)
I’m absolutely unmotivated to continue…


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FFCC:Angeal’s baby photo(赤ちゃんアンジールvvv)

I want to see Angeal’s baby photo (which Zack saw while sniffing around Angeal’s house).  



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BLood+:Solomon(調教師) & Hagi (ニャン子)

(´∀`)はぁはぁ~ vv



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BLood+: Episode 43(BLネタ漫画)





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Status:On Job Training (アルゼン・クーリエ・サービスです)

 These 2 days I’ve been assisting a senior by checking and casting the financial statements, sending the drafts for typing and … …

Delivering the final product to the client’s place for signing.

In these 2 days, the senior would usually send me off with the documents in the late morning and at 6pm. As these things have to be delivered by hand and fast, I was allowed to take a taxi to the client’s isolated location. And in these 2 days, I met all kinds of taxi drivers.

The 1st one was a local Indian. (There’s a big difference between the local Indian and the apune. Nobody likes apunes. They’re noisy and they smell.) He plays very soothing muzak in his taxi and I felt like I’m in a spa. He said that he likes to listen to muzak because it reminds him of being in Changi airport. He seems like a real nice uncle who keeps wondering why young girls nowadays “excuse me ma’am for saying this, love to show off the crack of their butts”. He complained that some girls as young as 16 would offer to have sex with the taxidrivers as payment for the ride. He’s one very moralistic uncle.

The 2nd taxi driver I flagged in the evening (taxi hell-hour) was an auntie who asked me in a loud voice in Mandarin: “LEMME ASK YOU. YOU BOOKED A TAXI DIDN’T YOU? DID YOU CANCEL IT? HOW CAN YOU DO SUCH AN IRRESPONSIBLE THING BY GETTING INTO MY TAXI?” True, I did book a taxi but the operator did not give me the taxi number. I explained to her and told her it’s also my 1st time booking a taxi. She called me a swakoo ninja turtle.

Auntie:”Waah, there’s a big jam at the CTE leh. It’s already 6.25pm and you tell me your client is expecting you to arrive at 6.30pm. You’re gonna be late.” 

Me:”Auntie, I believe in you.”

Auntie:”Walau! Don’t stress me lah! When you say that, I get even more stressed! This is a taxi leh! You think I’m piloting a helicopter ah?! If I’m piloting one, I can definitely make sure you reach your client within 5 mins. Why should I drive you anyway? You never support us by taking taxis more often.”

Me:”I want to! But the thing is, I just graduated so I don’t have the monetary resources to support you.”

Auntie:”Koaz, you sure know how to crap. Can’t see that from your looks.”

Me:”Never judge a book by it’s cover. No surprise lah, auntie, I studied too much, that’s why my head’s abit screwed and full of crap.”

This auntie told me that the residents in the Institute of Mental Health are mostly university graduates, teachers and other highly-educated professionals. She had visited some and was surprised to find one of them requesting for some chicken rice in perfect English. Probably that’s why she did not disagree with my explanation that education loosened a few screws in my head.

In the end, we reached the place at 6.35pm. The auntie refused to wait for me so I had to leave the ulu place by foot and by bus.

The next morning, I was dispatched to the same place again. This taxi driver is a real bastard. He doesn’t seem to like to talk. I asked him if he could wait for me while I pass the documents to the client. The bastard said he needed to fill up his petrol tank and promised that he would come back for me. So I paid him and went to see the client. When I came back 10 mins later, there’s no one. I waited for another 15 mins. Still no f**king taxi. In the end, I had to walk to the main road to have lunch at a nearby kopitiam. Food sucked…

Stranded and lost, I decided to book a taxi. This taxidriver uncle is…. one would never have guessed it… a retired auditor from PwC! He worked for 8 years since the late 80’s and he told me of how he led his audit team in various engagements, making them work hard and telling his boss to shut up. What worried me was not the stuff he was talking about. He had both of his hands off the steering wheel while we’re cruising through the expressway! Thank goodness I’m still alive.

In the evening, I was told to deliver some documents to the same client again. It’s taxi hell-hour. I couldn’t even book a taxi because the operators were all busy. I decided to leave everything to fate. So the 1st taxi came.”Clementi?”the lady behind me asked and the taxidriver nodded. Off they went. The 2nd taxi came, the driver asked “Orchard?” and another lady behind me got on the taxi. My head was reeling.

The 3rd taxi came and I yelled “Hougang?”. The uncle shrugged and motioned me to get in. This uncle is by far the most adorable taxidriver I’ve ever met. His name is Pat, a 55 year old single with an island of scalp on his head. He asked me why I look so flustered. I told him I’m late and the client is waiting for the documents.

Pat:”Relax…There’s a jam and there’s nothing you can do. Well, you can tell your client that. If she’s unreasonable, you can tell her my father will settle things with her tonight. He’s on vacation now anyway.”

Me:”Uh… right…Your father…?”

Pat:”You know what I’m saying? It’s the 7th month mah, my deceased father is here on holiday. He can meet your client and I guarantee, things will be settled so don’t worry.”

From there, we began chatting and I got to know that Pat’s soooooo 三八(he keeps saying ‘小妹,我跟你讲hor’ and called his fat passenger ‘你这个死肥猪,给我滚。我不要载你!’). I even told him that in his face. The way he speaks and his behavior is a carbon copy of my elder cousin Ah Kuang. I now can imagine how Ah Kuang would be like in his 50’s. Pat told me he’s a divorcee and he thinks he’s gay because he had a platonic relationship with a guy in UK. Pat’s a real lovable person and it’s so fun to chat with him. He’s also real nice enough to wait for me at the client’s place before sending me home.

Me:”Anyway, what’s your name?’ 

Pat:”You can call me Patrick.”

Me:”I think I should call you Patty. You’re such a cute person.”

Pat:”你要死啊! Anyway, will the company reimburse you?”

Me:”Yes, they will so don’t worry uncle, it’s alright if you miss the turn just now.

Pat:”You should have said so earlier. I should have driven a few more rounds back and to your client’s place.”

Me:”How about you drive us to a Kopitiam and let your meter run while we have some tea?”

When I reached home, I opened my wallet and took out the remaining $30 in it to pay for the taxi fare. I’m officially bankrupt with no cash in hand. It is very expensive to be a deliveryman.


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Status: On Job Training(財務報告基準を読むのいやだ!)

… …  OTL

I swam through FRS1, FRS12 and FRS 170 (There’s 3 more to go…) where I nearly drowned in accounting jargon. The words are in English but why is it that I still cannot understand what is being written? Is it really English?!
To add to my misery, there’s over 90 slides of text (font size 18), no pictures, no animation and only 4 colours- blue, white, red and yellow. Even my professor is human enough to put some flying text boxes and cliparts into her slides! I pity the people who have to listen to this presentation. Somebody help them.


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Status: Unassigned(デロイッテでひまだね、あたし。)

Every morning, I’ll chant to my maid: “I don’t wanna go to work!” or “I wish I don’t have to work!” etc. I’ve been doing that for almost a year now.

And now, all that I wanted… I’ve gotten it

I’ve got nothing to do.(other than e-learning which is Audit 101 all over again. Yuck.)

Everyone I know are now on assignments, trooping all over the island and getting down to some real work. And me? I just sit on my desk staring into the tiny toilet-window of a screen doing some e-learning.
Otherwise I’ll let my ears wander to the Japanese services department where the lady associate keeps saying “Hai, hai, wakarimashita. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”
Or my eyes wander to the same department where the guy from the Japanese member firm is working for his secondment, Mr Miyashita Atsushi (@寿司).
It’s very easy to remember his name because he introduced himself as At-Sushi on our first day. Miss 1wRong and me were guffawing at his crippling self- introduction.(he didn’t have breakfast in the morning?) Hmm, wished we could talk to him. I bet our opening line would go like this: “Miyashita san, oishisou …” (めんご)

Well, I was very excited yesterday when I saw online that I was assigned CM Investments for a month. Until Miss 1wRong pointed out that the person-in-charge has an apune name. And she added : “All the apune jokes you’ve been telling… now you’re getting all the bad karma“. “Yea”,I replied, “I really think by making me work with an apune for a month, karma is trying to teach me that apunes are humans too.”

But this morning, when I checked online, the assignment disappeared. I’m totally free. Stupid apune trying to play with my job list huh. F**ker.

So yea, I’m so bored the senior sitting next to me could sense my ennui and she gave me some administrative work to do. You know, the very basic OL tasks like printing documents, collecting materials, pasting reinforcement rings, preparing files etc. I’m quite happy to do mindless tasks. At least it keeps my hands busy. It’s very tiring to look hardworking when there’s absolutely nothing to do.

Anything is better than e-learning (I suppose…)

One of my group mates returned from a solo statutory audit. Sigh… how I wish I had his assignment (anything but e-learning!). I know basically what documents to gather for evidence because I’ve done it at Ganasaikang.

Well, having nothing to do is just as good. I’ll be content.

I’m happy Miss 1wRong, who is distributing apples on Fruit Day came to visit me at my desk today and she asked me a question:

1wRong: “Hey, how do you say ‘Would you like an apple‘ in Japanese?”

Me:”Umm… I’m not sure… I only know how to say ‘May I have an apple?’,’リンゴをください’ . Aiyah, why don’t you say ‘リンゴ、ほしい?’ . Or maybe ‘リンゴを食べなさい’. If they refuse, you should say ‘ リンゴ食べろよ!食え!‘”

1wRong (looks at me sarcastically):”Ha-Ha-.”

Me:”… … ”

1wRong (sarcastically):”Ha-ha.”

Me:”What? I’m not your mother! あなたのお母さんじゃないわよ!”

1wRong:”… … Huh?! ”

Me:”はは is mother in Japanese. Thank goodness when you laugh, you don’t go ‘Chi-chi-chi-chi‘.” 

1wRong beats up Arzen.


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11 August 07: Cloud’s B’day + FF7 anniversary

おたんじょうびおめでとう~vvv (遅かったけど)


…I think Cloud shouldn’t touch the Potion. It’s black…(BGM: One-Winged Angel)

In 1997, Square released FF7 which shook the gaming world. And now, in 2007, Square Enix shakes the (franchising) world once again in FF7’s 10th anniversary. This time with Sony, releasing limited edition PSP bundles, each metallic silver PSP with the Crisis Core design in the back and serially numbered from 00000 to 77777. Slimmer, sexier and … with a smaller screen (ぶっぶー). Well, I’m content with my current black ‘boyfriend’. I just can’t wait for FF7:Crisis Core!!! It is 20% of the reasons why I got a PSP!!!


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